Your 8 Week #FriskyFall Fitness Challenge!



Today is the kickoff of your FRISKY FALL Challenge

If this is your first challenge with us at Tone It Up… WELCOME! The next 8 weeks will be motivating, fun and results driven!

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tone-it-up-brandWhat’s coming for the Frisky Fall Challenge!? 

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~Our beautiful members who have found success with our Tone It Up Nutrition Program~tone-it-up-diet-plan-review-nutrition-program

Why now?

Fall is the perfect time to put healthy habits into place. This season is about getting back into your routine and committing to your goals before the holiday chaos hits! You’re about to embark on an amazing 8 week journey with Tone It Up. You’re going to push, challenge and AMAZE yourself! And by the end, you’ll be feeling incredible.

This fall we want your commitment. Not only to yourself, but to others. When you support other people’s goals, it gives you the confidence and strength to commit to your own! Your Fall Challenge is from now until Halloween!! That’s 8 weeks!

Here we GO… our first vlog check-in of the challenge!  Everything you need to know for the challenge… AND someone makes a special appearance! To be the first to know when we upload a video, subscribe to our YouTube channel at


And how cute is the song in the video!? Tone It Up girl Karrie Benoit-Morales sent it to us!!! Her soundcloud is

Think about what you want to achieve this fall. How do you see yourself?

Active. Strong. Happy. Energized. Healthy. Unstoppable. Fearless. Sexy.

That’s how we see you. And it’s important to remember that however you see yourself every day, that’s what you become. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up, become healthier, improve your mind, body or soul… this is your chance to commit to YOU!!

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Our goal for you: At Tone It Up, we want to provide fun workouts, recipes, motivation, and the best possible Nutrition Program for your healthy lifestyle. We also want you to make connections with other members in the community, all over the world and even in your own town!

Connecting with other Tone It Up girls is best on the community site ~  Instagram is also an incredible platform to connect & check in! Hashtag #FRISKYFALL 96,000 check-ins & counting!

We are a  Tone It Up TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves MORE!

Follow your workout & challenge schedule every day. Your schedule for the week will be posted HERE every Sunday. Check in with a pic on either instagram, in the community or on facebook after completing each challenge!

Follow your challenges every day and by Halloween, everyone will ask you what you’ve been doing ~ why you’re glowing, why your eyes are sparkling, why you’re in such a great mood. All because you’re feelin’ frisky!!! You’ll be prepared for the holidays and ready to take on 2015 as your best self!

Where will your Daily Posts Be?

We’ll be posting daily challenges, motivation and special videos on… 

~Connect with us on all of our social accounts for your challenges~ especially subscribe to our YouTube to be the first to know when we upload a new video!

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Where do you Check in?

♥  Checking in with us and each other is easy! Check in with @ToneItUp and each other…

All check-ins include  @ToneItUp #FRISKYFALL & #100byHalloween

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What does it mean to Check in?

Upload your photo to InstagramTwitter or in the Community of your healthy meal, your completed Tone It Up workout or PM challenge with the hashtags #FriskyFall @ToneItUp & #100byHalloween—–> see below to find out what #100byHalloween means!!! :)

We want to see those #FriskyFall pics on instagram and in the community at ~~~ what is the community?? It’s a private Social Network built just for YOU!!  Create a profile at

*** Please note!! If your instagram setting is PRIVATE we can’t see your pics and neither can the #TIUteam! Even if you use the hashtag. Either make it public for the challenge OR create a Tone It Up Specific account ~ ex. #TIUkate :)

We will be choosing check-in winners EVERY WEEK!

How do you win?

By checking in each day with your Tone It Up Specific Challenge & Tone It Up workouts that we give you on your Weekly Schedule.  See it under FITNESS, posted every Sunday! AND we also choose winners by seeing you provide support to other #TIUteam members! We love seeing you lift each other up and connect with one another!

Make sure you’re using these hashtags #FriskyFall #100byHalloween #TIUteam & @ToneItUp

Where do you start?

Start with your Weekly Workout! Grab your planner to start planning a time every day to complete your workouts. 

Each day you’re going to be completing both cardio & toning workouts along with a special evening ‘PM’ Fall Challenge for an extra dose of motivation! We like getting our cardio in first thing in the morning, as our AM BootyCall ~ but if that doesn’t work with your schedule, just be sure to fit it in anytime! 

Make sure you come back here, on each day, for your tips, NEW workouts & more!

Download Your Motivation Calendar

Post it somewhere you’ll see it everyday!

DOWNLOAD your Calendar HERE


#100byHalloween Cardio Challenge

We challenge you to complete 100 miles by Halloween!!! OH YES!  These miles can be completed through walking, running, biking, elliptical etc. There are 54 days until Halloween, including today. That equals 1.8 miles every day~ so an average of 2 miles per day! Whether you run or walk them, FIT. THEM. IN!  Mark them down on your calendar! #100byHalloween

What counts as ‘MILES’? Jogging, running, biking, swimming, dancing, jump roping and any additional movement you add to your day that makes you glow! For your daily cardio, choose your favorite activity or complete one of the routines HERE!

