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Today’s brand NEW routine is perfect for releasing tight muscles and easing soreness.

Not only do these moves relax your body, but just like with sports massages, foam rolling is a great tool for athletic performance too! You’ve heard us talk about foam rolling before and as requested, today we’re sharing a completely new routine along with some tips you need to know!

Lengthen your body, decrease inflammation and increase flexibility with the routine below. You can perform these moves every day!

Foam Rolling Tips you NEED to know!

Staying healthy and on top of your workouts goes hand-in-hand with taking care of yourself. Massage anyone!? While we LOVE a trip to the spa to release tight muscles, did you know that a few minutes on a foam roller can also do the trick?

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 1.17.09 PM

What is it? It’s a form of stretching used by athletes or anyone needing relief from tight muscles. It’s technically referred to as self myofascial release, and it’s a little bit like giving yourself a deep tissue massage to release knots and ease tight areas.

Releasing tight muscles is essential, not only because you’ll feel awesome afterwards, but also because it helps prevent injuries, improves posture and increases range of motion.

How to do it: It’s best to foam roll after a workout when your muscles are warmed up. Place the roller behind soft tissue like your calves or thighs, avoiding joints, and slowly start rolling. When you find a tight spot, hold it for 30 – 60 seconds until it releases. It might feel a little uncomfortable or tender, but go at your own pace and follow your comfort level. Take a look at the videos and routines below for the basics!

Tips ~

  • Foam rolling is great for anyone, but it’s especially important if you’re active to help with muscle recovery, circulation and even performance. Tightness can occur from regular workouts – or even from sitting at the computer for long periods of time.
  • Always listen to your body! Foam rolling may hurt, but it should also feel good, like a deep tissue massage. Never force or continue to foam roll in an area where there’s sharp pain.
  • We love to foam roll a few times a week! Start with shorter sessions and work your way up to longer ones.
  • Remember to always stretch after foam rolling and just like with a massage, to drink PLENTY of water afterwards!
  • Which one to buy? Most foam rollers are color coded based on firmness. White is the softest, black the firmest and other colors fall in between. The type you purchase really depends on the type of pressure you want and are comfortable with. Just keep in mind that the firmer ones will last longer and give you the best release! We really like these.


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  1. Daniuska Medina says:

    OMG i want to buy a foam roller so bad!! but i’m not sure about the length, what would you recommend please!! thank you!!

    1. Adriana says:

      Hi Daniuska,

      I use one of the TPT (trigger point therapy) rollers, it’s 5.5 x 13 and it works great and it’s portable so I can take it to the gym with me. I use the orange one but as you can see it comes in different colors and cost me about $40 at REI, they also have a longer one about the size Katrina is using. There are definitely cheaper ones out there but I prefer this one, it gives you a “harder” roll to really massage out those muscles. Just go to any sports store and see what you feel would be most comfortable for you.

  2. Melissa says:

    I have varicose veins pretty bad in my legs… would this be dangerous to do (applying pressure and rubbing) because of them?

    1. Rachel Cavitt says:

      I have read that it can cause too much pressure on already weakened veins, like varicose veins. You have to learn to do it correctly, for example – don’t roll away from your heart – this is just what I have read online, and the only experience I have is that I didn’t read this tip until after I did some foam rolling, and I now know I was going the wrong direction a few times, and now my veins are more trouble/pain to me. Definitely check with your doctor first. I have stopped foam rolling because I am scared to make it worse. But it feels so good on my muscles… Maybe a roller that is not as firm would be better

  3. Emma says:

    LOVE how Kat says ‘This is really intense’ lol! I’m usually crying out before I check myself in the gym is it hurts so much after a run!

  4. Joanne Charron says:

    that hurts so much! I can’t even do my sides! is there different kinds of foam roller? i think mine is too hard!!!

    1. Vivianna says:

      Most foam rollers are color coded based on firmness. White is the softest, black the firmest and other colors fall in between.

  5. Taylor says:

    does anyone know what shirt she’s wearing?? It’s so cute!

  6. Christy says:

    What do I do if my foam roller is half the size of this one? Should I be putting my head down to wherever it goes for the first exercise for example, or from my bum to the highest it goes? Thanks

  7. Mariah says:

    Could you please make this a printable? I would love to take it to the gym with me! Thanks! :)

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