3 Moves for a Toned Upper Bod!

3 Moves for a toned upper bod

3 Moves for a Toned Upper Bod!

Warning… doing these moves will guarantee you turn heads anytime you rock your favorite sleeveless dress or top! Today we’re showing you 3 of our favorite multi-tasking moves for sleek shoulders, strong arms and a defined back. As an added bonus, you’ll be using your core to keep you steady, not to mention working your chest, which can help keep things toned and perky ;)

Complete three sets of the sequence below for a good dose of upper body sculpting! These simple exercises can be completed anytime and are perfect whether you’re at home or at the gym. Check in with us on Instagram using the hashtag #TIUteam @ToneItUp!

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MOVE 1: Bridge Fly

Lifts and tones the booty, chest and core while working your arms!

Begin in a bridge position, laying on your back, knees bent and arms out to the side with a set of 5-10 lb dumbbells in your hands. Bring your hips up to the sky and hold them there as you perform a chest fly, bringing weights together at chest level. Lower and repeat 15-20 times. Make sure you keep your hips lifted and booty engaged as you finish the set.

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MOVE 2: Tricep Push Up & Twist

Tones your chest, triceps, back, biceps and shoulders while strengthening your core!

Start in a high plank position, holding on tightly to a pair of 5-8 lb dumbbells. Perform a tricep modified pushup, lowering your knees to the mat and keeping your elbows hugging your sides as you lower. (If you’re advanced, keep your knees straight as you lower into a traditional tricep pushup.) Come back up into a strong plank position and twist open to the right, creating a ‘T’ shape with your arms. Lower and repeat before twisting to the left. Repeat 10-16 times!

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MOVE 3: Inverted BOSU Pushup

Works your chest, shoulders, triceps and lower abs!

Begin in a downward dog position, feet together and hands on the sides of a BOSU Ball. Slowly bend your elbows out, going as far down as you are comfortable. Slowly and controlled, push back up using your shoulders. Repeat 15-20 times.

Beginner: Perform the move with hands on the ground. Advanced: Use a medicine ball in place of the Bosu or flip the bosu over and perform the move with your hands on the flat surface.

For more upper body toning routines take a look HERE!



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  1. Benny says:

    amazing post! I love this slow motion short videos! they perfectly show how to do each move!!! I wish you could post them more often!!!
    Sometimes whatching a full video takes su much phone traffic :(
    XoXo @cyclistblondie

  2. anaeorozco92 . says:

    Loved this post!! Thank you so much K&K for always coming up with new, fun workouts, fitness and nutrition tips, beauty tips, life tips, etc. You are the best!! <3

  3. Sara MM says:

    I love this style for showing the moves. Keep ’em coming please :)

  4. Elise says:

    Will definitly tried those moves at home tonight !!! THANK YOU!!! 3 rounds total?
    I do love the short video too that’s efficient for us to understand the moves :) Awesome as usual!!!

  5. Lauren Shaber says:

    For quick workouts, I LOVE these little gifs! Sometimes, doing a printable can be so hard because, even though I’ve been a TIU girl for years now, I still get the moves confused. I’d love to see more of these!!

  6. Arielle says:

    these gifs are fabulous. I can’t look away. I love it! TIU girl since 2013.

  7. bodaciouschick1 says:

    Hooray for incorporating the Bosu!! I love mine and would love to see more TIU Bosu variations please. Thanks for this workout!!

  8. Sivi says:

    Hey!!! You took my advice to make gifs for the moves!! That’s so awesome!!! And so much easier to follow :)

  9. Anna says:

    Love it! Great moves – I will definitely have to try!!

    1. Junaid Ali says:

      No Darling Not Great Movie You Are Great And Sweety

  10. Rebecca Lees says:

    Totally going to do this today! Have to play catch up from this morning because I missed my arms workout!

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