Motivation Monday ~ Christina’s Gorgeous Results in 21 Days!

One of the best parts about being a team is celebrating each other’s successes. How amazing is it when you see a TIU girl reach a goal she’s been working toward? When one girl achieves, we all thrive!

Today we’re celebrating our girl Christina, who has been absolutely rocking the TIU21 Challenge!  Her Round 1 results are AMAZING 🙌🏻💪 Look at those abs and that beaming smile! Christina had been on point with her workouts but she really committed to the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan for this challenge and the combo makes her feel leaner, lighter, and more confident than ever before! She’s in for round ✌️too! We’re so proud of you babe!

Read Christina’s TIU21 story below!

What made you decide to do the 21 Day Challenge?

I decided to do the 21 Day Challenge because I had really fallen off the wagon when it came to my nutrition. Once the summer had ended, life got busy. Although I was still being consistent with my workouts, I wasn’t fueling my body properly. I knew I needed a jumpstart to get my nutrition back on track and the 21 Day Challenge was perfect for that! I knew the support and motivation from the Tone It Up community was exactly what I needed!

What changes have you seen so far, both mentally and physically?

I have seen some amazing changes in my body in such a short time! My stomach is so much flatter and I’m starting to see definition in my abs! I also have noticed my outlook on eating has changed, mentally I feel so much happier and more confident!

How has the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan contributed to your success?

The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan makes all the difference when it comes to my success! Before the challenge I was working out but not eating Tone It Up approved and seeing no results. When you eat TIU approved you will feel so much better and also get the results from those Booty Calls!

What advice would you give a girl who is considering getting healthy and joining the plan?

If anyone is considering joining the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan  I would say DO IT! It is the best investment for yourself. The Nutrition Plan makes eating healthy so easy and delicious. It has recipes for those busy working babes that are quick and convenient. The guidelines are easy to follow and will make you so successful in your journey to a healthier you. If you want results you need the workouts and the nutrition.

What are you most excited for during round 2 of  TIU21?!

During round 2 of the 21 Day Challenge,  I’m really excited to see more results, especially in my lower body! I know if I stick the plan I’ll get where I want to be. I also cannot wait to see all the amazing transformations from the ladies in the community!

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Christina is STUNNING inside and out! We’re so proud of her!

So many gorgeous girls have achieved all their goals and dreams with the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!


  1. It is really amazing how much you can achieve in just 21 days!! You are glowing, you deninitely look leaner and you are such an isnpiration to this team!! keep up the great work!!

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