Meet The 2018 Bikini Series Winners!

So we know this is a little tardy for the party…we were perfecting your Bikini Series winner announcement and here it is 🎉💃🍾 GIRL…we are in complete awe! We received thousands of submissions from around the world and every single one was so incredibly inspiring, gorgeous, and moving.  Karena and I poured over your stories for hours and hours laughing and crying, and so many times we turned to each other with tears in our eyes and said how lucky we are to have you in our lives. It’s such an honor to be a part of your journey and see you reach your dreams!

We are so proud of each and every one of you. Your passion, dedication, strength, resilience, and love shines through in everything you do.

And now it’s finally time to announce this year’s Bikini Series winners. We’re SO honored and thrilled to introduce these beautiful women!


Pop some bubbly!!

7 Grand Prize Winners!

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Along with the Luxury All-Inclusive Beaches Resorts vacay, 7 Grand Prize winners will also be receiving:

$100 Tone It Up Gift Card

$120 Kulani Kinis gift card for cute suits to rock on your trip!

Tone It Up Phone Accessory

Year supply of Health-Ade kombucha ~ our fave!

Tone It Up Summer Babe Bundle

Package of Tone It Up Protein, Bars, & Bites 

Sally Hansen nail polish   ~ Miracle Gel Color in “Sheer Happiness” & Limited Edition Color Filter Special Effect Topcoat

Drumroll Please…

Meet The Grand Prize Winners!!!



Brianna is a #TIUBaltimore babe and mama to baby girl Braelynn. She began prioritizing her health after a tough breakup and now she is studying for her personal training certification. Brianna, you are strong and resilient, and you constantly inspire us with your gorgeous checkins! 

  • “This Bikini series was super special to me. My entire mindset was centered around peace & taking it one day at a time. I wanted to be sure not to put a ton of pressure on myself. I wanted to enjoy myself while being the healthiest I could be. Going through a breakup isn’t easy (as we all know) but I made a commitment to myself and intended to keep it. I felt stronger than ever to take this challenge on and I loved every minute of it. I started doing workouts at 6am, women at work kept inquiring about the delicious food I was eating. My self esteem literally hit an all time high, and I feel so good. I have a renewed sense of peace within myself and I remember that I am always connected to this peace no matter what is going on around me.”



Tabitha is a Cali bombshell who loves adventures in the mountains with her golden retriever. She shifted her perspective this Bikini Series and found success, confidence, and what a healthy lifestyle truly means to her! Tabitha, your smile is radiant and you bring so much light and joy to this community! ✨

  • “Giving myself the flexibility to ‘mess up’ and start again as many times as I needed this Bikini Series is ultimately what made me more successful and allowed me to stick with the challenge until the very end! I think this mentality shift helped keep me working toward my goals and allowing myself to live my life without feeling guilty or constrained. This shift in my definition of success, has helped me learn what a healthy lifestyle is! Enjoying life’s moments filled with rosé, cake, and sometimes French fries;) and then drinking lemon water before bed, washing your face, and setting your alarm to conquer the next day- that to me is what it means to successfully live your best life. As for my physical changes from the Bikini Series, I have more energy, my face glows, and I feel 100x more confident in my own skin.”



Kelli, your story brought us to tears! We love that you found your inner strength through Tone It Up and this community! We’re so in awe of all you have accomplished! 

“I am 42 years young and started my journey when I was 40. I may be 42, BUT I am the healthiest, HAPPIEST version of myself!! My only regret is that I did not find this amazing community sooner!  I lost 67 pounds in total, but this transformation was more than how I look. I wanted to be healthy and feel happy. I FEEL happy, have more energy, and I am optimistic about life again. I am a better wife, better daughter, better sister, and better friend/coworker. I look forward to working out and I CRAVE my daily endorphin rush! My mental transformation alone is my biggest accomplishment. I kicked my anxiety and depression to the curb, along with my unhealthy habits. I love you all from the bottom of my soul! You will never know how much this community means to me!”



Emmy is a #TIUDallas bombshell. Emmy’s story is so powerful! Not only did she find physical strength, she also found her inner strength with this community. So proud of you Emmy! 

