Busy Babe Abs: 6 Core Tightening Exercises!



Want to give your midsection some major love? A lot of you have requested moves you can do anytime, anywhere! These Busy Babe Ab moves are going to become your favorite core sculpting exercises.

Whether it’s hectic day and you only have a few minutes to tone your abs, or you’re looking for add-on moves to round out your sweat sesh, these 6 simple exercises target every angle of your beautiful waistline!

Go though this sequence 1-3 times through! Let’s go…

GIF15_001 - 15 (1)


Begin in a strong plank position, shoulders in line with your wrists and a neutral spine. Engage your core, focusing on your right oblique as you bring your right knee as close to your right elbow as possible. Return to start and repeat on the left side. Continue alternating sides for 20 reps!

GIF15_001 - 3


Begin in a low plank position on your elbows. Keep abs engaged, belly button drawing in towards your spine as you kick your right leg straight up, foot flexed. Engage that booty as you alternate sides. Make sure you keep your body in a straight line as you repeat 20 reps!

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Lay on your back, flat on your mat, legs stretched out with your heels touching the ground. Using your core, slowly sit up straight as you bring your arms out into a ‘T’ shape and twisting to the right. Don’t let your legs come up off the ground as you sit up. Return to start and repeat on the left side. Complete a total of 30 reps!

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Use one 5-8 lb dumbbell for this move. Begin on your back, legs bent at 90 degree, a single dumbbell in hand. Touch the weight to your knees, crunching in, before you extend your legs forward and arms back behind you, creating a straight line from your hands to your feet. Shoulders remain on the mat for this one. Feet and hands should never touch the ground. Complete 10 reps!

GIF15_001 - 23


Start in a standard eagle pose, but on your back—cross your right arm under your left, bringing your hands together and cross your right leg over your left. If you can, wrap your leg around, hooking right foot behind your left ankle. Take an inhale and as you exhale, lift up to bring elbows towards knees. Pause at the top and and inhale as you lower. Keep your core tight and engaged throughout the move. Repeat 10 times before switching sides to complete 10 more!

GIF15_001 - 17


Start on your back, hands gently resting behind your head, legs straight up above you and knees soft. Scissor one leg at a time, crunching opposite elbow to meet your knee. Keep you shoulders lifted up off the mat as you repeat, alternating sides. Repeat 30 reps.

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  1. Yolly says:

    Please, what happened to the printables?! Not impressed with the newer layout :-(

    1. Britt says:

      Just type it up, copy & paste the images & you’ll have a printable :)

      1. Yolly says:

        Yah, but nobody does it as pretty as they do :-) I love their older printables with little hearts and everything, like scrapbooking (from older Love Your Body Series). It looked pretty. But yes, I did copy and paste and printed. Thank you.

    2. toneitupcom says:

      Hi Yolly! We’re varying our fitness content, but we’ll always have printables to go along with new workout videos! xxo

      1. I love the gif’s!!! They are better at showing the details of each move, versus just an explanation and a photo…

  2. Katrina Lindsay says:

    Love this! Can’t wait to get home and do it, thank you!!! Also, love the gifs so that we can see how the move is done! Thanks TIU team!!!

  3. Tanisha says:

    Love it and it’s early so I can do it before work yay!!!!

  4. Semara Simu Shahin says:

    Thank you so much for the GIFs! :)

  5. Roxane Liu says:

    Love the ab workout today! Particularly appreciate the videos of each exercise! So easy to follow, much easier than just the typical written explanation with one or two pictures! Thank you!

  6. anaeorozco92 . says:

    Yay!! Can’t wait to try these moves on my PmWO today!! :D Thank you K&K and Tone It Up Team!!

  7. Amanda S says:

    Once again a little bummed it’s not a following video :( last fall chanllage u guys had more videos!!

  8. Ashley says:

    I love these moves and can’t wait to try them when I get home from work! Also, I’m loving the gifs for the new routines! They’re SUPER helpful :)

  9. Lindsey Freeman says:

    I love that you guys are using GIFs! YAY! More, more, more! TY! :)

  10. caileelouise says:

    Love the GIFs! I wayy prefer them to videos because I like to blast my own music while working out and so much better than pictures because I can make sure my form is right. LOVE <3

  11. Elise says:

    OMG! the move 5 was really hard, keeping my lower back stuck to the mat was a challenge! And I pulled a muscle in my neck by doing the move 3 :( so I skipped it in the third round…but mostly core intense wo LOL thanks girls :)

  12. ♥Btr'sCoverGirl♥ says:

    Gonna try it out tomorrow! Super excited for it! You guys bring always new routines and we can’t thank you enough! :) Seriously,best trainers are K&K <3

  13. Katrina says:

    <3 I needed this ! I'm excited for those eagle pose crunches!!!

  14. Starflykiwi says:

    Love the GIFs really showing how to do it properly and safely! Thank you

  15. Christina says:

    I did this routine 3x through yesterday. Now, today I am sore from it! I haven’t been sore from an ab routine for a long time! Its great! Thank you!

  16. Jillian says:

    I love the Gifs!! Love! Love! Love! (and the youtube coffee chats / wine chats!)

  17. Amy says:

    Would love a printable of this work out! Also, the GIFs are awesome!

  18. Still in pain from doing this (x2) – and it’s now two days later :O Killer ab workout!
    Ps. Am I the only one not quite managing that Eagle Pose Crunch?

  19. This would be great if the printable version all by itself if the button you have at the top only printed your content area…

  20. Liking the new site…. I like this workout too, and I agree that the GIFs are super helpful. Especially when its early and I don’t want to wake my husband up with a video :)
    Also, I LOVE that I can save my favorite workouts, as I would always have to go searching for them in the past.

    I’ve been loosely utilizing the TIU workouts and recipes for about 3 years now, and I’m trying to be more involved and committed this year, so this is more first comment! But I really love what you guys do and appreciate how you are able to make a healthy lifestyle kinda fun by always changing it up.

    Getting pumped!

  21. For move 3: core tightener is one rep once on left and once on the right or is each side considered one rep? Hopefully my question makes sense. Thank you in advance.

  22. Well, I just tried this routine for the first time tonight. Had difficulty and must work on proper form. I liked the workout, but it was not so easy. I will stick with it for a while. I did break a sweat though. :)

  23. For moves 1-3 is one rep counting as both sides – so move left leg then right leg- 1 rep or twisting the body left then right as one rep, or is it left leg 1 right leg 2? Does this make sense?! I have been doing it the first way but 60 sit ups with 30 rotations to the left then 30 right is about to kill me in round 3!

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