These Summer Tone Up Workouts Are Waiting For You!

We’re just a couple days away from starting the Summer Tone Up on Monday…so we wanted to give you a lil’ sneak peek at the AMAZING workouts you’ll be doing the next 6 weeks!

From kickboxing, to yoga, to barre, to weight training, and everything in between, we know you’re going to love them. We filmed sooo many new workouts over the past few months and we’re so excited to release them all! We’re givin’ you a look at a few of our faves to get extra pumped!!

Find these (and more!) new workouts in your Studio Tone It Up fitness app. Now is the perfect time to start your free 7-day trial for iPhone HERE & Android HERE! You’re going to crush these workouts!!

We can’t wait to see your cute booty in Studio Tone It Up and on the beach too! 🌴💛😽



PS – I filmed some special new prenatal workouts for my mamas to be too ~ can’t wait to share!!

 Nama Booty

We’re talkin’ MAJOR booty goals! Join Chevy on the mat for a sculpting yoga flow!

Kickboxing Core Burner

Jab, cross, punch! Chyna’s quick cardio burner will rev your metabolism and tone your gorgeous core!

Cardio Beach Flow

You’ll radiate strength and good vibes after this energizing flow with my girl Karena 💫

Turn It Up

It’s not a dance party without our girl Tori! Grab your Booty Band and drop it lowww girl 😉

30 Second Blitz

Join Stef to tone up head to toe with our new fave weight training-meets-HIIT workout!

 For these workouts and so many more, start your free 7-day trial for iPhone HERE & Android HERE! See you in the Studio!


  1. Can’t wait for all the amazing new workouts coming ❤ love to use the tiu app, it is so convenient to just do the daily workout every morning without thinking and figuring out which workout to do or which muscle group to focus on 👍 so thankful you pulled it of for us android users as well😙 love u girls 😙

    1. Love you too babe 😽 And so glad you’re loving your TIU App! So excited to rock your Summer Tone Up workouts together!

    1. Yesss!! Can’t wait to get started and see you in the Studio for your Summer Tone Up workouts! We’re so excited for you to try them! xxo

  2. I am so glad to see that you all are doing a Summer Tone UP! I think it is the perfect way to stay motivated, on track with fitness and weigh loss goals to wrap up summer. I enjoyed a fall one you girls did a year ago. Myself personally, I do better with these shorter Tone UPS to refresh and help me continue with my fitness and weight loss goals. It is coming at just the right time. Thank you!

  3. Also, I am so excited to see more Barre classes/workouts And some other new ones to try as well! Looking forward to the Yoga workouts too!

  4. Are we supposed to be taking rest days during the Summer Tone It Up Challenge or is a daily workout type thing? I’m new to TIU so I just want to be sure! Thanks :)

    1. Welcome to the community babe! We’re so happy you’re here 🤗 We built your Weekly Schedule so you’re resting different muscle groups each day. We want you to make your workouts work for you and your lifestyle too! If you want to sub in a stroll with girlfriends or a day of stretching, go for it! If you’re feeling like your body needs the rest, take it. The most important thing is to listen to your body. xxo

      1. Awesome! :) thanks for replying! The response was very helpful! I’m so glad to be apart of the TIU community! I love how everyone is so supportive! 💙🌞🌴

    1. Hi babe! It’s up to you and what works for your body. A good rule of thumb that we follow is to perform a drop set. Start off with heavier weights during your moves, then drop down to a lower weight for the next set. This helps push your muscles a lil’ harder while still being able to get all of your reps in. We have a guide to choosing your weights HERE!

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