  •  “Through these 8 weeks I have grown to be proud of myself ~ proud of my drive, my persistence, my strength, my willpower, and my abilities! While I was growing stronger on the outside, it was the strength I found within that was truly the transformation! Week 3 of the Bikini Series, I had unexpected foot surgery. Without the TIU community, there is no way I would have finished this challenge. Waking up and seeing all these strong girls check in and crush the workouts motivated me to push through, modify, and continue on in the challenge!! With these girls, and all the support, it made anything possible! We were truly better together!”

  • Denielle


    Denielle has been a TIU girl since 2011! She’s a foodie and loves DIY projects (just like us!). Denielle, you are so strong and your positivity inspires us all! We love you!

    • “After months of averaging barely 5 hours of sleep and having long work days, I noticed negative changes in my body both internally and externally. The Bikini Series came right on time to help me get back to feeling like my best self again! On the outside, I noticed an increase in muscle tone (thank you, TIU Daily Moves!) and a significant decrease in belly bloat. Most importantly, on the inside I have learned to tune into many aspects of myself! I trust myself more and do what feels best for me! If I ever feel overwhelmed or exhausted , I take a step back and do something to calm or recharge me like meditating or resting my body instead of working out. The best part is that the Bikini Series and the TIU lifestyle supports and encourages that! Thank you to the TIU team for inspiring me. We have a team full of really amazing and strong women!”



Rebecca is a TIU “mum” from Australia! We loved reading about your beautiful family and how amazing and energetic you’re feeling. We’re so proud of everything you achieved! 

“I first joined the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan in 2016, a year after my son was born. I had put on so much weight with my pregnancy, I couldn’t even recognize myself! However, following the Nutrition Plan and regular exercise I got back to my pre-pregnancy weight in 10 months. Early in 2017, I became pregnant again, with twins! Towards the end of my pregnancy however, I was told that my little ‘twin b’ was not growing as she should and I needed to eat as much as I could to keep her ‘baking’ just a little bit longer. My gorgeous girls were born happy and healthy (a C-section at 36 weeks), but I was left 22 kg above my pre-pregnancy weight. The journey back seemed so hard I didn’t know how or if I could do it, but had so much support from this wonderful community of women! Watching the posts of other women, and the results they were getting, helped. I was getting a fire in my belly, and ready to start this year’s Bikini Series! During the series, I found a new strength in myself! Being an older mum I was feeling worn out before, but now I feel a decade younger and can give so much more to my family. The checkins, accountability, fitness, and healthy eating have helped make me a role model to my children! They saw me undertake something that I wanted, and work really hard to achieve it!



Diana is a medical student and #TIUEurope girl! Diana, your story moved us so much. You are gorgeous inside and out and we are so happy to have you as such a special part of this community!

  • “I was always the biggest girl in the class and when I was at the elementary school, my classmates made sure that I knew that. As I passed from the elementary to the high school, the problems went away. Not completely, but my new classmates never made me feel like something less just because I weighed a little more than the most of them. I got comfortable with my weight, with my size, and with my appearance but I didn’t want to struggle to catch a breath after running only a few meters. I knew I wanted to change. I was told numerous times that I would never lose weight, because it’s in my ‘genes’ to be bigger. Now as I look at my transformation, I am crying. Crying that I did it, that I proved that genetics is one thing but your determination to change is another no matter what others tell you. I feel pretty, lean and amazing. The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan taught me how to eat regularly and how to eat nutritious food! Tone It Up taught me how to feed my body what it deserves. Tone It Up also taught me, that every workout (even if it is 10mins) is still better than doing nothing. I’ve fallen in love with being active – I love going for walks, taking stairs instead of elevator, running (I’m actually training for my first half-marathon at this time!), lifting weights, biking – basically doing anything that gets your heart pumping! I finally feel good in my own body! Not just because I lost weight, but because I learnt to love myself and to understand my body and its needs. And for that, I will be forever grateful.”

30 Runner-Up Winners Will Receive…

$100 Tone It Up Gift Card

$50 Kulani Kinis gift card

Tone It Up Phone Accessory

Tone It Up Hat

Health-Ade kombucha six-pack and cute pint glass

Package of Tone It Up Protein, Bars, & Bites 

Sally Hansen nail polish ~ Miracle Gel Color in “Sheer Happiness” & Limited Edition Color Filter Special Effect Topcoat


Meet The Runner-Up Winners!



