Love Your Legs :)

It’s Butt Week on Livestrong Woman TV!!  For this weeks Tone It Up Tuesday we show you four moves you can do anywhere to lift the booty, smooth the thighs and lengthen your legs.  Some of the largest muscles are located in your lower half, so when you work out your booty and legs you are burning some major calories and boosting your metabolism!You’ll be sure to love your legs and booty after doing these moves!  Do ten reps each of these four moves and repeat three times.

What does your summer look like?  Karena and I want you to have the the most confident, fun-filled and memorable summer ever!  Join us for the next 8 weeks as we launch new workout videos, daily challenges, inspiration, slimming tips, giveaways and MUCH MORE!!! We have tons of surprises coming your way :) We can hardly sit still.   Get excited! It’s your second annual Bikini Series…

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