Tight Hamstrings? 3 Stretches You Need In Your Life

Hey babe! This week in your Tone It Up app we’re lengthening, toning, and stretching it out! Tori isn’t just our girl for dance cardio, barre, and booty shakin’ — she’s also a pro at showing those gorgeous muscles some love.

Check out her Sculpt + Stretch class in your Tone It Up app today! It’s the perfect mix of total-body sculpting and muscle-lengthening stretches. And keep reading for a few amazing reasons to add stretching to your routine, then try a few of our fave hamstring stretches from Tori’s class!



The Best Reasons to Stretch

Stretching has so many benefits besides feeling ahhh-mazing. By stretching regularly, you’ll see increased flexibility and range of motion in your joints. You’ll also improve circulation by encouraging blood flow to your muscles, which may help reduce soreness and recovery time. And best of all, a good stretch helps relieve muscle tension that often comes with stress.

“Stretching is one of the most amazing forms of self-care,” says Tone It Up trainer Tori. “Make sure you add it into your routine a few times a week.”

Remember to also get plenty of sleep and refuel your muscles with nutrient-packed foods — protein is a must when it comes to muscle recovery! We’re obsessed with this Spirulina Superfood Smoothie Bowl for spring. “Your muscles will thank you!” Tori says.

3 Hamstring Stretches We Love

Just us, or are those hammies especially tight? The hamstrings (located along the back of the thighs) are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to muscle tightness. Try these three hamstring stretches before or after your usual workout routine, or as a quick break from sitting at your desk all day!

The best stretch for tight hamstrings

Standing Wide-Leg Hamstring Stretch

This stretch is great for releasing tension all down the backs of your legs. Bonus: It’s a dynamic stretch, which means it’s a perfect warm-up move before a tough workout or to increase mobility day-to-day.

This hamstring stretch will relieve soreness, lengthen your muscles, and increase flexibility.

Standing Single-Leg Hamstring Stretch

Both the hammies and calves get lots of love in this essential stretch. Pre-workout: Hold this stretch for a just a few seconds on each side, alternating 10 times. Post-workout: Hold the stretch for 30 seconds to get those hard-working muscles back to 100.

This is stretch is featured from the Tone It Up app and it's amazing to lengthen and stretch tight hamstrings.

Standing Forward Fold + Shoulder Stretch

Chances are your hamstrings aren’t the only muscles in need of release. This one addresses the back and shoulders too. Hang out for as long as this one feel good, post-class or whenever you need a little stretch break.

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