Your first BIKINI SERIES workout is HERE!

Get ready to feel like a beautiful, toned mermaid with this incredible TOTAL body workout! We designed your Mermaid Routine to target all the areas you want to tone up for summer, including your abs, obliques, thighs & arms. Oh YES!!

What you need for your Mermaid Routine: a kettlebell (or 10-15 lb dumbell), a yoga mat, and some water!

This is one body sizzling, heart pumpin’ routine! You’re going to fall in LOVE with this workout…

Download your on-the-go printable HERE! Just right click & select “Save Link As…” 





How amazing do you feel after this toning routine!? Let us know on Instagram, Twitter & on Facebook with the hashtags #BIKINISERIES & #TIUMermaid! 


  1. Christelle Villaester says:

    Ladies… it’s Mermaid time. B-)

  2. Shannon McMahon says:

    Loved it!!!! One of my favourite routines ever!!

  3. Gemma says:

    I loved this!!! :D quick question, when checking in on the community is it best to start a journal and log all workouts or do you just post a comment everyday??

  4. or cohen says:

    You both are so amazing! this workout is such a great start for the bikini series! thanks so much <3

  5. Brittney says:

    Woot woot 4:45am ET I’ll be diving in fin first! Can’t wait to try this workout! PS loving how you guys are telling us the equipment we need ahead of time :) I was just thinking about that a couple months ago! You guys are the best. Thank you for all you do

      1. Brittney says:

        thank you!! :) It wasn’t always that way, I slowly worked my way up :) And I have narcolepsy so it was a struggle lol

    1. karli_tonesup says:

      Wow yeah good job!!! That’s dedication right there!

  6. Autumn Miller says:

    I was searching YouTube! Booo. Lol. Oh well. I’ll do it tomorrow. I tried to play it to get a peek though and it’s playing the Vday Vlog…

  7. Mary Zellen says:

    Great workout! Just to confirm… This counts as our booty call? Or are we also supposed to do cardio??

  8. nc185 says:

    Eeks! This kicked my butt! Loved it!!! Thanks K&K!

  9. karli_tonesup says:

    Loved loved this workout so much! Favorite was definitely the mermaid and seahorse (once I got my balance hehe). Thanks K&K!

  10. Prei says:

    Totally loved the workout! I will definitely feel it tomorrow. I did this as my pm workout though!

    I would really like to request you to please post these videos a day before because the TIU girls on the other side of the globe get it really late. Thank you for all you do!!!

    1. Heather Smith says:

      Maybe you can switch Tuesdays and Wednesdays’ workouts so you can still workout in the morning on Tuesday stress free??

      1. Prei says:

        Thanks Heather! I think I will have to do that from week 2! :-)

  11. Maggie says:

    Will K&K be releasing TIU mile trackers? I haven’t seen any info on this this year!

    1. Marie Masters says:

      They posted an answer on one of their last posts that they’re going to start the 100 by summer soon – I think last year they started 2 weeks into the challenge.

  12. Sarah Smith says:

    Absolutely loved the workout. Holding that weight over my head while we lunged was rough! :) Thanks so much for posting it early enough for all the EST and CST girls to make it their bootycall! This is the best Bikini Series yet!

  13. Arielle says:

    Up at 5:00am to become a mermaid. I loved it. It was so much fun and you girls make me laugh. My doggy wanted to join too :D

  14. Catherine says:

    I loved this routine! I started at 5:45 this morning and have felt great since!

  15. Nicole Christin Couch says:

    Woohoo! Done. First time doing the Bikini Series as a mom, poses its challenges but Im so glad I did my bootycall this morning. YAY for ME TIME! Lovin it #TIUmermaid

  16. Lindsay says:

    hey ladies, we do this routine 1 or more times through? thanks! xxx

  17. So upset! I pre-ordered the Beach Babe 3 DVD and it got lost in the mail!

  18. This one requires balance, but I love it! Great workout, the mermaid is similar to another move I love so that was right up my alley!

