How to Build a BOOTY… YES, it’s possible!



When it comes to the most coveted body part, a tight, round tush is at the top of our list! We’re talkin’ #BootyGoals today and sharing our secrets to get you there!

Not only can you work what your mama gave ya, you can even add a lil of what K&K gave ya too!!  Creating juicy, head-turning peachy cheeks IS POSSIBLE!


Booty workouts 3X a week + 1 serving of complete protein within 30 minutes + Consistency = Bootylicious Backside!  You won’t be able to resist a little tap tap! 


Here’s the rundown…

Do the RIGHT moves!

Building a booty-ful backside means working your legs, thighs and low back at the same time as your buns. These muscles are connected and build from each other. When you work your hamstrings, quads, and back you’re actually helping build your booty, too. We’re breaking down the moves that will get you bootylicious in a jiffy in your move guide below!

Don’t. Ever. Stop.

Being consistent is the single most important factor in building dat BOOTY! Muscle responds to stress, aka workouts! If you work your booty a few times a month, it’s not going to change, but if you target your tush at least three times a week and work your booty HARD, then IT WILL RESPOND! Persistence is key!


Feed the Peach

All of your gorgeous muscles, tush included, need a source of complete protein within 30 minutes of your workout! To ensure your body responds the way you want it to, replenish your muscles with exactly what they need (all 9 essential amino acids found in every source of complete protein). Our go-to is a deee-lish smoothie or a pancake made with Perfect Fit Protein. See some of our favorite recipes HERE.



how-to-build-a-booty-2Take a look below at some of the best moves to build a booty. With each move, remember to push until muscles are fatigued. This means that by the end of the sequence, you should hardly be able to keep going.


Whether you’re at the gym, on the stepper, or outside, stairs are the (very sweaty and heart-pumping) way to build your bum. You’ll engage your calves, quads, hamstrings and glutes while increasing mobility in your hip flexors, which helps those lower abs!

katrina scott tone it up booty workout

How to do it: Go two at a time and place most of your weight on your heel as opposed to your toes to activate glutes! Don’t stop for at least 10 minutes, take a rest and then keep going for up to an hour!


This powerful move engages thighs and booty while increasing your metabolism all day. And if you’re using weights, you’re sculpting strong arms to boot! To really maximize that gluteus maximus, get DEEP girl!!


How to do it: Stand with legs wider than hips-width apart, toes slightly out and bring your booty directly back and down as if you were sitting back on a chair. Keep heart forward, shoulders back, core strong and knees behind your toes. GET LOW! If you’re having a hard time sitting back, place both heels on a one inch book (or weighted plate in the gym). This will help you sit down much further!

Complete 3 rounds of 20 reps! As you advance, add weight, but just make sure you maintain your form. You can also do a drop set where you start with heavy weight and around 12 reps when your form starts to go, finish 8 more reps with slightly lower weight.

You can use a kettlebell, dumbbells or a barbell! Get it guurrrl!


Deadlifts are the gold standard for shaping your backside, and Romanian deadlifts have booty lifting SUPERPOWERS! You’ll feel the burn all along the back of your thighs, low back and the peak of that booty!



How to do it: Stand with feet hips-width apart and dumbbells in each hand. Lower weights down tracing your legs as you come down, keeping spine straight as you gradually bend knees until weights are at your toes. Reverse the motion to return to start. Complete 3 rounds of 15 reps!

~Tip: Make sure to really foam roll your booty and hamstrings after this move. Then make sure to stretch out those same areas to prevent soreness in your low back!


Targets hamstrings (aka- lift that booty!) and the glutes! You’ll seriously feel the burn in your booty!



How to do it: Begin flat on your back, arms by your sides and palms down. For advanced, place a single 5-10 pound weight right below your pelvis, keeping it in place with one hand. Bend knees so that feet are close to your bum and keep feet flat on the floor as you lift your hips up to the sky. Lower down and repeat engaging your booty the whole time.

For extra burn, straighten one leg in the air. Complete 3 rounds of 20 reps!


Standard lunges are your ticket to a strong lower body since they target both booty and thighs. Take it up a notch and go for plyo lunges! You’ll push that booty even harder and get a serious calorie blast.

Karena-Lunge-Jumps-SQUAREHow to do it: Begin standing tall, feet staggered. Jump up into a lunge with your right foot in front of you, landing softly and ensuring front knee doesn’t go past front toe. Push up on your foot to jump up and switch legs in the air to land back down into a lunge with left leg in front of you. Keep your abs tight throughout the move. Complete 3 sets of 10 reps!


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