  • “In January 2017, I underwent surgery for PCOS and the very beginning stages of endometriosis. My recovery, to say the least, didn’t go very smoothly. Since my recovery was in the middle of a crazy and stressful semester of graduate school, I stress ate on whatever foods I could grab. I didn’t feel beautiful, confident, or strong. After some soul searching and praying, I decided that once I was medically cleared to exercise, I was determined to get my life back by focusing on my entire wellbeing: body, mind, soul, heart, and spirit. I did my first Tone It Up workout and I purchased the Nutrition Plan. I am proud to say that I have not looked back since! Now, I’ve come to finally realize that I am enough, I am beautiful enough, I am strong enough, and I am brave enough. This Bikini Series has taught me that nothing in this world defines me, I am only defined by me and who I am as a person!”



  • “After having a baby, it’s crazy what your body goes through!! I was SO excited to be a part of this year’s Bikini Series! Through this year’s Bikini Series my main goal was to see my pre-baby abs again. By the end of the challenge I could definitely see them again and this gave me an immense sense of pride. I knew the hard work was paying off physically. Mentally this challenge was so different for me because I had to seriously plan (and adjust) my time to meal prep and work out around the baby’s schedule. Karena’s meditations were wonderful because they cleared my mind and allowed me to have a few minutes to myself (very hard to come by with a baby, dog, husband, family, friends, etc.) and were such beautiful reminders of gratitude!”



  • “My husband’s diagnosis of Lhermitte-Duclos initiated a series of massive changes for our family in early 2016. When my husband got sick, he could not work and I became our family’s only breadwinner as well as his advocate and caretaker. When the majority of his health turmoil calmed down, I started classes to finish my Master’s Degree program and maximize my earning potential. I graduated with a 4.0, but the months of extreme stress, hard work late into the night, less than ideal food choices, and way too little exercise took a toll on my body. While we had so much to be thankful for and proud of, I was at a very low point health-wise. I thought committing to Tone It Up would be the catalyst for change I needed, there was no doubt that I’d be doing the Bikini Series! The healthy habits I established during the eight week challenge are sustainable. Externally, my body looks and feels more strong and toned than ever before and my skin is clearer and glowing!”



  •  “The Friday before the Bikini Series started I lost my coaching job. It was pretty devastating to me as I had also lost one of my coaching posts a month before. This journey and community helped me stay strong mentally and physically and came along at a moment when it felt as if my world was crumbling. It was time to reinvent myself not only physically, but mentally and spiritually, it was time to build myself back up and I had this community to help. The Bikini Series happened at a time in my life when I could have gotten so low and weak, but having something to check in to and be a part of helped me to stay strong mentally. I saw myself become happier and stronger than I’ve been in a while!”



  • “Right before the Bikini Series started I stepped on the scale and quickly realized that I was the heaviest I’d ever been (besides when I was pregnant) in my life. After this Bikini Series, I feel stronger. I can last longer during my workouts. I have more energy. But the biggest change is how I feel on the inside. I’m gaining my confidence back. I am learning to love myself. I am putting my health and fitness first, for the first time in my life. The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan 100% contributed to my success. By finally following the plan, I learned what fuels my body, what makes me feel good, what gives me energy. “



My first pregnancy I spent 5 months on strict bed rest and with my second pregnancy I got a little more leeway to only care for my toddler but otherwise to rest – due to preterm labor complications. My plans for a fit pregnancy were gone and with so much stress and sadness I definitely turned to food and gained almost 60 pounds. I was later diagnosed with thyroid disease. I was trying so desperately to ‘lose the baby weight’ and not gain any more weight while on daily thyroid medication. Then my friend introduced me to Tone It Up! The Nutrition Plan saved my life! It taught me how to eat right again. Tone It Up has helped my symptoms with my thyroid and my overall fitness has improved. I can now care for my family and make sure my cup is filled too. I now prioritize my workouts and meal prep because I’m important too!



