Our Top Moves to Sculpt Your Gorgeous Abs & Rev Your Metabolism

Who else is getting so freakin’ pumped for the TONE IT UP TOUR?! Last week, we got to spend the day at the StubHub Center to set up what each tour stop will look like…and we can’t even express how surreal and special it was. We can’t wait for you to see everything we have planned for you!

In just 2 weeks, we’ll all be surrounded by TIU girls and the love, support, and positivity this community brings. It’s the best feeling in the world! We created this Tour to be the ultimate fitness festival where women can connect over workouts, games, music, and rosé! It will be the experience of a lifetime that will stay with each and every one of us forever.

If you haven’t reserved your spot yet, you can grab your ticket HERE! We’ll see you on tour!!

And ’til then…we’re in total tour prep mode. We want to feel our absolute best when we come visit you so we put together some of our favorite HIIT and ab moves you can do in just 9 minutes. You’re going to love how fast & effective it is! You’ll be sculpting every muscle of your waistline for a sexy, lean core. AND since this is a HIIT routine, you’ll be burnin’ up and revving your metabolism all day! We also saw that last time you requested a timer be added to your moves, so of course we added one for you so you know exactly when it’s rest time!

We love following up a high intensity workout with a clean, non-GMO, plant-based Tone It Up Protein smoothie – like THIS chocolate peanut butter dream. This boosts your metabolism even more and reveals your beautiful core!

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Or follow the Move Guide below!

You can also download your printer-friendly version HERE!


  1. I love this quick cardio core workout. Expecially with two little ones!!!! I can’t wait to meet you girls in Chicago.

  2. Thank you for adding the timer and the little Up Next move in the corner! I’m so much more motivated having a video to follow along with and love that you listened to some of the suggestions girls had and incorporated them. You guys are awesome!!

  3. What a great workout. You would think after 2 years of TIU workouts I would stop asking myself questions like “9 minutes? How bad can it be?” Ha! So effective – and the timer and next move mini screen are perfect. Thank you!

  4. Have you ladies ever worked with any TIU girls who have Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation) from having kids? I have had great results with the TIU program, but my belly still pooches out from this. I have heard some ab exercises actually make it worse, and some can help. Just wondering if you had any experience with this. Thanks!

    1. I was wondering the same thing with diastasis recti you can’t do certain exercises. Would you ladies make a workout geared to ladies that have this??

  5. Thank you for adding the video and timer to the moves! This makes it way easier to do the workouts. Loved this one!

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