Those beautiful, long summer days are quickly approaching and this week is about working harder than you’ve ever imagined! That’s right, #TIUteam! We’ll be right here with you every step of the way, keeping you motivated, inspired and moving towards your summer goals! It’s going to be so worth it… we promise!

Keep checking in on social media with the hashtags #BIKINISERIES & #TIUTEAM! We’ll be announcing last week’s check in winners on Monday!

Good news… including this week, you still have 4 more weeks of the challenge, which means you hit the halfway mark! Time to PUSH!


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Ready for a week of progress and success!?  Let’s go!


  1. karli_tonesup says:

    Awesome! Excited to see how much more I can accomplish this next 4 weeks! Let’s go girls, we got this!!

    1. tiu_londonbridalprep says:

      Thank you SO MUCH for this! Just totally organised my week, thanks to this handy achedule! Thank you for sharing xx

    2. Cari Arnold Alam says:

      Thanks so much for this! Really cute and helpful!

    3. Michelle Fabing says:

      This is great! Saved as my desktop.

  2. Paola says:

    Where are those bikinis from?? I love Karena’s!

    1. Susan Brabant says:

      Check their instagram page I think its b.swim

    2. Courtney says:

      Katrina’s is definitely b.Swim. Not sure about Karena’s though!

  3. Christina says:

    Some days are tough!! Looking forward to the challenge ;) Im kind of sad we are starting week 5 already!

  4. Joanne Charron says:

    Hi babes! I’m looking for the quick bean salad….is it the quick and lean dinner (vegan NP page 139)?? @KarenaKatrina

  5. Susan Brabant says:

    K&k please put the mint green all vinyl kettle bell in your shop it’s much cuter than anything else out there!! Ready for Week 5!!

  6. DaniMama_TIU says:

    This week looks amazing!!! I can’t wait!

  7. Nicki Terry says:

    So excited for the new arm routine! Hoping to really kick some booty this week & keep it going for the rest of the bikini series!! :)

  8. Jessica says:

    #BikiniSeries check in….Hope all the moms had a Happy Mother’s Day! Just toned my whole body xoxo

  9. Stephanie M. Coll says:

    For the new bikini arms video, is it a follow along or should we be doing the video twice?

  10. kari says:

    That HIIT workout kills me! Feeling great so far today though! #bikiniseries

  11. Jessica says:

    #BikiniSeries check in…Hump Day! Love the HIIT and working my booty. Great work girls xoxo

  12. Jessica says:

    Will you girls make the “daisy duke” workout in video? Or just keeping it a printable?

  13. Bianca Lipford says:

    Amazing! I would love to know where they’re buying their workout acessories from (ie, dumbbells and kettlebells). I need new pairs and would appreciate any recommendations.

  14. Jessica says:

    #BikiniSeries check in…My booty and legs are sore from yesterdays HIIT routine but I pushed through today’s booty workout and hope its working for my back side :) xoxo

    1. Emma says:

      I’m a week behind and just looking at doing Thursday (cardio / coconut core / sunkissed abs)! Still hurting from yesterdays barre!

  15. DaniMama_TIU says:

    I’m loving all these B. Swim bikinis you’ve been wearing!!! Great Taste ladies!

  16. Lalalexie says:

    Loving this week and that its Friday!!! Doing Bikini Arms later tonight! #bikiniseries

  17. Megan says:

    I have always been confused when it comes to doing the Ultimate Booty Call workout and the HIIT workouts. Do we still need to do our normal booty call cardio that same day?

    1. Emma says:

      Hi Megan!

      My understanding has always been that as the HIIT workouts ARE cardio, where the schedule describes them as the booty call I’ve counted them as THE cardio for that day. x

  18. Dawne Morgan says:

    Ladies thank you for both your excellent company, daily motivation and kick-ass work outs! I do have question for you and TIU community. I am 49, in good shape and had a moderate excercise regimine prior to TIU. No doubt I pushed myself hard these past 5 weeks. Result being I have developed debilitating abdomen pain following this past week as result of excessive cardio exercise, that is docs take on it. Has anyone else experienced this phenomenon too? Result is I have to rest a week or so and then take care how and when I push myself physically. This bums me out, as I was enjoying myself and seeing progress. Thoughts on this? Thanks

  19. ellie bergmann says:

    i have not joined TIU yet but follow on Insta & FB. I’ve been intimidated by the time commitment it seems to demand. How long are workouts each day, on average?

    1. Emma says:

      Hi Ellie :)

      Once you are used to what to do (as with everything worth doing it takes an initial outlay of time to review what to do, get used to it and work it into your routine so it works with and for you the best way) the workouts are between 30-60 mins a day. With the meal prep there’s a prep day where you need to do a shop for the week and prep some meals for throughout the week (takes a couple of hours) and then it’s simple.

      I’ve found it well worth the bit of time investment – the results speak for themselves! :)

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