10 Minute Toned Abs With Kat!

This is one of my FAVORITE ab routines! It’s perfect first thing in the morning to wake up your beautiful body or after your Sunday run. You can even do it after a booty workout! 🍑This workout is only 10 minutes ~ so quick for all our busy babes! And it doesn’t use any equipment so you can do it anywhere! Work those abs on a trip, in your living room, with your coworkers on your lunch break. Anytime, anywhere, all abs!!

Sculpting your abs will have you feeling extra confident in your cute swimsuits and crop tops this summer. Plus having a strong core is essential for strengthening the rest of your body. You’ll see that we always tell you to engage your core during every move you do. It helps keep your body stable during balancing moves and prevents injuries.

Best part? You’ll see some serious results. Do this routine twice a week and you’ll see toned, lean muscles in your core!

Pro tip ~ When you’re doing core workouts with your back on the ground, make sure to keep your lower back pressed into the floor. This will tone and sculpt those lower abs!

Now let’s work the middle…

You can also watch on YouTube or Apple TV HERE!

Move Guide

Download your printer-friendly Move Guide HERE!

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  1. Loved this, Kat, thank you! Got me nice and sweaty this Booty Call <3

  2. Love this workout definitely a new favorite. Thanks Katrina

  3. Best abs workout. Short but powerful!! I plan to add this into my schedule twice a week!!

  4. LOVED THIS! Taking on the day like WOAH! XO

  5. Thank you for this! Definitely great to have a “do anywhere anytime no equipment” (read “no excuses”) workout!!

  6. This was such a great burn. Thank you Kat! I’ll be taking this one with me on vacation next week for sure!

  7. Holy cow! Great workout for someone who hasn’t done a sit up probably since high school gym class! Definitely a new favorite!

  8. What a fabulous workout for the core! THANK YOU

  9. Great quick ab workout! Where is your whole ensemble from?

    1. So glad you loved the workout!! The sports bra is Show Me Your MuMu and the pants are Beyond Yoga! xxo

      1. Ah! I wanted to know the same thing, thanks for sharing :)

      2. Thank you so much for sharing! I always wonder where you get your activewear from. They’re always so trendy!
        Oh, and I really loved this workout by the way! Really effective exercises and not too difficult. I am defenitely going to include this workout in my routine.

  10. Trying not to feel disheartened, as I only managed one circuit. But I guess we all have to start somewhere…

    1. Hi babe! We never want you to feel discouraged. This is a tough workout so feel proud! Go at your own pace and build up to it. We’re here for you every step of the way! xxo

  11. Such a great workout. Finally got back into the rhythm of things this week after a month of indulging and this workout killed me but i loved every second! Thanks ladies!!

  12. Wow, that rocked! My abs were burning and I loved it!! Great to have a quick workout on the really busy days.

  13. Loved this killer Ab Routine! Question in regards to the Pro-tip, I’ve got a booty so when I lower my legs down my lower back naturally lifts off the ground some to make room for my butt, is this normal or am I doing the exact thing I’m not supposed to be doing? #KatBootyProblems

  14. Wow, loved the lower ab work! 😘👙👏

  15. Loved this simple, quick ab burn! Definitely adding it to my “saved” workouts!

  16. Good Ab work out. Only 2 rounds for me.

  17. I was excited for this workout because I need help with the belly! Man, this was only 10 minutes and it really worked my abs. This was tough, but I felt awesome afterwards. Thanks Kat xo

  18. Was feeling the burn last night after doing it…thanks for the quick/intense workout, Kat! #tiuteam #abgoals

  19. Wow!! 🔥🔥🔥 10 minutes of burn but it felt good! Totally reminded me of when I was younger and in gym class I couldn’t do sit-ups at all!! I was so embarrassed and thought I would never be physically fit for anything!! Thankfully I have a better attitude about my self and I can do sit-ups too!

  20. Very effective – thank you, Kat & TIU HQ :)

  21. It’s so short, yet every time I do this workout, my abs are burning!! Love it! <3 I always have trouble keeping my legs straight during those alternate leg v-sits though. Maybe I have to work on my stretching for that? Woooh.

  22. I have been swamped with end of the school year work for my preschool class…and missed two days of my work out :( So I paired this with the Yogatone! It worked really well! More no equipment burns will be great for those lunch breaks especially for working moms like me: once you get home, it’s a war zone so better to do some of your workout at work. Thank you!!!

  23. This is my favorite ab routine the best!

  24. Hey Katrina, is there any workout help to burn love handles quickly? thanks a lot. I am doing this ab workout everyday but I need to add one other routine to burn stubborn love handles. Thanks xxx