  19. Juliet says:

    Hey ladies how many times through do we do this workout?? Just once?

  20. Sharon R says:

    How heavy are the kettlebells you are using in this video? I just bought a 15lb-er and I’m thinking that will be way too heavy with how much you are using your arms!!

    1. Katie D says:

      I’m not sure what they’re using in the video, but personally, I have to switch back and forth. I use a 8 lb for some of the moves (like when you have to hold it above your head!) and a 15 lb for ones like the dead lift/upright row.

  21. Sirena says:

    Yay! Just finished becoming a mermaid!! Great routine super cute and challenging! =)

  22. Cheryl Repass says:

    LOVED this workout!! Totally felt like a mermaid!! You girls are great!

  23. abbie says:

    a suggestion to post the video with the weekly schedule! took me forevs to get here! had to call my sis! oh well cuz i luv her. but maybe think about consolidating!

  24. Lindsey Cobia says:

    Does this count towards any of our 150 by summer?

    1. Christen says:

      That’s a good question! They usually say 10 minutes intense = 1 mile, but does this count?

    2. Kristie Schanamann says:

      I don’t think so – this is a toning routine – 150 is for cardio!

    3. Jenny says:

      No. It has to be more intense… The HIIT routines equivalent is 10 minute = 1 mile

  25. Tenika Beard says:

    If you don’t have a kettle bell, use a gallon jug of water. Just make sure it’s sealed. A full gallon weighs about 8 pounds! And it costs $1!

    1. stef says:

      thanks for the idea, I happen to just have one ;)

    2. I had to improvise and use a bottle of laundry detergent hahaha. It was better than nothing!

  26. Amber says:

    Can’t WAIT for the new bathing suits to be available! #bikiniseries

  27. Veronica says:

    Woke up at six to get this in before work and it was already live!!! Thank you girls!

    Loved this one. The balancing is such a killer challenge!

  28. kirty mody says:

    loved this workout. one of my favourites along with Thailand Tush. I think I’ll be teaming this workout with Thailand Tush this sunday.

  29. Janelle Scudder says:

    HELP! I NEED Kat’s bikini – I thought they said they’re available on the Tone It Up shop, but I don’t see them there?!? Does anyone know when it will be available??

    1. Heather Smith says:

      Hi, it says that they will be available soon and to stay tuned. They are so cute!

    2. Courtney says:

      You can also get similar suits with the same prints from maaji swimwear :)

  30. Casey Twitmyer says:

    Where oh where can I get those peachy pink workout pants?!

    1. Margaret Deptula Schmidt says:

      Agreed! I always love Kat’s fun capris! What brand are they??

      1. Taylor Hertzog says:

        I am dying to know as well! In love!

  31. maw says:

    Is there an alternative to the rainbow for people who don’t have the wrist strength to do that move yet?

    1. Rebeca says:

      If it helps, I do side planks on my forearms.

    2. Heather Smith says:

      Hi, I can’t do those yet either. Sometimes I do a plank and while in plank bring my right knee up towards my right elbow and cinch at the waist, then do the other side.

  32. Stefania Rodriguez says:

    Is there any way you could make some of the workouts from the Beach Babe
    DVD 3 into printable editions? I’m having trouble getting the workouts
    on my mobile and want to use heavier weights than the ones I have at
    home so need to go to the gym. This would be sooooooo appreciated =D
    love Tone it up, you are so inspiring!!

  33. Sarah says:

    So excited to do this once I get home from school!

  34. Christen says:

    Hey ladies! when will this be posted to youtube? a few of the awesome ladies on the #TIUBikiniBombshells facebook page are looking for it! I like it on youtube too because I can send it to my big TV instead of having to use my tiny ipad. Plus, the TIU app says to look on! thanks!

  35. TIU_SherSher says:

    The printable is a .jpeg and doesn’t print out right. It gets chopped off in mid picture/text. Is there a .pdf version like it used to be???

