4 Science-Backed Ways Insta Helps You Reach Your Fit Goals

Hi beautiful! This team’s #SummerToneUp Insta checkins have been so on point! Just look at these strong and gorgeous babes…

Your checkins mean the world to us! First thing every morning, we scroll through the #TIUteam and #SummerToneUp hashtags to see what you’re up to. It’s so inspiring to see you working toward your goals, having a blast, and motivating each other in the community. It drives us in our own workouts and our days at the HQ creating new ideas.

As TIU girls, we all know the power of checking in on social media. Connecting with other women across the world keeps us accountable, lifts us up, and makes us stronger. Simply put, it’s life changing.

Today we’re digging deeper into the science behind how social media helps us take our goals to the next level. It’s even more inspo to share your sweaty selfies, meal checkins, and Flex Friday pics. We want to see them all!!

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More checkins = more Booty Calls

When we have days we don’t really feel like gettin’ our booties out of bed, we check Insta to get pumped for our Booty Call. Nothing is more inspiring than seeing thousands of badass babes crushing their workouts.

Research backs this up too ~ in a 2015 University of Pennsylvania study ¹, people who actively participated in a social media network went to more exercise classes and drastically improved their fitness levels over a 13-week period.

Before your next Booty Call, take a few minutes to scroll through the #TIUteam hashtag and then post your own checkin post sweat sesh. Your checkin will inspire other girls to get their workout in, challenge themselves, and go that extra rep or mile. You never know who needs a boost of encouragement and one of your posts could make a world of difference for another girl.

Reach your goals with your girls

Your squad will make you a success! In an ongoing series of studies², researchers found that people who participate in social communities aimed at healthier living are more successful in reaching their goals. In one study, those who connected with ten or more people on social media were more effective in achieving what they set out to.

Boost your positive vibes

A 2016 University of California, Irvine study ³ revealed that sharing pics can enhance self-esteem and positive feelings. In the 4-week study, college students were broken up into three groups: one that took daily selfies, another that took photos of something that made them happy, and one that snapped photos of something that might bring happiness to another person. Each group said that sharing photos every day made them happier. And people who snapped selfies said their confidence grew too!

Let’s see those #TIUFlexFriday selfies!!

Make lifelong girlfriends

Besides helping you reach your fit goals, connecting with the TIU community will also give you the opportunity to form the most beautiful friendships. Katrina and I first bonded over our love for fitness ~ without it we might never have met! We created Tone It Up so that other girls could also meet each other, share their love for living a healthy lifestyle, and find their best girlfriends!

Connect with us!!

If you’re new to TIU or not super active on Insta, here’s how you can get more involved with the community ~

Create a TIU Insta account

If you haven’t already created your TIU Instagram account, go to settings, select “add an account,” then sign up for a new account at the bottom of the screen. You’ll be able to easily switch between your TIU account and your personal one by selecting your username at the top of your screen.

Share your gorgeous food pics

We want to see what you’ve got cookin’! Share pics of your food with the #TIUteam. We have some great tips on how to take food photos like a total pro HERE!  Remember, lighting is EVERYTHING!

Work out with us live

We’re doing 2 Instagram Live workouts a week during the Summer Tone Up ~ and we’ve extended it by 2 weeks! The days and times change every week so make sure to check out your Weekly Schedule and mark your cal! Just click on our profile pic @ToneItUp at the time and join us!

And now you can watch the live workouts for up to 24 hours after they’re posted so you won’t miss a thing!

We absolutely love doing these live workouts because it makes us feel so inspired and connected to know that thousands of TIU girls are right there with us!

Grab an accountability partner

Getting an accountability partner will be one of the most powerful things you do in your TIU journey. She’ll be “your person” to check in with you and motivate you every day.

If you’re looking for an accountability partner, try searching #TIU with your city name or posting a selfie with a note about you and what you’re looking for in an accountability partner.

Share inspo

If you find an inspirational quote or affirmation that inspires you, share it! We can guarantee those words will touch other girls too. Find some our faves HERE!

Don’t be shy ;)

TIU girls are so open and welcoming and want to connect with YOU! If you see a girl you admire or relate to, send her a message. Kat and I always talk about how different our lives would be if she didn’t take that chance and introduce herself to me at the gym. It may seem scary but we promise it’s worth it!

See ya on the ‘gram girl!


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  1. I’ve following the tone it up plan and doing the workouts everyday for 6 weeks. I have not lost a single pound and find it very frustrating. Why is this not working for me? I challenge myself everyday with the workouts and eating very cleanly. Not sure why my scale doesn’t move. Feeling frustrated!