Sunshine Sculpt with Karena!

Mornin’ sunshine!

How are you feeling babe?! I already feel stronger, lighter, and full of energy! And definitely a little sore too! ;) If you worked out with me on Saturday for the Instagram live workout, you know Bobby was feeling it, too! 😂

Katrina and I are so proud of all of your hard work. You’re shining brighter and looking stronger every day! And don’t forget – it takes 21 days to form a habit. By the end of this week, all your Lean, Clean, ‘N Green eating and morning Booty Calls will be second nature!

Today’s workout is a beautiful combo of total body toning and mindful stretching. We love yoga, so we incorporated some of our favorite moves to sculpt your bod and energize your muscles. You’re going to feel so refreshed and energized after this routine! Check in with us after on Insta @ToneItUp! Can’t wait to hear from you and see your gorgeous smile!



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  1. Love it! Personally I love the mix of toning and yoga. Love you girls!

  2. I really love this WO for my Bcall! Thank you!!!

    1. I know it was so fun! I did the workout in my kitchen lol. I was baking Blueberry Lemon Zest and I didn’t want it to burn.


  3. LOVE this video! Each and every video you have posted and BB5 are absolutely amazing! Definitely the best bikini series yet and I can feel like these are getting me into shape. Thank you girls :)

  4. I love it when you put some Yga move in there. I’m going to try it right now xx

    1. We love yoga!! Let us know how you like it ;)

  5. Thank you for this – really like the combo of yoga and sculpt! Thanks for everything you do for us!

  6. Third week into the Bikini Series and I’m able to do full side planks again! Didn’t have to drop to my knee once…callin that a win!

    1. Wow!!! Congrats girl! You’re getting stronger every day! :)

  7. I agree, BB5 are my favorite workouts yet! I like the straightforward approach to the moves, focusing on proper form rather than coming up with crazy combinations that have us all rolling around on the floor with no idea how we got into this (who remembers Body Love? 😂). K&K look better than ever, and the background is so inspiring! This Bikini Series is also my favorite yet, the recipes are amazing and I love the concept of being able to choose my favorite M1-5 every day. Way to go, @toneitup!!! 💖

  8. This was a great workout to gently wake my body up. Sometimes goin hard as soon as I wake up..doesn’t feel good, this was perfect!

  9. SO GOOD! I even broke a sweat! Perfect way to stretch and wake up the body in the early morning. I needed that stretching, week 3 I am feeling the need for more yoga. Toning was great too!

  10. I enjoyed this routine. I did this after my run so perfect mix of stretching and sculpting.

  11. I just completed this workout, Ah-mazing!! I love it, it will be a go-to for me.

  12. Loved this combination of total body toning and yoga! Great workout!

  13. Loved this video so much, I’m thinking about doing it a second time this evening! Thanks, girls. Y’all do an excellent job of keeping me inspired and excited!

  14. My favorite workout so far, hands down! I love the yoga inspiration! Definitely my favorite start to my day these last 2 weeks!

  15. It was a great workout to pair after the cardio.

  16. I LOVED this workout. Perfect for after my run today. A bit of stretching and toning. This one is staying in my rotation for sure.

  17. I loved this! I wasn’t feeling well today and had to leave work early but instead if moping around the house, I decided to sweat it out! I did the sandy sweat workout and started a 30 day yoga challenge on top of that. I feel alot better ☺💪

  18. I loved this new workout! Thanks for posting it :)

  19. I LOVED this routine! It felt so good right after a 30 minute jog. I’m half tempted to do it again tonight. Thanks Ladies!!

  20. Love this one!!!! Great mix of everything we need mid-week. Had a lot of workouts today, so the stretching was really nice. Love you all #tiuteam

  21. I’m very very new to yoga cause I’m so not flexible, but I’ve been pushing myself to practice more since the bikini series started. This. Was. AMAZING! Loved the flow of this and I feel soooo good after completing it. THANK YOU ❤️

  22. I loved this workout so much I did it twice in a row! Thank you!

  23. Loved this workout combo! Felt the tingle in my legs afterwards while walking.
    It’s week three and I notice a difference in my form, strength, satmina, and endurance.
    I am committed to have a better menstrual cycle experience –where it does not dominate my life. That is why I joined this Bikini Series. That and I want to tone and strengthen my body. Not sure about my cycle yet (one week to go!), but there are results for my other goals! Thank you K&K! I adore you ladies and so thankful for the work you do and the heart you share it in.


  24. This was an awesome morning workout! Thanks:)

  25. Absolutely LOVED this routine. Such a nice balance of yoga and toning <3

  26. L8 says:

    Greetings from
    Thank you forreating this routine “sunshine sculpt”
    Loved it
    I Started with this routine and then Did an 1 hour zumba class followed by extra stretch
    I wish you a great Wednesday

  27. I really loved this video! I loved the combination of yoga and toning, it was such a nice workout!

  28. Just finished doing this for the first time and I loved it! Felt like a really good combo of yoga inspired moves & toning. Thanks for leading us through Karena :)

  29. One of my favorite routines with karena! 😍😍

  30. Loved it! Combined it with a HIIT workout, it was perfect. Loved the touch of yoga too. Thanks girls!

  31. I LOVED this workout SOOOOO MUCH!!!!!! THanks Karena!!! I have a big smile on my face just because of the video!!!!!