The 3 BEST Yoga and Stretching Routines To Lengthen & Tone

Hi beautiful! This week in Studio Tone It Up, we’re sharing routines and tips to help you strengthen your balance and increase your flexibility. As you know, stretching has always been a very important part of my fitness routine ~ and as I complete my yoga teacher training, I see the value in stretching and lengthening my body more than ever before. As you stretch, you breathe oxygen into your muscles and allow your body to recover from challenging workouts.

Stretching also gives us an opportunity to focus on our breath and our intentions. Yoga has been one of the most transformative practices for me, and I truly believe it can have a remarkable impact on your life. Today I’m sharing three of my favorite, super effective yoga & stretching routines. These will increase your flexibility, balance, and both your mental and physical strength. Do them on your active rest day, anytime you’re feeling sore, or whenever you want to soothe your body and mind.

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Strengthen & Stretch With Karena

You can also watch it on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

This is the perfect routine after a tough workout, run, or just when you’re feeling a little tight. You can do this every day if you want!

Lengthen & Tone With Heather

You can also watch it on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

This flow focuses on sculpting your gorgeous abs and stretching your body from head to toe…and our girl Heather has the most calming, beautiful presence 🙌🏻

Detox & Flow With Karena

You can also watch it on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

I loved filming this yoga flow because it feels so rejuvenating! We created it for the 5 Day Detox but you can do it anytime ~ it’s one of my new go-to routines!

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  1. I can NOT get enough of the Detox & Flow. Such a great stretch. It helps me to slow down, be in that very moment and clear my head. Definitely one of my favorites! Thank you for sharing, Karena!

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