    1. Samantha says:

      The image on this page is a jpeg but if you click the link it takes you to the PDF version :)

  36. Lauren says:

    Woke up early (6 am EDT) to get this in, but it wasn’t posted yet :( Could you post earlier next week for us TIU girls on the east coast?

    1. Kristie Schanamann says:

      Hey Lauren! Maybe there was a weird glitch in the server – it was available for me at 6AM this morning (also east-coaster)

  37. Cindy Vickers says:

    What size Kettlebells are you using??

    1. Kristie Schanamann says:

      I’d say no – miles are for cardio-based routines, this is more toning :)

  38. Julie says:

    The printable isn’t a pdf and can’t be printed the way it is. Can you please re-post, so we can have it?

    1. Shannon says:

      Agreed! The PDF printables are so nice. I have the past years’ workouts still in a binder. I’d appreciate it K&K

  39. AmandaGrace288 says:

    Anyone know where I can purchase the pink and mint bikini that Katrina is wearing in the Mermaid video? I thought it’d be in the apparel shop by now :(

    1. Kay Wynarsky says:

      It says above that they will be available soon! :)

  40. Julia Reardon says:

    I felt the enchanted bridge the most !!! Great total body workout

  41. Susan Brabant says:

    Do you know the brand of Kettleball – they are so cute!

  42. Nicole S says:

    Such a great workout. I struggled and had to pause quite a lot due to I’m out of shape but, I’m so excited to get healthy and back into a fit and fabulous body.

  43. Sam Leenheer says:

    That printable is not really printable. Can you make it a pdf?

    1. Nicole MacInnis says:

      I cropped it and made it into a pdf that prints a lot nicer. I can’t upload it here (won’t let me upload pdf) but can send it by email if you wanted

      1. Sam Leenheer says:

        Thanks Nicole, I ended up doing the same things. I really apprecaite the offer.

    2. Jenny says:

      all you have to do is click on the picture and it takes you to the pdf version

      1. Sam L says:

        Jenny, It wasn’t like that when they first posted. It was a long image.

  44. Monique says:

    Are those Tone It Up Kettlebells???? Would soooo buy one of those! :)

    Also, loving those foldover capris w/the diagonal design! Where are those from???

  45. Daniela says:

    I woke up at 6:45 am CST and this was not posted here? When did it first show up, so I know for next Tuesday.

    1. Jena says:

      Hi Daniela! It was up for me about 11:00 PST :) I find sometimes it helps my browser force a refresh if I click on the Blog link at the top to find the most recent post. Otherwise the cached, older version of the page sometimes is the one that loads. Hope that helps! :)

    2. Kisa Ashanté says:

      I don’t know exactly when it was posted, but it was already up for me when I did it for my BootyCall around 6am PST

  46. I LOVE the bikinis! I am going to reward myself at the end of this series with both! Is it bad that I’m more excited about the bikinis than my new bikini body?! ;)

    1. Sophia Palomino Rosas says:

      Thank you it’s just what I needed

  47. Sophia Palomino Rosas says:

    Love all your workouts!! Since you’re making plan bundles, may I suggest making a dvd bundle.

    1. lindsey says:

      Their newest bundle has beach babe number 2 and 3

      1. Sophia Palomino Rosas says:

        I know but I’m interested in the DVDs only. Maybe they’ll considered it.

  48. Makenna says:

    Loved this workout! Just an fyi, the description for the Mermaid and the Rainbow are the same on the printable. :)

  49. Bri Hanggie says:

    Katrina – where did you get your pink pants!!?

  50. Cynthia Stutsman says:

    On the 8 week meal program its says mermaid blog challenge…what is that?

    1. lindsey says:

      Its in the weekly schedule
      MERMAID PM CHALLENGE: Plan a workout date with another merbabe!

