Kat’s Total Body Toning Detox Workout!

HAPPY 2018!!!

We’re only a day into the 5 Day Detox and we’re already feeling lighter and leaner! It’s incredible how quickly clean foods and toning workouts can affect your body. Each day you’re going to feel more strength and mental clarity…and by the end of this week you will be SO ready to take on 2018!💪

For today’s workout I’m bringing you beach side! This total body routine will sculpt every inch of your body and raise your heart rate. During a detox it’s so important to focus on flushing out the toxins in your body, so that means sweating it out and replenishing with TONS of water 💦

You’ll need a set of dumbbells and your Booty Bands and you’re set! This routine can be done anywhere. I did it on the boardwalk during a lunch break at the HQ! You’re going to feel so refreshed, renewed, and amazing after!

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Download your printer-friendly version HERE!

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  1. Thank you Katrina! I was so excited for the new workout and now I’m feeling great! Yay day 2 of the detox!

  2. I love you, Kat, but “refreshed” is not how I feel after this workout!!!! That is total body, total everything, and totally amazing it’s only 10 minutes (well, if you can complete it without repeated water breaks, which I could not). I’m still fighting a stomach bug from yesterday, but I am so glad that I pushed through this and the daily moves. #Detox!

  3. Will the detox work starting new Monday with the new challenge? I bought almost everything to start this week but the flu has kept me in bed for 3 days with a 102 fever. Ugh, it’s been no fun. This is the first I’ve even opened my laptop in 3 days. Thanks in advance!

    1. Oh no! Hope you feel better soon!! Yes, you can mix and match meals on the Love Your Body Meal Plan so you can use those ingredients and make some of your Detox meals next week!

  4. So much fun and goes by fast when you’re doing it at the beach. I get lost in that view! :-) Happy Friday Ladies…it’s been a great first week on this challenge. :-)

  5. DId it with 10 lb ankle weights on instead of booty bands (my dog ate them!). Woo! So tough!

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