Motivation Monday ~ Katrina’s M♡M!!!

Motivation Monday is in FULL EFFECT!!

Today, I’m sharing a story that’s very close to my ♥ heart ~ it’s my Mom’s transformation!

As you’ll see below I never tried to push her lose weight or to follow our Tone It Up Nutrition plan. After seeing all of YOUR success with the plan, she decided to make a change, but she actually started all on her own without telling me or my brother! My Dad hinted she was up to something but we had no clue until my brother and I came home from California for Thanksgiving, and there she was ~ running up and down the stairs like a teenager! I couldn’t believe it!! My eyes welled up and I was overcome with happiness for her… she was healthy! The biggest difference I saw was her spirit. She was full of energy, she was smiling more, she brushed off any stress like it was nothing, she was walking with no pain, moving around the house really quick— AND my Dad and her were flirting!!! It was so adorable… and still is.

My mom lost 55 lbs and I am so proud of her ~ beyond words can express!!

This story goes out to all the Moms out there! Regardless of where you are, it’s never too late to change your life, change your body and start living the healthy, happy, energetic life you’re meant to be living! Send her some LOVE!! She is so BRAVE!

“My story is a little bit different, because Katrina, from Tone It Up is my daughter. She never tried to talk me into losing weight, she just kept talking about a healthy lifestyle and Tone It Up.

I actually didn’t think I was over weight by much and I wasn’t unhappy with my appearance, but I just kept buying larger clothes each year until I was buying a size 20! The before picture is from June 2010 when I weighed 205 lbs. The moment I realized I needed to make a change was when I realized I weighed the same as my husband, Katrina’s father – and he wanted to lose 15 lbs! What? That was my ‘AH-HA moment!’

I went on a strict diet, but didn’t know how I could eat good tasting food at the same time. I finally decided to join my daughter’s Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. That’s when I started to really enjoy food again. Everything tastes so good and finding all the substitutes for my old eating habits was great. Initially I thought, “I can do anything for a month.” But then I just kept sticking to it. Every week I would lose a couple more pounds, so that inspired me to keep going.

My only cheat was a glass of wine, or 2, on Saturday night with my husband. My exercise was walking, because it hurt to do anything else. I had back, hip and knee pain constantly and could not workout like the young girls. I can now follow the various exercise routines from Tone It Up, but I just do one circuit! And I do the Bridal Babe workout… for my upcoming Wedding Celebration for Brian and Katrina!

Things I gave up: Fresca (soda with fake sugar), Equal, butter (you have no idea how hard that was!) white bread, crackers and rice pilaf. Instead of cooking everything in butter, I use organic cooking spray or a healthy oil like grapeseed oil.

Things I eat most of: vegetables, vegetables, and more vegetables! Prepared in a great way, they’re delicious and have way more flavor than any of the other food I used to eat! Oh, and salmon and chicken. No more red meat except once a month we have steak tips. My favorite meal to make is a huge chopped salad and add chicken. The Perfect Fit Protein pancakes are amazing. I make them like cookies and make a batch for two or three days. I don’t put blueberries in them because I like to add fruit as the topping. I usually add a few chocolate chip bits in for my chocolate fix.

I also work full-time and stick to the program! Who would believe this way of eating has become a life style and I have been doing it for almost three years?!

In the end, I’ve lost a total of 55 lbs in the matter of 9 months and I’ve maintained it for over 2 years! Maintenance is the biggest accomplishment for me!  If any of you are reading this and have any doubts that you can achieve your goals– guess what?  YOU CAN!  I promise with dedication and determination, you will succeed”

Jane AKA ~ mama

Thanks for sharing your story Mom! It means a lot to have you be a part of this amazing team! I’m so proud of you :)

My mom’s best quote that you’ll hear me refer to a lot... “You can do anything for 7 days… and then you keep going!”


My mom is proof that you can do anything you set your mind and heart to ~ at any age and any weight! It will save YOUR LIFE!

As many of you know… I used to be heavier too before Karena and I developed the Nutrition Program. Here’s a picture of my first day at college with my mom!! I was 28 pounds heavier than I am now (I think 28… maybe 30!), and my mom was at her ‘before’ weight. I’ve always struggled with my weight– and now the two of us can say we are DONE YO-YOing!!!!!
~Mother & Daughter Transformation~

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We want to hear from YOU! Are you and your mom, or family members getting healthy together? Do you have any questions for my mom? ASK AWAY!!!


With lots of love,

Katrina ♥ and my mama, JANE!!!

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