SNEAK PEEK! 31 Day Challenge Workouts Comin’ For You!

Hey babe! Your 31 Day Challenge is just around the corner, and when we say we’re just a liiiitttle bit excited, you have no idea!! We’re giving you an exclusive sneak peek at the BRAND NEW workouts we filmed just for you!! 

When Kat and I dreamt up this year’s challenge, we knew we wanted workouts that would leave you feeling strong and empowered. Because that’s exactly how you deserve to feel! Whether it’s the soon-to-be-classic (and epically entertaining) Total Body Rock with K&K, heart-revving Cardio Box with Chyna, or seriously sculpting HIIT Abs with Stef — these workouts are challenging, results-driven, and SO FUN! 

Join us in the Tone It Up app so you don’t miss a rep! Ready for your fittest fall yet?! Let’s do this babe! #TIU31



11 ALL-NEW Workouts You’ll Get In The 31 Day Challenge

Make sure to download your Tone It Up app so you don’t miss a single one of these muscle-sculpting, metabolism-boosting routines! 

Total Body Rock

Trainers: Karena & Katrina  

OK so this one isn’t your average total body workout…it’s part music video, part comedy routine with allllll the bloopers in between. Fortunately, laughing totally counts as ab work! 😉 


Trainer: Stef

Get ready to HIIT that gorgeous waistline! Stef’s got all the secrets to strong, sexy abs. Who’s in?! 

Booty Work

Trainer: Katrina

You know we’re all about that booty burn, and this Kat routine had Chyna and Stef literally *crawling* off set. Needless to say, it works! 

Fierce Arms Flow

Trainer: Karena 

The 31 Day Challenge is all about balance, and this arm-sculpting flow will leave you feeling fierce, strong, and centered. 

31 Rep Challenge

Trainers: Karena & Katrina 

We’re bringing the heat — 31 reps each! Get pumped to revisit this routine each week to track your amazing progress! 

Cardio Quickie

Trainer: Stef 

YES cardio can be fast and fun! Join our fave energizer bunny Stef for a heart-revving routine you can do anytime, anywhere! 

Kettle Sculpt

Trainers: Stef + Chyna 

Grab your kettlebell for strength, cardio, and a whole lot of core in each EMOM round — that’s every minute on the minute! 

Super Sculpt Arms

Trainer: Stef 

Start simple, then build your burn! You haven’t seen arm-sculpting combos like these before! 

Cardio Box

Trainer: Chyna 

Chyna’s our girl for cardio kickboxing, and she’s breaking out all new combos for you…including boxer burpees! You’ll get your metabolism boosted and muscles burning in no time! 

Legs + Booty Burnout

Trainer: Chyna 

Squats, lunges, and bridges, oh yes! Chyna’s got your booty covered from every angle with this strength-focused lower body routine! 

Roll With It

Trainer: Stef 

Feelin’ sore already?! Cue up Stef’s go-to foam rolling routine for the ultimate recovery sesh. You deserve a lil’ self-care!

Let’s do this girl!!!

Get all these amazing BRAND NEW routines in your Studio Tone It Up app! Download the app today and start your 7-day free trial. We’ll see ya in the Studio!


    1. Hey Stella! Right now we’re optimized for the iPhone and you can use AppleTV mirroring or Chromecast for a larger screen. We’re always looking for ways to improve in the future and have lots of surprises planned for you! xxo

  1. These workouts all look amazing! This challenge has a really freah feel to it however are there any Tori workouts? I love her sculpting!

    1. Hey Lucy! Don’t worry, we have a couple Tori faves on the schedule! Can’t wait to start this challenge with you! xxo

  2. 11 New Workouts?! AWESOME! 💃😍 Does this mean there will be 2 new workouts in the App each week? 😀 Can’t wait for the EMOM Kettle Sculpt!!! So excited. Was wondering & hoping that some day you ladies will include the EMOM training. Now I would just love to see AMRAP workouts in the App sometime too. 😍 Love you ladies. 🤗

    1. Hey Yolly! Yes, 11!!! The new workouts are spread out throughout the month, so you’ll have something brand new each week. And trust us, you definitely won’t want to miss week 1!! 😉 PS We love EMOM too, and noted on AMRAP. Stay tuned!! 💕

      1. Just saw week 1 in the App. Awesome! Thank you, thank you. I LOVE working out & you stunning babes just feed my “addiction”. I’m gonna struggle to control myself from trying out all the workouts during this weekend. Whooooieee. I also bought a new weighted jump rope yesterday. I love jump rope, could you girls maybe do some cardio routines (or Chyna’s kickboxing) and include the jump rope? Just like the booty bands it’s a awesome “piece of equipment” that does wonders & barely takes up space. 😘

          1. Eeek, I can’t wait either. 😍🤩

  3. I really love Heathers yoga workouts…there are some from a couple years ago…will she ever be doing anymore with y’all?

    1. Awww we love Heather’s flows too! For now, find her workouts in the On Demand yoga section! xxo

    1. Hey Kristen! Your Tone It Up app is the best place to find all your challenge workouts and achieve incredible results. It’s FREE to download (and if you’re new to the app, you get a 7-day free trial to check it out!). If you want to amp up your workouts, you can join the Studio with an in-app purchase of $12.99 USD that auto-renews monthly. This is where you’ll find the 11 brand new workouts for the challenge. So excited to start this challenge with you!! xxo

  4. Is it required to pay for the Studio in the app to participate in the challenge? I would love to be able to fully participate in this challenge!

    1. Hey Morgan! For the best challenge experience, we recommend downloading the app. It’s FREE to download (and if you’re new to the app, you get a 7-day free trial to check it out!). If you want to amp up your workouts, you can join the Studio with an in-app purchase of $12.99 USD that auto-renews monthly. That’s where you’ll find all the incredible new workouts we filmed for you for this challenge. It’s an amazing investment in YOU! The free features include your Daily Toning Moves for the challenge and connecting with your girls in the Studio Tone It Up community. We’re so excited to kick off this challenge with you!

  5. Can someone tell me how each day works?
    You do the daily challenge and the daily workout each day?

    1. Hey babe! For the 31 Day Challenge, we recommend doing 4 – 5 Studio Tone It Up workout videos each week, plus an active rest day. Pair your workouts with your new 31 Day Meal Plan for the BEST results! And remember to check in with us on Instagram #TIU31! xxo

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