  51. Kristin Marshall says:

    Loved this workout, K&K! Can you post Tuesday’s new workouts even earlier? Those of us on the West Coast and in Alaska want to join in and do them as our BC!

  52. aliwos says:

    did anyone else feel really weird crossing their legs during some of these moves? i like it for the bridge but for some of the moves it was too much and one of my quads feels so weird! i didn’t have the balance to do it with the plank row.

    loved the tree pose + tricep extension and the upward + downward dog wave! sometimes doing a regular chaturanga too much hurts my shoulder so i’ll be sure to incorporate that into my warmups regularly now!

    1. Monica Sanchez says:

      Yeah, it felt “off” for me too, especially since I am dealing with knee issues, so I did not cross my legs for all moves. I say, listen to your body and don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right. Muscle fatigue is the only pain you should feel, not weirdness in joints, etc.

  53. nancy faith says:

    May I ask the weight of your kettle bells? Thank you : )

  54. lauramccann says:

    Loved this workout today!! It’s a challenge….but a good challenge!! #tiumermaid

  55. Alecia Shaw says:

    Loved the mermaids workout especially the enchanted bridge!

  56. Mariah says:

    Anyone else see gibberish in the 8 Week Bikini Program PDF in the Nutrition plan?! I just purchased the bundle and am downloading my files (one at a time) and that PDF is all symbols! Help pleeeeaseeeeeee!

  57. stef says:

    I was just wondering on that day, do we just do the Mermaid workout, and this is it, or do we do other HIIT workouts to make it up to a 30 to 45 minutes cardio? what did you do?

    1. Marie Masters says:

      I did one round of this plus 30 minutes of cardio.

  58. Renée Antoinette says:

    This was a great workout! Feeling a nice soreness all over! I especially loved the crossed crossed fins bridge!

  59. Laura Iacobet says:

    Does anyone know how many calories this burns? Or how to calculate it? I use My Fitness Pal to track my meals/workouts and I’d like to add this number in.

    1. Marie Masters says:

      It varies a lot based on your weight – the only really good way to calculate it would be if you have a heart rate monitor.

    2. Heather. D. says:

      My guess is about 50 calories for 1x through … Following the video b/c this toning routine didn’t get my heart rate up much. (I have a Fitbit charge HR….continuous heartrate tracker.) HIIT workouts burns more calories, faster with larger muscle movements & compound moves. I LOVED this routine though! Rainbows were challenging for me.

  60. Rhonda Boyd says:

    Just got done with mermaid workout awesome small movements !

  61. Britt Renee says:

    what is the “mermaid blog challenge”? It says that in the PDF on day three week one…

  62. Rebecca Lees says:

    In love with this new routine! <3 My obliques hurt for two days!!

  63. Lindsey says:

    When are those bathing suits going up??? I keeping looking at the site like 6 times a day, I DON”T WANT TO MISS THEM

  64. Alex Morales says:

    I am dying to know when the bathing suits and those kettle bells will be available ;)

  65. Summer Wulff says:

    Oof, did this one yesterday and am feeling it in my obliques today. Thanks K&K!

  66. Allie Lockhart says:

    When will you be selling the TIU kettle bell? I want!!

  67. This is my absolute favorite workout :) anytime I’m looking for a little extra toning in my day I come here, I don’t know what it is specifically, but it’s just so fun to do! My favorite part is obviously “the mermaid” but I laugh every time when Kat makes her mermaid/seahorse sound :) you ladies rock! Thank you for being inspirational and for the first time in my life making working out fun! You truly make so much of a difference in my life, and the 8 week bikini series is perfect.

  68. My kettlebell is too heavy for me to this, it’s 8 kg so I think around 16 pounds. I’m going to buy a smaller one. So I did a few moves with my dumbells instead. What a great but difficult routine! I couldn’t keep it up in the end, but I loved it and I’m keeping it in my fav. workouts.

  69. I loved this workout, especially the mermaid move! Of course! I’m so excited for the rest of the Bikini Series :)

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