Get Festival Ready With Your Total Body Coachella Workout!

Hey babe! Any concerts or festivals lined up? We’re heading to the desert for Coachella one week from today and we can’t wait! 🌵👯 We still need to pack…can you help us? 🙈 All we know is it’ll prob be our fave- crop tops, daisy dukes, and boots AKA we’re workin’ the booty, abs, and legs forrr dayzzzz!!!

With festival season (and BIKINI SERIES!!!) comin’ up fast, we all want to feel our strongest and most confident. So many of our girlfriends and babes at the HQ were asking us for a routine to get festival ready so we created this new total body toning workout. All our girlfriends are obsessed so we knew we had to share it with you!

We designed this routine to sculpt your total body while boosting your metabolism with heart-pumping cardio bursts! Do this workout leading up to your festival or big event, or anytime you want to feel SO strong and gorgeous 💖And share this workout with a girlfriend too!!! We can’t wait to see you doing this on Insta!

Get ready to rock festival season!💃🏼

 Download your printer-friendly version HERE!

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  1. Okay, this might sound weird—- but can you guys do a blog post on where you get all your cute outfits?! Both street style and working out? (like a list of your favorites?) You ladies always look on point!

    1. Aren’t they cute?! But hey, my cousin volunteers at a thrift boutique and she just set up a Coachella window display, alot of those clothes you can find at thrift shops, you just have to know how to put them together. ;) And you don’t have to spend a fortune!

  2. Loved this workout & printable (so easy to use). This is now my second best favorite total body workout after Kat’s Detox Workout. :-)

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