100 Miles by Summer Tips! #100BySummer


Katrina and I are beyond inspired by all of your excitement and commitment to the BIKINI SERIES!! We love seeing all of your check-ins along with the support you show each other. Today, we’re answering the top questions we’ve seen pop up during the first couple days of the challenge!

1.  What does 100 miles by summer mean? Do toning workouts count toward ‘miles’?

We have challenged you all to #100bySUMMER or #150bySUMMER, for all of you advanced beach babes. This means, we want you to complete at least 100 miles of cardio by the first day of summer. The average is 1.7 miles per day from now until June 21st. You CAN definitely do this, and we’re all holding you accountable. It’s amazing to think we can accomplish a full 100 miles come summertime!


By completing this mile challenge, you’ll be getting daily slimming cardio sessions! Remember, we want you to complete at least 20-30 minutes of cardio every day! That’s only 2% of your DAY!!! See all of our favorite cardio routines for summer HERE.

What counts as ‘MILES’? Any cardio activity like jogging, running, biking, swimming, dancing, jump roping and any additional movement you add to your day that makes you glow! By definition, cardio means an exercise that elevates your heart rate and keeps it there for a sustained period of time. Toning workouts, while essential, do not count towards your cardio challenge. We want you to complete both toning & cardio every day to maximize your results and get you to your goals faster.

HIIT workouts, however, do count towards your miles! When you complete a HIIT routine from your Beach Babe DVD, count every 10 minutes as 1 mile!

What about ‘off days’ or ‘rest days’?  We still challenge you to get moving for an active rest day ~ go for a walk, a bike ride or take a yoga class.  This way, your daily workout is part of your routine and lifestyle. Plus, you’ll be TONING IT UP every day :)

  • Biking: Divide your miles by 3. ex. 9 miles = 3 miles
  • Swimming: multiply by 3! ex. 1 mile swim = 3 miles
  • Beach Babe DVD: 40 minute HIIT = 4 miles!

Don’t go crazy trying to figure out the miles… as a general rule, about 10 minutes of intense cardio= 1 mile ;)

*** Do not ‘run’ your miles every day. Remember to mix in spin class, boxing, biking, stairs, elliptical!!Don’t forget to check out the new BIKINI SERIES music mix HERE!

cardio-hiit-workouts-tone-it-up2. I’m not a runner… but I want to incorporate running into my routine.

We have some amazing running tips in a 3 part SERIES!

3. I don’t have time to prepare a lot of healthy meals per day. What are your suggestions?

We’re with you! As busy women ourselves, we’re always coming up with ideas to make healthy eating easier while working or on-the-go. This applies to all of our students, nurses, business women and full-time moms!

Prepare for success! We recommend you food prep on Sundays (or on any day that you have a couple hours) to put together a few lunches and make sure you have all of your groceries for the week. This is more fitness related, but we also like setting aside our gym bag or workout needs with everything we need for 3 days ahead so there’s no scrambling or forgetting your headphones, socks or sneakers!

Crockpot recipes for dinner! These recipes are amazing, and they really help you stay on track during busy days.

Don’t get overwhelmed thinking you need to be a health food chef for the next couple months. Sometimes the simplest things are the most healthy and delicious. Think LEAN, CLEAN AND GREEN! One of our favorite lunches is to put lean protein, hummus or Greek yogurt with vegetables into a wrap or collard green. It’s fast and healthy. Have an apple with almond butter and some coconut water and you’re golden! A quick dinner idea is to take your favorite vegetables (peppers, brussels sprouts, mushrooms) and place them on a pan with some almond oil and spices. Bake or Broil them alongside a piece of fish, chicken or tempeh and voila! You have yourself a lean dish of roasted vegetables and protein :) See more recipe ideas HERE and of course, if you haven’t seen our Nutrition Plan and recipes, read more about it here.

We also put together some of our top nutrition tips are HERE for choosing the right foods!

We designed the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan with other busy women in mind! If you haven’t seen our program, read more about it here. It’s a complete guide that shows you what to eat and when, so you get lean while fueling your body! So many women have reached their goals to live a happy, healthy, energetic life by using the plan ~ Join the team today!



  1. Melissa says:

    This helps so much! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! :)

  2. Hayley Rae says:

    I saw for tomorrows cardio workout the Sunrise Routine on the Beach Babe DVD 2 was an option, does that workout also count towards miles?

    1. Kara says:

      I believe it does. They suggested it in #100bysummer post. Key word is cardio!

  3. Love this post! It answers all the questions that are brought up in my head the most! I feel so taken care of by our trainers and the community. Any time there is a question, someone is always there to help you out! Love this team! xoxo

  4. Beth says:

    I love the reminders and new tips to help through the week:)…thanks

  5. Kate says:

    Love this post, thank you so much ladies. Just what we all need to plan, prep, and ensure success for this amazing bikini series! THANK YOU!!!! <3

  6. Whbgirl says:

    Where is the printable for #100by summer? Wanted to print it and can’t find it. Help!

    1. Tamra Rainone says:

      Check under the Motivation Monday post!

  7. Gina Stallone says:

    These workouts are all awesome! My favorites are the HIIT treadmill and MaliBooty. I’m doing the #150bySUMMER as part of my 4 weeks to fit challenge (up to 10 miles so far this week). You can read more about what I’m doing and why on my blog: http://thefight2befit.wordpress.com — Stick with it ladies and we will all be beach body ready in no time!

  8. Kara says:

    Does Zumba count? If so, how many miles per 60 min? I can burn up to 1000 in that time.

    1. Dana says:

      Intense cardio, which depending on the class, zumba would def be defined as, is 1 mile per 10 minutes. if you feel like you don’t work super hard in that amount of time, then I would cut it in half and say 3 miles for 60 minutes. If you work your butt off however, give yourself the six miles!

      1. Kara says:

        Thanks! I do work my butt off (or at least hope thats what will happen!)!

  9. Misty Miller Wakefield says:

    Do you recommend any kind of cleanse?

  10. Karis Zimmerman says:

    As a trainer I love this challenge! It’s an awesome mix and fun!

  11. Carmen Clara says:

    Does an intense Pilates class count? Just finished a 50 minute reformer class!

  12. Violet says:

    hi karena and katrina! where can i find the 100 miles by summer printable to keep track of miles ran? thank you!

  13. ranch 26 says:

    What about jump rope because that is intense cardio

  14. Jessica Ringo says:

    Good morning, where can I find the 100 miles by summer printable? Thanks :)

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