5 Trainer-Approved Techniques To Sculpt Your Booty

Barre Booty HIIT - Summer Tone Up

If there’s one thing TIU girls have in common, it’s a bangin’ booty. And nope, it’s no coincidence! Your Tone It Up trainers are all about a good glute workout — and for good reason. A strong booty does so much more than meets the eye (or the ‘gram!). It helps you: 

Run faster

Jump higher 

Lift heavier

Stand taller 

Improve core stability

Avoid injury

Burn more fuel 

Boost your confidence! 

And did we mention your glutes — which include the gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus — are the biggest muscle group in your body? So it’s only right we show them a whole lot of love! Here are a few techniques to build a strong butt — all from today’s NEW Barre Booty HIIT workout with Tori and Stef! You’ll find it in the Tone It Up app under Summer Tone Up week 2…or in the Booty section of On Demand!

Not only does this workout combine Barre and HIIT for double the burn…it’s designed to maximize your booty benefits with some of our trainers’ favorite booty sculpting techniques! Learn all about them here and show us your pink-border checkins post-workout! 

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5 Techniques to Sculpt Your Booty

Booty Band Plie Squat - Barre Booty HIIT Tori Stef

Hit The Barre

Booty goals? Pulse it low! Today’s Barre Booty HIIT workout incorporates some of Tori’s favorite booty sculpting barre moves. If you’re new to barre, this ballet-inspired technique relies on isometric and small movements that work muscles at a specific joint angle within a given range of motion. Translation: rather than doing a complete squat top to bottom, you might squat down halfway and hold, then lower two inches and rise one inch. Feel your legs shaking? OK us too! These micro-movements are an incredible way to fatigue the muscles at a specific joint angle. And follow Tori closely — she’ll keep changin’ it up to work ALL the angles of that gorgeous booty! Toning and endurance training all in one! 

Add Resistance

There’s a reason we keep a booty band on hand at all times! 🍑 You never know when you’ll want to up the resistance for a better booty burn! Place it above your knees for an added strength challenge doing lateral shuffles, booty kickbacks, bridges, and plank jacks. The tension places more demands on the muscle, creating tiny tears in the muscle fibers where new muscle can grow. Start with a light resistance and work your way up to keep the adaptations (ahem, booty gains) coming! And of course, don’t shy away from weights if you have them. Dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells are all amazing forms of resistance too — especially for those squats, bridges, and deadlifts! 

Squat Jacks - Barre Booty HIIT Tori Stef

Get Explosive

Round out your booty work (pun intended!) with some HIIT! Stef mixes high-intensity intervals into today’s workout to rev your heart rate, boost your metabolism, and burn out that booty. Yes, that’s one of the unique benefits HIIT — you can burn mega calories while still building muscle. (Read all about the science behind HIIT here!) So how about some explosive jump squats, squat jacks, and plyo lunges? Brb we’re following Stef’s lead to pop that booty with a few extra 🔥🔥🔥 emojis. 

Slow It Down

Low and slowwww — it’s the perfect formula for boosting booty strength! It may seem counterintuitive, but you can gain serious benefits from dialing the pace way down, particularly during the downward phase of an exercise. Also known as eccentric training, this method has been shown to improve strength and build muscle. And because you’re moving slowly through the part of an exercise that lengthens your muscles, you can improve your flexibility too. (More on all the eccentric benefits HERE!) Take a squat for instance: you’ll lower for a count of 3 seconds (or more), and come up strong on a count of 1. This works for both bodyweight and weighted moves. So simple, so effective! 

Isolate Each Side

Left cheek, right cheek… Last but not least, we’re all about those single-leg moves! The glutes hit overdrive when you break your booty moves down by side. Why? When you stand on one leg, you’re working with more resistance as you’re forced to stabilize. Some of our favorite single-side strength moves include single-leg deadlifts, squats, and glute bridges. Just remember, because there’s more work happening behind the scenes, it’s OK to drop down in weight or go bodyweight only. Think progress, not perfection!

High Five Barre Booty HIIT Stef Tori - Sculpt Your Booty

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