Total Body Tone + Flow Workout With Karena ~ 31 Day Challenge

Hey babe! Happy day TWO of your 31 Day Challenge! Kat and I have been loving all your checkins on Insta and chatting with you before and after class in the Studio Tone It Up app! You’re already off to such an amazing start crushing your Daily Moves, meal prep, and Studio classes. We can’t wait to see all the incredible things we know you’ll accomplish this month!! We want you to remember that you’re absolutely still doing the challenge if you switch something up, modify your workouts, or mix and match your meals. Make this challenge work for you and your lifestyle and you will succeed!

Today is our fave day of the week ~ Tone It Up Tuesday ~ which means we’re sharing a brand new routine right here at! (And YES, we’ll have a new one for you here every Tuesday, all Challenge long!)

I loved creating this workout for you because it combines my two favorites ~ yoga and sculpt! You’ll get total-body toning, followed by an energizing yoga flow, plus an ab finisher because it feels so good to finish strong. Here we’re sharing a quick version of the full 20-minute class that’s in your Studio Tone It Up app — perfect for busy babes on the go! And be sure to check out the complete class in your app so you don’t miss a single flow or ab toning move!

Now grab a pair of dumbbells and join me on the mat for your Total Body Tone + Flow! And remember to share your checkins with the hashtag #TIU31. I’ll be lookin’ out for you! You are so strong, beautiful, and inspiring ~ you’ve got this girl!



PS: If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, now’s the perfect time to join us for alllll the amazing classes we have in store for you this month ~ not to mention your Daily Moves! Plus, you’ll get tons of motivation, healthy recipes, and so much love from your Studio trainers and TIU girls just like you!  

You can also watch on YouTube and Apple TV HERE!

You crushed it babe! xxo Karena

This is YOUR fall ~ get ready to feel fit and fabulous! Join us for your 31 Day Challenge HERE for daily workouts, healthy recipes, nutrition tips, and so much motivation all month long!


  1. Love the hairstyle, color and length. You look absolutely gorgeous Karena!

  2. So eager to do this workout but when I tried it on the app (I’ve paid so I def have access) I can’t get the video to expand to the whole screen on my iPad :( so its a tiny thumbnail that I can only see super up close. Yesterday’s worked fine so idk what the issue is. I’ll try again at 3!

  3. Love this new video! It’s the perfect combo of toning and yoga! Exactly what I needed tonight! Thanks Karena! 💪🏻

  4. Is this pregnancy friendly? Any recommended mods? It would be great if it was noted with each new workout!

    1. Hey mama! Yes, this workout is pregnancy friendly! Remember to always listen to your body and check with your doctor about what’s best for you. And if you’re looking for more prenatal workouts, check out the amazing pregnancy channel in the On Demand section of your Studio Tone It Up App. You can also find “TIU Pregnancy” under the Fitness section on 😽

  5. Yes, please. Can you please bring back the printable routines as well, it makes it so much easier. Some of us are not so good with the follow along videos :-)

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