Hey girls!

Thank you so much for joining us LIVE on Instagram @ToneItUp for Yoga Tone, our new series here on ToneItUp.com!

This is officially the first ‘class’ that I’ve taught since taking my training, so I was so nervous/excited/grateful. Stacey and Sarah joined in for support- I even got so nervous that 3 minute before going live I asked Stacey if she could teach a circuit too! Haha~ she of course nailed it!

Thank you again for your love. I’m so grateful that I can share my Yoga Teacher Training with you! More coming SOON!!!

Enjoy!! xxxo


Watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE

Oh~ also! Make sure you press play on the playlist below or blast your favorite jams in the house!

Check in with us after! #TIUgirls #TIUyogatone



        1. OMG! Thank you Katrina! You are awesome yogi and we are waiting for more “Kat-style yoga” videos and workouts!!! Thanks!Namaste!

        2. What music was playing on this yogurt town video? That was in your house it’s beautiful

  1. Super arm work!!! I am feeling so strong, ladies!! THANK YOU! xoxoxox I am so grateful for TIU!!

  2. Ok girls this is driving me bonkers and I’m hoping someone can help! Like 2 weeks ago I followed a work out (I could have swore it was kats live yoga for the first time but it wasn’t there when I did it tonight, was it shorter? I’d been waiting for it again cause I LOVED this one series) in it she did a booty series, right as she was starting it she said “this is karenas favorite” it started in down dog and had pulses, then went through the knee to elbow, then into lunge pulses then into a one leg squat with your hands on the ground, then to plank with pulses… I swore it was a live workout…. I LOVED it and now I can’t find it anywhere! I only saw it that once and this is the best I can remember it. Does anyone know what I’m talking about, where I can find it, what video or the actual flow? Please help! Time it up please answer my prayers Lol! Love ALL your stuff but really want to do that booty flow again!

    1. Hey babe!! THIS IS THE ROUTINE!!! Buttttt (pun intended, haha), the sound stopped working on the video when the phone fell so we lost a ton of the circuit! I was just talking to our video team and I’m going to film a workout with that exact circuit called “YOGA BOOTY” for you girls!!! Stay tuned! :) :)

      1. awesome, i was just thinking about that part as well…can’t wait to go through it again…you girls are amazing <3

      2. Yay, thank you Katrina!! I was thinking this same thing when I did the video today. I absolutely loved that booty circuit and thought I was going crazy when I noticed that it was missing. lol I can’t wait for yoga booty!

          1. I actually just commented on this at the bottom, whoops. I thought in live video with the booty sequence Kat was by herself. Maybe I’m just confused. But, if it’s the one I’m thinking of then, YAY!

  3. Can’t wait to try this tomorrow morning!!!!! – I’m still sooo sore from yesterday’s live yoga tone :D love your teaching style Kat :))) And btw where do you got those leggins from? *-* they look so flattering :P

    1. Thank you so much! Means a lot to me!! I got it from Omar and Deanna at Hot 8 Yoga in Santa Monica! I’m going to be doing a post on it very soon!!!! xxxo

      1. I have always wanted to become a yoga instructor, but I have a fear of test taking that always holds me back (especially when you have to teach a workout that you created for the class/teacher). :-\

  4. This was awesome! Really enjoyed the workout and looking forward to the booty portion once it’s available :)

  5. Please post more of the live workouts as ICYMIs. I can never make the live ones. Being in Australia, they all happen slightly after midnight or whilst I’m at work :(

  6. Oh, I love your tights Kat, and I have been trying to find the other post where you did mention where they are from. Can you please mention it again. Thanks you so much for the beautiful yoga routine. I’m finally being able to put more weight on a foot that’s been injured for seven months, and I’ve missed yoga SO much. Congrats to you! :-) #tiuteam #toneitup

  7. This was amazing Yoga Katrina and your two girlfriends. Thank you for this workout this morning, I enjoyed my bootycall this morning with my cup of coffee. I feel gratitude that you are my beautiful trainer helping me out to reach my fitness goal and a healthy life style. I feel gratitude for Karena as well. So beautiful! Hugs and kisses.

  8. Hi Katrina,
    This was wonderful, You are a wonderful teacher, we have been learning from you for years. Thank you for all that you do :)

  9. Katrina, Stacey, and Sara,
    I have to say this was one kick-booty yoga toning routines (and I loved every second of it)! I am so happy that this was posted, and can not wait to do it over and over again! Thanks for always switching up the workouts so we never get stuck in a rut! I hope there are more yoga videos to come! I hope you three, everyone at the TIUHQ, and TIU Community has a peaceful and productive day~Namaste Babes!
    -Becky logue

  10. Katrina, you did such an amazing job teaching. Loved this routine so much! I would love to hear more about your yoga teacher training. I’ve been thinking about doing it myself, but it terrifies me a little bit! You are so inspiring, and I can’t wait for more yoga videos from you!

    1. Hi Hillary! Thanks so much! I was super nervous to start teaching yoga live but you girls have been SO supportive. Teacher training is so rewarding! You got this!! xxo Kat

  11. I’m so happy you posted this workout, I was so sad to have missed it live! Just finished it and I absolutely loved it what a beautiful yoga flow thank you so much.

  12. Looking for the Live Barre workout… I was hoping to catch up on that one! Anyone know if it’s posted somewhere, or if it will be?? Thanks!

  13. Amazing yoga teaching Katrina! Loved this! Working hard but so chilled out at the same time! Keep up the great work! xx

  14. Can you upload this video to the Tone it Up Youtube channel? It’s not available to watch on your page. :(

    (neither is Karena and Bobby’s live boootayyyy workout from Palm Springs)


  15. There was another live yoga tone that Kat did alone, has anyone seen it!? I missed this one live but caught the second one. Was waiting for it to be posted but can’t find it anywhere.

  16. Hey, I’m revisiting this live workout and I’m realizing home much I miss your live Instagram workouts! Do you think you will ever do them again? I love them so much because it’s so amazing that the whole community is working out together at the same time, especially live-it feels like we are all at the gym together. I’m sure that it would be so appreciated by everyone in the community if you did them again💕💕

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