NEW Workout Video: Bikini Body 2!

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It’s Tone It Up Tuesday and we challenge you to tone, lift and tighten from head-to-toe! Today’s brand NEW BIKINI BODY 2 Routine will leave you glowing and feeling the burn…

This series of full body sculpting moves is designed to get you ready for that bikini, while increasing your metabolism (burn baby burn!) and improving balance.

You’re going to LOVE it.

Get ready to cinch your waistline, tighten your inner & outer thighs, lift your booty and sculpt your arms… you’re about to work it all!

Want to jam out to your own music during the workout!? Or your new BIKINI SERIES music mix? Click HERE for the music free version of your BIKINI BODY 2 workout!

We recommend you perform this routine with a set of 8-15 lb dumbbells. How can you know the best weight to use? You should be able to go through the set with proper form, but the last three reps should feel super challenging. Try different weights to see which works best for you… and watch yourself get stronger!

Download your printable HERE ~ Just Right Click and Select “Save Link As…”

Total+Body+2+tone+it+up+bikini+series+printable-1 Total+Body+2+tone+it+up+bikini+series+printable-2 Total+Body+2+tone+it+up+bikini+series+printable-3 Total+Body+2+tone+it+up+bikini+series+printable-4 Total+Body+2+tone+it+up+bikini+series+printable-5

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Want some extra booty burn!? Today’s challenge includes adding your BIKINI BOOTY routine to this set. Find all your fitness challenges for the week here, in your Weekly Schedule! Then, stretch it out with this yoga routine!

Check in with the team once you complete the routine and let us know you #feeltheburn! Use the hashtag #BIKINISERIES for a chance to win this week’s Check in prizes! We’re excited to gift winners with Coola Suncare, Chocolate Perfect Fit Protein, convenient Go Stack Travel Pods and the exclusive, Tone It Up keychain!

 Week 4 prizes from Tone It Up

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  1. Janice Anne Carol Noblejas says:

    Oh no! I just did the Sunkissed abs workout since the video wasn’t up yet when I came home. Will be doing this tmw instead. Thanks for uploading the video earlier K&K! It means a lot to us TIU girls from the other side of the world. :) #tiuphilippines #tiuasia #bikiniseries

  2. K&K, or anyone, Is there a good alternative to the weighted lunges?
    I have bad knees and the lunges irritate them.

    Thanks! Stay on the Sunny Side!

  3. K&K, or anyone, Is there a good alternative to the weighted lunges?
    I have bad knees and the lunges irritate them.

    Thanks! Stay on the Sunny Side!

    #bikiniseries2014 #createyoursummer

    1. LouLou Wren says:

      If lunges are bothering your knees you may not be performing them correctly. Tips- Knees should line up with ankles and never go past your toes. Press through your heels when coming up. If these tips don’t work here are some alternative exercises- try step ups, leg presses, or dead lifts. Happy toning!

    2. Dana says:

      I would suggest leg press as well! Its much easier to keep control of your form! However if you dont work out at a gym, these are kind of impossible.
      If you get into lunge position and instead of changing legs each time. get into position and pulse your torso up and down. this is much easier on knees and you still get the awesome burn, then just repeat on other side!

  4. Viktoriya says:

    Thank you for pointing to the routine! This was great! I finished both routines and 1 mile run. Will finish other 2 miles after dinner.

  5. Silvia Fracchiolla says:

    Girls can you post outfit’s details? I think we all love your pants, tops and shoes, also when you are in plain clothes? I’ve love see you sparkling around my beautiful Italy, so… I want Karena’s black dess ;)

  6. Len says:

    i have a question about the weights! is it 4 lb dumbbells each arm so a total of 8, or is it 8 lb per arm? thanks!

    1. Dana says:

      Whatever you can handle/feels good for you! It looks like they are using 4lb each arm, but if that seems too easy/hard for you, adjust to suit! They have to try and talk/smile/etc. while making the video so I don’t think they ever use super heavy weights!

  7. Celine Jewell says:

    This is a really fun and effective exercise!!!

  8. Kate says:

    Loved this routine!! Quick and effective. Definitely will be doing this a couple more times this week :)

  9. Bailee says:

    Love it! really got the heart rate up and made me sweat!pumped up to keep going!

  10. Brenda Canas says:

    Dared myself to bump it up to 10s with this workout.. upper body is so sore still! Love it :)

  11. anastasia_beaverhausen says:

    I love how these videos are free. I love working out with both of you!

  12. Maddie says:

    This is blocked for some reason:( Its a great workout though!

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