5-Minute Beginner Dance Cardio Workout With Our Girl Tori!

Are you ready to break it down babe?💃🏼 Today we’re dancing it out in the Studio with our girl Tori! She’s an AMAZING dancer here in LA, and she’s the absolute sweetest! You’re going to love working out with her ~ this routine is so much fun. You’ll get your heart rate up fast as you sculpt your core, arms, and booty. It’s the perfect quick routine to add to your Toning Moves. Andddd you may even pick up a few moves you can use this Friday night 😉

Don’t worry if you aren’t a great dancer. I’m not the most coordinated…I was taking one of Tori’s other Studio classes we filmed and I was SO nervous! But she breaks down all the moves for us and makes it so much fun. So let it all go and dance like no one’s watching!

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And it’s not too late to invite your girlfriends to join the Love Your Body Series! Accountability is everything when it comes to achieving your goals~ so having a girlfriend to cheer you on throughout this Series is going to make all the difference. Now go grab your babe and get ready to shake your bootayyy 😘 

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  1. Thank you Tori! This workout was so fun and energetic I did it twice!

  2. Love these shorter workouts. I just finished a 45 minute one and wanted something a little shorter to add on.

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