Kettle-Booty-Katrina-TIU-600x331Are you ready to feel the BURN!? You’re about to work your booty… AND just about every other part of your gorgeous body!

Today, I’m bringing you the ultimate toning sesh, your NEW Kettle Booty Routine. Thanks to the kettlebell, these moves sculpt all over, while getting your heart rate wayyy up. Talk about major calorie burn! The best part is that you’ll really focus on lifting and toning your tush.


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Feeling the burn, babe? Complete your foam roller routine later today, or tomorrow to reduce soreness!



  1. Alright K&K you guys are bringing your A game with these new workouts . I like to watch the videos before i do them and i can’t wait to try this for my BC tomorrow morning. .. The kettlebell swing with the jumping jack and The clean &press with the tricep pushup is going to be killer . You guys are definitely making me step up my game with your workouts. . KUDOS TO YOU!!!!! BRAVO !!!! Hercules Hercules. Lol… Thank you @toneitup

  2. I love all the Kettlebell routines!! And yoga ❤️ The kettlebell burn gets me everytime but I love it!

  3. This was awesome!!! Short and powerful!!! These new workouts online and the exclusive WO’s are the best yet!!!! Different and refreshing!!! Love you guys!!!! XOXO

    1. I know, I agree. I love all the new stuff and the redesigned website — so much easier to follow. Their motivations ME motivated!

  4. Any suggestions from anyone who is GREAT at the single leg deadlifts and/or the running man from the total body tone?? I can’t stay up and I feel like I’m missing out on the great glow from these moves!!

    1. Hey there! I find it easiest looking forward in the mirror or starring a whole in the ground and concentrating on that one point on the floor :) then: engage your abs and about everything else! I learned that from dancing: keep all your muscles engaged and tight and you will not lose your balance! ? Just try to focus on the movement you WANT your body to do. And: practice ? But believe me, I too have a lot of difficulties doing these in the morning! ? Hope this helps!

  5. this looks awesome….is there anyway you guys can start telling us how many lbs your weights are in all the videos?


  6. I have a BIG request for you girls: us TIU girls in Europe cannot see the Tuesday workouts on Tuesday morning, because of the time difference.
    I would LOVE it if you could post these a few hours earlier, so that we can squeeze the workouts in with our Tuesday morning bootycall!
    I workout in the mornings and on Tuesdays I have to wait until the afternoon for your new workout to be posted… Hope you can help us out so that TIUgirls in Europe can wake up on Tuesdays with the workout live and ready to be followed….
    Loving this challenge! XOXOXOXO

  7. Oh my FAV, Kettlebell and better yet Kettle-Booty, thanks Kat, that was a great workout! Just did it 2x :)

  8. we’re supposed to do it 3x through or just once? i always get confused when there’s a streching part in the end.. love the workout bra!!! xx

  9. Getting ready to try this bad boy!!
    But I have to agree with the above girls.. Malibooty rocks!

  10. You guys always have the BEST booty workouts! Can’t wait to go home and try this! My favorite is Malibooty too. ;)

  11. Great workout! I LOVED this especially the single arm swing with jumping jack and lifted toe squat ( I could really feel that!)

  12. Loved this one. Its moved into the spot for favorite booty workout. The swing jacks were actually fun bc they were different. I loved doing those! Thanks for making a fun , killer booty workout!

  13. New to Tone It Up! What weights are used/ recommended for this? Same question for Tone Hitt Up! I want to get a kettle bell and hand weights too, but want to make sure I’m using the appropriate weights. Thanks!

    1. They say you should use a weight that you can maintain good form throughout and the last few reps are challenging. I started with a 10lb kettlebell and 5lb hand weights. hope that helps!

  14. You’ve made me love kettlebells even more!
    Quick question, having discomfort in my upper back some when I did the knee to elbow squats with weights, could it be from bad form?

  15. Loving this routine! Kettle bells are becoming my favorite!
    Quick question, I having some discomfort in my upper back while I’m doing the weighted knee to elbow squat. Could it be bad form? or need I need to stretch out my back?

  16. tried this for my BCWO… challenging and i LOVED it! great mix of movements and equipment. awesome burn first thing in the morning!

  17. kettle swing + jumping jack….dayyyyng that’s a good one! When Kat described the move I actually said “woah” to myself, lol. Get it girls!

  18. Wow!! Great workout! Lovin’ TIU.
    Thank you for the inspiration, tools and friendship (although a newbie, feelin the love)!

  19. Hey girls, I just did this workout and I love it. My favorite the leg lift bridge!!! Thank you for so much power and make exercise fun and exiting… ;)

  20. Would also love the tuesday workout to be posted a day before as here in NZ we are a day ahead <3

  21. Hello girls !! In first I love you so much !! Thanks you for all your videos !! For this one, how much pounds for the kettle bell ?
    Thanks xoxo marie ( France)

    1. someone answered above. I think mostly — what you can do and still maintain good form. Some gals use 10lb Kettlebell and 5lb hand weights… (I love/miss Paris — such a beautiful city!)

  22. Can;t wait to try this!
    What is a good estimate of the weight for the kettle bell and dumbbells used in this (and your other) workouts? I have a 25b. kettle bell which i think is probably to heavy for some of this…

    Anyone who’s done it, what did you use?


  23. I remember the older workouts we were encouraged to do them 2-3 times through. Does that still apply for these newer workouts? I want to make sure I’m pushing myself the right amount to where I’m challenged but can still manage to stay on track each day. Let me know, thanks!

    1. Hi Audrey!
      We recommend first doing the workout once through. If you feel like you can do more, then you can definitely complete it one or two more times through! Just listen to your body :)

  24. Hello Ladies,
    Will the tone it up kettlebell ever be available for purchase? I would love to buy it! ❤️❤️

  25. Just did the kettle booty workout with a 10lb dumbbell combined the daily moves. Booty and hamstrings on fire! 🔥

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