  • “Wow, where to start. So much has changed physically and mentally for me over the past 8 weeks. I honestly feel completely transformed head to toe! The most beneficial thing I have learned to do is to talk to myself and not listen to myself (thank you for the epic advice Kat). I started the Bikini Series nervous and hopeful, and ended feeling strong and successful! Looking in the mirror I am so proud of the physical changes I accomplished during the Bikini Series, I even have baby abs peaking through:) I feel stronger than ever and I actually like burpees now (thanks to Chyna)! “



  • “Before I started the Bikini Series this year, I was struggling to find balance in my life. I felt lost with food and in turn was eating anything and everything. My energy was low and I could feel my mood shifting due to this. I knew it was time for me to step it up and do the Bikini Series to help me get back on track.The first week in,  I immediately felt a change. Fueling myself with all of the nutrients and vitamins my body was needing completely shifted my mental state, made me feel happier, and I felt myself pushing harder in workouts. I learned to find balance in my life and to put myself first. In turn, change started showing on the outside as well. I see more definition in my abs and arms and my overall appearance looks stronger, happier, and healthier. I am so so happy with my results!”



“When my oldest brother got engaged, I realized I’d be in SO MANY PICTURES. I wanted the girl I saw in those pictures to look like me, and I barely recognized myself anymore. I searched Instagram and found Tone It Up, it has literally changed my life and my health forever! The Nutrition Plan is everything. I purchased it a week after signing up for Bikini Series and it completely changed the way I feed and take care of my body. I know it’s made the difference in weight loss and the food is so exciting! I’m constantly being inspired by the amazing women in this community (especially Katrina and Karena)!”



  • “The first week of the Bikini Series I noticed how I was never hungry and had so much energy!!! I was more happy which led to a better attitude towards EVERYTHING ! I was less stressed, super hydrated, and all around felt great ! I knew I had to continue! Tone It Up has given me the ability to work out at home on my own time, it has given me the confidence I’ve always wanted, the tools I’ve needed, and the guidance to be successful in this journey! I love that I am a part of such an AMAZING community of women from all over the world , inspiring , motivating and pushing each other further to reach their goals!”



“I have been working on trying to get back into shape after having my second child. My best friend Aubri is a Tone It Up girl too, and she introduced me to the Tone It Up workouts, community, and the Nutrition Plan that I have absolutely fallen in love with! I can’t thank her enough for that motivation to start something that has completely transformed my life on the inside and out! The Bikini Series was just what I needed to give me that extra motivation to work out every day and eat healthy consistently. I could not believe the results inside and out. My husband is still in shock in a good way! (Like I thought that my abs were gone forever after having two kids!?) This challenge overall made me a happier person, more intentional friend, better momma and confident wife- which results is a better marriage!”



“My goals for the Bikini Series were to feel confident in my body and set a good example for my family! Tone It Up encourages me to be active almost every day. I can take a Studio Tone It Up class and do the Daily Moves, or just the toning moves. There are so many quick workouts in the Studio on demand which keeps me active. Depending on my kid’s schedule or our location, my workouts never seem to be at the same time or place, but it works for me! Sometimes in my pajamas, at the playground, in the closet or even in the dark. Being active every day keeps me motivated to eat clean with the Nutrition Plan!  Tone It Up is the whole package for me: fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and most importantly community!”



“Tone It Up guided me with the support, inspiration, and workouts to get healthy! The beautiful thing about Tone It Up is that it truly is a lifestyle. It’s not a crash diet where you lose a bunch of weight, and then put it right back on. Tone It Up taught me how to make healthy choices become habits and to gain a confidence that I was lacking. It helped me become stronger both physically and mentally. Tone It Up changed my life. It can change yours too!”



“When I found Tone it Up, I felt blessed. I was motivated by Karena and Katrina’s bubbliness and inspired to make long-lasting lifestyle changes. Their approach resonated with goals I wanted to make, so I purchased the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. I also was dedicated to making one large change: my lifestyle habits. I had been dieting for years, but never thought about success from a lifestyle change. Tone It Up provided the guidelines for me to maintain my love of food while practicing self-love.”



