Love Your Total Body Tone Up With K&K!

Hi babe! During the Love Your Body Series, we’ve rocked 12 brand new booty-kicking workouts together, shared 250,000+ #TIULoveYourBody checkins, and done more squats, curls, and booty kickbacks than we can count!! It’s been UNREAL and we still have lots more sculpting and body-loving coming for us!

Karena and I knew we wanted to share a really special workout today for week 6 of the Series! We filmed this one together in the in the Studio and it’s one of our new all-time faves! Total body toning is my go-to because it is so fast and effective ~ in just one routine, you’ll sculpt your gorgeous bod from head to toe. You’ll also majorly boost your heart rate and get that day-long beautiful rosy glow! Plus, the intensity of your workout will send your body into excess post-oxygen consumption (AKA EPOC), which means you’ll rev your metabolism and continue to burn throughout the entire day!

This is a sneak peek of today’s full workout in Studio Tone It Up ~ join us in Studio Tone It Up HERE to get the full 30-minute routine!

All you’ll need is your mat and a medium set of dumbbells (or two different sized weights if you want to drop set!) And be sure to nourish your muscles with plenty of protein post-workout! I shared my favorite post-workout smoothie last week…get the recipe here!

Let’s get to it girl!



You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Download your printer-friendly version HERE!

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    1. Hi babe! We’re using 5 lbs and we double them up for some moves. This routine is also great for drop sets so you can start with a heavier set like 10 or 12 lbs and drop it down!

  1. Hooooooly moly that felt INCREDIBLE!! Had so much fun with you girls. Thank you!!

  2. LOVE LOVE LOVE this workout! Love seeing the chemistry between the both of you too. And how you explained more about how to do the move. How many times a week can we incorporate this into workouts?

  3. What is this workout called in the studio? And what topic is it categorized under (cardio, total body, HIIT)? I was hoping to do the full 30 minute workout but couldn’t find it….

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