BIKINI SERIES Week 6 Fitness Schedule!

June has arrived and that means our favorite season is just a mere 21 days away.

Summer ☀ is so close, but there is still plenty of time to reach your goals and arrive on the beach feeling your absolute best!

This week’s workout and challenge schedule is pretty special. We know you’re going to LOVE it!  Especially the Sunset Challenges :)

Download your June Calendar HERE! Just Right Click and select “Save Link As…”

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Remember, this year’s Grand Prize includes a trip anywhere in the world Contiki Vacations travels! This is the trip of a lifetime and the ultimate reward for completing this challenge. Find out more about this Grand Prize & how to win here! 

If you see your name below, please email us at [email protected] with the following information: 1) your full name 2) your social media handle 3) your best shipping address 4) phone number AND PLEASE title the subject: “Week 6 Bikini Series Winner.” You have 30 days to claim your prize.

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This week’s prizes also include prizes COOLA Suncare, Perfect Fit Protein, Contiki & Beach Babe.


WEEK 5 -7

This week’s Check in winners are:

  1. Danielle @TIU_Danic
  2. Lauren H. @lhumph23
  3. Ciara @tiuciaralea
  4. Taylor W. @TIU_TayTay
  5. Nicole Lloyd on the Community!

How do you win? By checking in every day @ToneItUp #BIKINISERIES and by supporting and encouraging others in the community!



  1. Leeanne LeClear says:

    Karena, Katrina! On Tuesday are we doing the workouts 1x through each or are we doing the three rounds for all three?

    1. Samantha says:

      My guess would be to follow the bikini body video once (which is three rounds followed by an ab circuit), do thighs the number of times they specify on Tuesday, and do Flamingo 3x, as it specifically says to do that one 3 times at the end of the post :)

      1. Emma says:

        Not wanting to be a wuss, but think I’ll die after Bikini Body, Flamingo 3x AND the new ‘Inner and Outer Thighs’ workout due out on Tuesday! :|

        1. Shannon Marciszewski Lockwood says:

          I definitely think only once for the flamingo. I think it says 3x because that was last week’s challenge, but 3x on that one took me 45 minutes. I think the new one plus bikini body plus one time through flamingo will be almost an hour of toning, plus 20 minutes of cardio. Right?

          1. Samantha says:

            That’s pretty much what I’m going to do – I might do flamingo 2x if I have time. I don’t have time to work out for 2 hours today! lol :)

        2. Karis says:

          I agree! Today seems like a TON of toning! I might skip either Flamingo or Bikini Body and do it later this week on a lighter day. I don’t have time for that much working out! (or at least don’t want to spend my entire evening at the gym haha)

  2. Debbie Hall Thompson says:

    Worked out HARD!! Got to keep the momentum for the whole week.

  3. Jessica says:

    #BikiniSeries check in….Hope everyone had a great weekend and keep up the hard work ladies…I have done my 2 mile run and buffed up my arms today xoxo

  4. Staci says:

    Where can I find that salmon recipe you have posted on Tuesday? It looks delicious!!!

    1. Tone It Up says:

      Hi Staci!!! It’s in your Superfood Edition of your Nutrition Plan!! If you didn’t receive that edition with your plan, email [email protected] :) You’re going to LOVE it!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Is it just me or are the videos not matching up with the workouts that are listed…at least for today and Tuesday??

  6. Aimee says:

    #bikini series check in- completed Monday-Wednesday workouts this week!
    I have really enjoyed the workouts so far this week. I am looking forward to yoga tomorrow!
    Hope everyone has had a good week so far. Keep up the great work! I know I feel amazing!

  7. Liz217 says:

    All of those work outs kicked my butt Tuesday, but I’m loving how toned my legs feel!

  8. Emma says:

    My butt is truly kicked by these workouts (planks still the hardest as I fatigue really early) but found I could stop with the adjustment of dropping down to lower arm to support a side plank and be holding myself up with a fully extended arm for the first whole set this time!! SO excited! :):)

  9. lauren says:

    Are we doing the Thailand Tush 3x tomorrow or once through?

