Boost Your Metabolism All Day With This Sizzlin’ Summer HIIT Routine!

Boosting your metabolism, upping your energy levels, strengthening your muscles…HIIT does it ALL! That’s why we always include high intensity interval training (aka HIIT) routines in your Weekly Schedule a few times a week. And it’s the perfect workout to kick off our Summer Tone Up Challenge! If you haven’t signed up yet, get your cute booty over HERE to join us!

The key to HIIT is doing as many reps of a move as you can while still maintaining perfect form. The second you feel your form giving way, it’s time to stop and take a lil’ breather or slow down.

Today’s workout is Tabata inspired with quick bursts of movement followed by short periods of rest. It’s Daily Toning Moves Style and makes it even easier to follow along! You’ll go through each move 3 times before continuing on to the next. You’re going to be toning every major muscle group with this workout. You’ll also be getting the perks of EPOC, which means you’ll be burning major calories for hours after your workout ends!

Just press play and follow along for a 12-minute total body, metabolism-revving sweat sesh! You’re going to feel SO amazing after! You’ve got those burpees girl! We KNOW it!

You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!

Move Guide

Download your printer-friendly version HERE!

Are you in for the Summer Tone Up?! There will be tons more metabolism-revving workouts like this one! Sign up HERE and you’ll be hearing from us with your Free Starter Pack! It has everything you need to know about the challenge!



  1. WoW!! Can’t believe I finished that with only stopping a few times! Sooooo couldn’t do that a few months ago. I’m not seeing great physical changes yet but I am getting stronger :) Hopefully the body changes will come soon
    Thanks for the constant new workouts so we don’t get bored!
    I look forward to meeting everyone in Atlanta for the TIU Tour!!!! #summertoneup

  2. Loved that!! Wish all of the toning moves could be presented in a video form like that! I would stay on track with them so much more!! I just joined this community in January after having my third baby last May and TIU has really helped motivate me and keep me interested in bettering myself for ME!! I love these workouts in conjunction with my running!! Thanks K & K! I’m heading to the tour in Chicago!!!

  3. Great workout! Would love to have a beep or buzzer in the future, that way I’m not having to look up to see the time! Thanks girls!

  4. I love the intensity of the workout, but I gotta be honest….I was a little bored. The music was basically the same or slightly varied the entire time. I was just waiting for it to be over half way through. And, I didn’t like that I didn’t know what was coming next. A little bubble showcasing the next move might have been helpful so I could get into the right position and start when the timer started.

  5. Good video! I would suggest on the rest screen to have a note about what move is coming up next. The transitions were a bit difficult if you have to switch positions between moves.

  6. Love this!! I do so much better with a video — even though it was similar to the 5 DM’s the timer/video visual is SO so helpful. Thank you so much! <333

  7. Great workout! I think it would be helpful to know what the next move is, maybe during the “rest” countdown it could say, “next up…” From someone who didn’t look at the move guide first.

  8. I love your routine workout but I hate burpees probably because I can’t perfect them just skip them I will

  9. Loved this workout, thank you girls! The video made it so much easier to follow along and to time myself. And call me crazy, but I maybe – jussstt maybe – feel myself getting better with burpees?! Shocking! :)

  10. Great job K&K and everyone at the HQ with the presentation of this HIIT w.o! More of these would be awesome! Can’t wait to meet you at TIU Scottsdale!

  11. I lost my posture after the first round of plank jump switch. That was the hardest for me. It felt amazing to follow through to the end! I can o ly get better from here.

  12. The hiit was awesome! The extra toning movies after, kicked my mama butt!!! My daughter thought she was working out by huffing and puffing like mama 😂

  13. I just started getting into shape and while I was able to do the whole HIIT I was only able to do one circuit of the toning moves. I am sure as I go on I’ll be able to do all of the daily workout! But whoa was my heart pumping by the end.

  14. Totally agree!! It would be sooo awesome if all the DM5 were in this format! I would definitely be much more compliant lol!

  15. Do you know this feeling after you doing the workouts and just sitting on the chair and your body still works and burning fat. It’s such a beautiful feeling. :)

  16. This video was amazing! Loved the new format! I actually watched it before I did it so I would know the moves before hand. The simplicity of this video got me out of bed to work out even though I wasn’t feeling the greatest. So thank you!

  17. This video was awesome – great workout and I’ll agree with some of the other posts – LOOOOOOVE the new format, having each exercise labeled, the beep for the count down timer and the next exercise labeled too was great – this format I think was the best yet for you girls! and the overall workout was a killer HIIT, I’m still sweating and catching my breath typing! :-)

  18. Whew! Love this HIIT routine! Loved it the first time and love it even more now because you listen to us girls! THANK YOU for adding those small changes to the vid like the timers, next-up labels, and ping sounds that enable us to stay focused on our moves instead of the screen! It has made a great difference and it is very much appreciated! You guys are amazing and this is one of my favorite HIIT workouts!

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