      • Biking: Divide your miles by 3. ex. 9 miles = 3 miles
      • Swimming: multiply by 3! ex. 1 mile swim = 3 miles
      • Beach Babe DVD: 40 minute HIIT = 4 miles!
      • Dancing: 1 hour intense = 4 miles

Don’t go crazy trying to figure out the miles… as a general rule, about 10-15 minutes of intense cardio= 1 mile. (some of you step up to #150byHalloween and that’s awesome!)

*** Do not ‘run’ your miles every day. Remember to mix in spin class, boxing, biking, stairs, elliptical!!

Our Tone It Up girl 2Kandis made these charts to track your mileage progress! Love it :) Download the high resolution images below…
pickerimage (21)

Download your 100 by Halloween chart HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save Link As…”
Download your 150 by Halloween chart HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

Our favorite fall cardio routine is below! The hashtag for your cardio is #100byHalloween 


What does my Booty Call Challenge Mean on your Schedule?

It’s not what you think. #BootyCall® is your morning cardio! This team wakes up 30-60 minutes early to sneak in a fat burning workout – a walk, jog, yoga, workout DVD – anything! Just get moving first thing to burn stubborn fat, awaken your heart and mind, break a quick sweat and to start your day off a few steps closer to your goals. We promise, this will become a habit. We are not naturally morning people, but this is something that is part of our day. If we don’t get it in, we don’t feel right!  If you want to eat a little something before your morning workout, coffee and a piece of fruit is best. Then, have your recovery breakfast afterwards ~ Tone It Up Waffles or something from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!  

Do you prefer to workout later in the day? That’s okay too! Add 1 mile or 10 minutes to your cardio routine.

Here’s a video explaining…. ;)

We’re counting on you in the morning. Imagine us waking you up and saying ‘DO THIS FOR YOU! You will not regret it’. Your alarm better be set!! :) Set it 30 minutes early & sneak it in! Studies show that people who workout first thing in the morning burn a slightly higher percentage of fat AND are more likely to stick to a program. It increases your core temperature for the rest of the day :)

What about Nutrition?

Most of you know that we have our Tone It Up Program and membership. We also included some tips and recipes HERE to stay on track through the challenge! Nutrition is just as important as exercise, if not more important, for disease prevention, weight control, energy & vitality! #TIUnutritionplan


Your First Frisky Fall Challenges!

 Set your intentions!! Write out where you want to be by Halloween? How do you want to feel? What will you have accomplished? What is truly standing in your way to reach this? How can you overcome it? How can you commit for the next 8 weeks? Map out how you will accomplish it! Write out 5-10 goals for yourself ~ mind & body!

 Get organized. Set yourself up for success. We’re laying out 3 outfits for workouts this week. We’re also packing our gym bag with everything we need.

 Share your Top 5 GOALS for the #FriskyFall challenge on Instagram with the hashtag #FriskyFall & @ToneItUp

✓ Take your ‘Beginning of Challenge Photos’! No matter your goals~ to tone up, lose weight or to get healthier, take your before pics!! Make sure they’re well-lit, front and side photos~ we want to see those smiling faces!!

If you want to email them privately, you can send them to [email protected] with the subject line ‘Frisky Fall’ for accountability.  If you’re not shy :) Share them with the entire team on instagram and in the community with the hashtags #TIUtransformation & #TIUteam!!

We love seeing your goals and before pics coming in!!! 


Fully commit to the Frisky Fall Challenge and complete these every day…

 Complete each Tone It Up workout challenge we give you on your Weekly Schedule- everyday!

 Check in with us once you complete your Tone It Up challenge #FriskyFall @ToneItUp

 Journal your nutrition everyday – either in the community, your phone, calendar, or a journal. Keeping track of your nutrition by writing it in your journal is the best way to stay honest with yourself ~ what you’re taking in your body and what you’re doing to love it!

 Body language is HUGE… not only for the people around you, but for YOU! If you joined our Love Your Body Challenge, you’ll remember how important this. We want you to focus on your posture and body language over the next 6 weeks. We’ll remind you a lot!

 Set your alarm at least 4 times a week for your early morning Booty Call®

 Lead your life with your heart!!! Shoulders back, your head high, your core long and a natural curve in your lower back. Having beautiful posture will not only make you feel strong and confident, it will give you the power to take on every single day!!



Check in with us once you read this! Let us know you’re on board and ready for your Frisky Fall Challenge ~ #FriskyFall @ToneItUp

Your Trainers & Certified Nutrition Coaches,

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