    1. christinaeli says:

      Yes, 3x. They’re putting these on the printouts now (so helpful!)! :)

  10. Lauren Wilner says:

    Is there anywhere online where we can find the sunrise routine? I don’t have the Beach Babe 2 DVD (yet!)! For anyone who is familiar with what’s on it, any suggestions about a workout to do in lieu of it? Thank you!

  11. Jori Taylor Hodgson says:

    I need help with cardio ideas! Running isn’t really my thing (used to be, very much so! But it’s too hard on me now). Also, walking isn’t the most ideal thing where I live. I could jump rope or something outside, but I don’t think that would work as effectively. Dancing works, but I’d like to find something different. Any ideas?

    1. Kim Bajorek says:

      What I do when I can’t get to gym for cardio is the ‘Love Your Body’ HIIT Routine. If you have the Beach Babe 2 DVD, there is 40 minute HIIT Routine. Hope that’s helpful

      1. Jori Taylor Hodgson says:

        I wish I had the DVDs so I could do that. Probably wont be able to get it for a while, though. I appreciate you responding though!

        1. Kim Bajorek says:

          the ‘love your body’ hiit routine can be found on youtube or under the fitness tab – search. Just the 40 minute Hiit is on the DVD. : )

    2. Karis says:

      I LOVE fitness blender workouts! And they’re free! If you go to and filter workout type by cardiovascular, there are a TON of different routines that aren’t just HIIT either (since that can be hard on your knees if you do it every day). You can also filter by difficulty, equipment needed, etc. It’s great for working out at home! I also really like biking now that the weather is nicer! :)

    3. christinaeli says:

      Hi Jori! Jump rope, high knees, and jumping jacks count too! You can make a cardio circuit of your own including dancing, jacks, rope, and high knees.

  12. Kayley says:

    For the booty workouts, do we do the new one followed by bikini booty 3x or just once? I did it once since there were 2 routines involved but it would be helpful if some of the rountine quantities were clearer in the schedule!

    1. lauren says:

      I ended up just doing each booty workout once. I agree (as do most others here) that our girls should clarify how many rounds to do each day….especially when multiple exercises are paired.

    2. christinaeli says:

      On these new Bikini Series printouts they’re now specifying. Thailand Tush 3x. Bikini Booty just says follow the video, so 1x.

    3. Claire says:

      In general, if the video/routine/circuit is like about 10-15 minutes long, I do it once of twice. If it’s around 5 minutes, usually 3 times. If I’m just too sore or lazy so I do everything only once through! Make sure you do what feels good for you! You should feel the burn by the end, but you shouldn’t be in any sharp pain and your form should be proper :-)

  13. Alejandra says:

    On Thursday are we doing the Thailand tush x3??

  14. Christine says:

    I still get slightly confused with the Cardio — does 20 minutes = 2 miles?

  15. Jessica says:

    #Bikini Series check in….I love the booty workouts because my booty needs some help lol keep up the hard work ladies, its almost time for two pieces xoxo

  16. Emma says:… In the second workout – Thailand Tush. The Glute Burner. I honestly tried to do two sets on each side, but I think my glutes were already burning so fiercely after the first set on each side that they will actually glow tonight!!

    I have never felt not only the burn, but felt my muscles actually refuse to do what I told them. I just couldn’t lift my legs and make them do the repetitions any more!

    I will know that I’ve made progress when I can. Looking forward to that day very much.

    On the other hand, I’m feeling some of the other moves are coming easier. Very excited about that.

    Thank you both!!

    1. I hear you on the burning. I have done that workout 3 times now and now I can finally keep up with the Thailand Tush!!! You will get it next time:)

  17. # bikini series
    I did Thursdays workout today and my booty feels nice!!! thank you ladies for a great workout. Love the yoga stretching routine!!!

  18. Sophia Palomino Rosas says:

    Hi teammates, does anyone have a suggestion for substituting the sunrise routine? I don’t have the beach dvds. Thanks, in the mean time cardio for 40 minutes to an hour.

  19. Avery B says:

    How bad are Cliff bars? They are all over my office and I know they are organic but I wanted to hear if anyone had a strong opinion as to how they are for or against the Tone It Up nutrition plan

  20. Jordan Goodnight says:

    What was the cardio vid for that Monday? It won’t play now…

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