The Best Toning Workouts To Try On Your Next Trip

Who’s coming to work out with us?! Karena and I are going on TOUR for 30 days and visiting 15 cities across the US!!! You can check out all the details and reserve your spot HERE! We’ve already seen that a lot of #TIUgirls are road tripping to the tour with a group of girlfriends and we love that! Since we’re also going to be traveling A LOT, we put together our favorite travel-friendly workout videos.

Traveling can throw you out of your normal schedule. Our number 1 tip is to commit yourself to a 15-minute workout. Even if you’re feeling jet lagged, tell yourself you’ll do just 15 minutes in the hotel gym or in your room. Once you get started and feeling AMAZING, you’ll probably keep going! This happens to us all the time. And even if you don’t have time for the full workout, you’ll still be getting your body moving, your energy levels up, and boosting your metabolism for the whole day.

We rounded up our favorite workouts to do on the road. These all are equipment free or use our Booty Bands. Booty Bands are the best because they’re lightweight, can fit in your purse or carry-on, and provide the perfect amount of resistance to get an incredible toning session. You can grab your own set HERE!

We’ll see you on TOUR!! Can’t wait!

Karena Katrina Palm Springs Coachella Booty Abs Live Instagram Workout Pool

The best workout to do with your girlfriends

We filmed this booty and abs workout poolside at Coachella, and it’s a fun one to do on a girls’ trip! If you’re staying at a hotel with a pool, you can even jump in after ~ just like Karena did ;)

Grab the workout HERE!

The best quickie metabolism booster

Only have a few minutes? We get it! That’s why we’re so in love with HIIT workouts. HIIT raises your heart rate, boosts your metabolism, and tones your entire body in minutes. Best part ~ no equipment needed! K+K SLAY is one of our faves! Just keep an eye on your yoga mat ;)

Try it out HERE!

booty burn workout karena tone it up

The best hotel room booty routine

Booty werrkk anytime, anywhere! 🍑 This routine uses our Booty Bands to tone every inch of your cute tush and gorgeous legs.

Go through your Major Booty Burn with Karena HERE!

The best fast ab workout

This workout is my fave for feeling lean and light in just 10 minutes. I always use this one when I’m on the road!

Get Toned Abs HERE!

The best routine to feel like a total badass

 Boost your confidence AND metabolism with this kickboxing routine. You’ll also tone from head to toe in the process 🙌🏻

Try THIS killer kickboxing routine!

It’s SO important to have clean protein after your workout to help form beautiful, lean muscles. We’re currently obsessed with THIS smoothie bowl using our clean, non-GMO, gluten-free Tone It Up Protein from Target!! You can grab it at a Target near you or online HERE!

Tone It Up Healthy Pineapple Mango Cauliflower Smoothie Recipe


  1. This is an awesome post, thank you! I was just thinking about how cool it would be if you created a sample travel workout schedule for a week so that we can stick to a specific plan while traveling!

      1. I LOVE that idea! I’ve always thought a category of workout that require no equipment would be really beneficial for that reason too. I travel a ton for work and being flexible on my gym availability is the trickiest part about making booty call.

  2. Love the tips! I wish that I could make it to one of the tour locations, but like many other #TIUcanadiangirls I just don’t think I can make it happen. With this being said, I’m sure I can use these travel workouts at some point when I do go away, so thank you!!

  3. This is exactly what I love about this program, I’ve been low-key saving every workout that doesn’t involve weights to prep for 2 weeks in South Africa and you ladies make this post :) I’m on board with a 2 week training travel plan for workouts too! Would love to see that. “2 week, weight free workouts while your travel”

    1. That’s SO cool! Africa will be amazing, and even more amazing that you’re going to be Toning It Up in Africa!! Have so much fun, girl! 😃😃

    2. Same!!!! I’ve been trying to put together my own list but this is so nice and convenient

    3. Im from South Africa, but living in Italy. Whenever I go home, I always carry my booty bands with me. There are tons of workouts on the TIU Fitness page to keep you moving, even without weights – but with the easy-to-carry-weighing-next-to-nothing @toneitup booty bands and resistance band, youre adding something extra to your workout and it feels amazing! Andddddd….youll need every workout you can get because the food & WINE in South Africa is AMAAAAAZING!! hahahaa! Consider yourself warned! HAHAAHA! :) Have a fabulous time! xoxo

  4. This seriously came at the PERFECT time! I’m visiting my BF in Knoxville at the end of this week and was searching for travel-friendly workouts :) Can’t wait to tone & travel.

  5. I would love love love a travel workout plan! I’m always on the go and although I love using water bottles, shoes, etc as weights, it’s just not the same 😂

  6. Do these have printables?? I’m going camping this weekend and have #tiuaporoved road trips snacks packed and would love to incorporate these workouts out in the wilderness

  7. This is PERFECT!! I’m going to be doing a 3-day roadtrip from home back to university in August, and I was just thinking about what kind of workouts I would do while travelling (especially when you sit ALL DAY!!!). Definitely “saved” this one to my account – what a great resource! Thanks K&K for always reading my mind hahah!

  8. I love this! I would also love if you could tag all of the workouts with the type of equipment used. Oftentimes I have access to different types of equipment and I get bummed out if I didn’t bring my booty bands to the gym or if I don’t have the right weights or something at home.

  9. I love this post and will definitely be packing my booty bands for next time. :)

    I love running in a new city. It’s a great way to see the sites and something fun to check off your bucket list. Nothing like being able to say “I ran the National Mall in DC when I was on vacation”. :) Also, I love taking selfies in front of famous sites and taking them while running turned it into a scavenger hunt. :)

  10. My hubby and I are about to g o to one of the sandals resorts what are some of your fave healthy snacks and tips?
    What did u mix your Tone it up protein with each day? I am going to enjoy the balance but also do not want to blow all my hard work either.

  11. I am a Flight Attendant and hotels are my 2nd home!! Thank you so much for this!! You guys rock!!

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