“I have a pretty rare genetic disorder called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome that made my fitness journey difficult. Among the many side effects of EDS that can manifest all throughout the body, one of the most notable issues for me is that EDS causes very unstable joints, leading to dislocations, muscle pulls, pain, and deterioration. I have had joint issues my entire life and was constantly in pain, and I underwent two spinal surgeries in my 20s. The recovery from the second surgery took more than 6 months, and after recovering, I was terrified to work out again. When my sister Michelle asked me if I would join her do Tone It Up and be her accountability partner, I decided to dive in and give it my best shot. Six months later I have lost 40 lbs and have more confidence than I have ever felt in my entire life!”


“For all of my teen years and young 20’s, I did not believe in myself. To be honest, I didn’t even know what believing in yourself meant. I heard it all the time but it didn’t resonate. Fast forward to Bikini Series this year, I came to learn what that meant. It’s to have the humbled confidence, self love & understanding you are enough to accomplish ANYTHING you put your mind to. The belief that you can do it will actually get you there. The outside was a natural progression with my new mindset which allowed me to get up every day, stay true to the plan with excitement & encouragement from the community.”



“I first started my Tone It Up journey last Bikini Series after giving birth to my 4th child. I felt so vulnerable but decided I was going to embrace the process and post my before pics anyway. I fully committed and saw big results! I went from feeling like I was trapped in someone else’s body to feeling comfortable in my own skin! I found a piece of me again that had been lost and felt better than ever. I’ve experienced so many changes not only in my body but deep within myself since starting Tone It Up. I have a new found self confidence I didn’t have before. I feel great in my clothes and no longer wear big baggy clothes to workout in! The Nutrition Plan and workouts have worked better for me than anything I’ve ever tried, and the community of positive women has played such a big part in my journey-who wouldn’t want to share all that with others?! I have the most amazing accountability partner that has become one of my closest friends. In fact we just took a girls’ trip to Hawaii together! I have Tone it Up to thank for all of it!”



“I was so tired of feeling not like myself. I wanted to be happy again. I wanted to be confident again and finding Tone it Up has truly helped me do just that. I no longer push myself aside and I do realize how important it is to be thankful for all the gifts I have been given. I am so much more confident and want to share my journey. My family and friends have seen such a difference in me.  For a few years there I was lost but having a focus, a drive, and determination coupled with friendships and connections with such amazing women has truly been one of the biggest blessings in my life and I am forever grateful!”



“I realize that we only get one body in this lifetime and it is up to me and only me how I take care of my body both with exercise and how I fuel my body. The Nutrition Plan made all the difference! Now with Studio Tone it Up ALONG WITH the Nutrition Plan I AM STRONG and YOU CAN SEE IT! Knowing what types of food to eat when helped rev up my metabolism. I love the recipes and only wished that discovered this sooner!”



  • “Throughout the past two years, I have had multiple transitions including moving three times, moving in with my boyfriend, graduating graduate school, passing my boards, and getting a new job. During this time, these transitions created obstacles leading to unhealthy behaviors I needed a change and that is when my sister (and accountability partner) introduced me to Tone it Up! The first change I noticed was my level of motivation. Instead of excuses of why I couldn’t do it, I would push myself to keep going. Next, I started to notice the changes in my stress levels, almost non-existent! Lastly, I felt stronger with the ability to finish all daily moves with the videos! Now, I want to eat Lean, Clean, ‘N Green foods and look forward to my working out!”



  • “This Bikini Series I saw a very different transformation in myself. Physically I grew SO much stronger than I could have ever imagined. Besides the physical I saw a tremendous strength grow within me that started the moment I joined Tone It Up and has continued to blossom over time. I never knew HOW vital it is to have self-love. At the end of the day I know that the most important relationship I will ever have is with myself and that no one can love me more than I love myself.”

  • “I’m a teacher, dancer, dog mom, mentor, and cancer survivor. I teach American Sign Language to high school students and absolutely love it. The biggest change in myself during this Bikini Series was my mental health. First, I noticed I was so much happier, my mind was clearer, and I was  less anxious. Who knew eating the right foods (Thank you TIU Nutrition Plan!) could make such a mental difference? Then, I realized the physical changes at the very end of the Bikini Series. It started with realizing my clothes fit much better! Then I saw my before and after pictures and was like wow! Look at that!”



  • “”The TIU Nutrition Plan is an absolute dream. It is literally life changing. Once I learned the guidelines, I felt so in control of my success. The plan not only gives me a recipe if I need one but it also gives me the tools to decide what to eat when I’m somewhere that I can’t control the food offerings.”



  • “Karena and Katrina always talk about how taking care of yourself and loving yourself actually makes it so that you can better love others. This was by far the biggest change that I have noticed and am eternally grateful for! I have learned that when I wake up and get my Booty Call in, take time to prep on Sunday, or make good healthy food choices that I can actually be a better mom, wife, and friend.”


  • “During the Bikini Series this year, I saw physical changes, though most importantly, I found confidence. I’ve always struggled with self-image. At age 20, I had major abdominal surgery to prevent the development of cancer, which left me with a very large abdominal scar. I knew that a bikini would never, EVER be in my future. For years, I subconsciously wore layers of clothes and flashy colors to distract from my body. At 28, I became pregnant. I was certain that I would never step foot in a bikini. When I found Tone it up postpartum, my outlook changed. Ten years worth of negative body image changed. The Bikini Series has given me the confidence to wear a bikini, and to wear it proudly. I gladly wear my bikini and show my scar, my stretch marks, and my muscles to show other women that it IS possible.”



“The Bikini Series focus on so much more than the physical benefits. I have developed so many social connections during this Bikini Series. I have worked on my emotional and spiritual health through meditation. There is something empowering about knowing that you are working out with thousands of women (on the Studio Tone It Up app) from around the world that gives me so much mental strength! Physically, I have seen more muscle tone! I also have more energy and feel more centered thanks to the yoga and meditation.”



  • “The biggest kick I get out of Tone It Up is experiencing the transformation from the inside out of not only eating soul-nourishing foods and moving your body daily but also taking care of yourself. Tone it Up gives me the confidence to be the best me I can be.  Externally, the challenge helped shape up my body, trim down and tone up my arms… and I always get a thrill out of seeing those baby abs appear!”



“On the outside, I began to see definition in my core that I have never seen in my life. The hard work and fueling my body the right way allowed me to tone my stomach and gain strength in my core. After gaining 50 lbs in pregnancy, I was so worried that I would never wear a bikini again. I am happy to say this isn’t the case! I also noticed a change in my mindset. I wasn’t putting pressure on myself to workout, I WANTED to work out. The routine, community, and the Studio Tone It Up app made me excited to work out. I never thought I would see the day that I was EXCITED to work out!”



  • “I had two weeks during the Bikini Series challenge where I couldn’t work out after I had a severe burn on my hand from boiling hot water. So the only thing I could do was making sure I eat 100% healthy, sticking to the Nutrition Plan. Having everything prepped and having good snacking choices for the afternoon lows all us girls know was the total key. When I just started the new job in February I kept going for chocolate and sweets in the afternoon and this completely stopped. I didnt even crave it anymore when I knew I had a great TIU approved muffin to look forward to or some veggy sticks. I could concentrate more on my daily tasks instead of thinking about food because I didnt have to worry about it anymore. It was always there. Approved, prepped and super healthy. Even if you only manage to fit in 60% of the TIU lifestyle into your own life you are treating your body so much better and healthier!”



  • “I’ve seen huge changes and can’t believe there is only 9 weeks between the two photos! I’m sure you can tell by my smile but I am SO much happier than a couple months ago. I have done so much personal development throughout the challenge on top of my weight loss journey and it’s helped me in ways I could have never expected. I have an inner peace I’ve never known, a confidence I’ve never had, and love for myself and others more than ever before. I’m elated with my life and it is no longer circumstantial happiness, but true inner happiness knowing I can achieve anything I put my mind to! My goal was to get to my long term goal weight during the challenge and I managed to reach it!! Now I’ve lost a total of 60lbs on Tone It Up and am sooo excited to have reached a huge goal of mine!”

We’re so proud of you girls!!!! Congrats to all of you for an incredible 2018 BIKINI SERIES!

Join these beautiful babes and millions more TIU girls on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! It will be one of the best decisions you ever make ~ you’re worth it!