This team accomplished so much in this year’s Bikini Series~ more than 10 million workouts completed, over 3 million checkins, millions of Lean, Clean, ’N Green meals, and endless amounts of love. You followed your dreams, challenged yourself, dedicated yourself, and chased your “why.” You became stronger and more confident, and we saw it in all your checkins. You are an absolute rockstar and we’re so proud of each and every one of you!! YOU DID IT!!

When Karena and I sat down together on the couch in our office and started going through your Bikini Series submissions, we had this very surreal moment. We both looked up at each other at the exact same time with tears in our eyes. “OMG you’re crying! I’m crying!” We were in complete awe of you and proud of your dedication to your health and this community.

Every story we read was different. Every one of you had a different “why” for starting the Bikini Series, unique backgrounds, lifestyles, and challenges. Yet every girl we heard from was so strong, passionate, resilient, and beautiful.

After everything we accomplished in this year’s Bikini Series, it’s finally time to announce this year’s Bikini Series winners. We’re SO honored and thrilled to introduce these beautiful women!


3 Grand Prize Winners!

This year’s 3 Grand Prize winners will be receiving a getaway to paradise – a 4 day, 3 night Luxury All-Inclusive stay for two at Sandals Resort!! And best part – you get to choose which of their 16 stunning locations in Jamaica, Antigua, Saint Lucia, the Bahamas, Barbados, or Grenada that you want to go to!! Karena and I went to Jamaica and had the best time! Some pics from our trip ~

bikini series 2017 grand prize announcement karena katrina jamaica tone it up

Bikini Series Grand Prize Announcement

bikini series 2017 grand prize announcement karena katrina jamaica tone it up

Along with the Luxury All-Inclusive Sandals Resort vacay, 3 Grand Prize winners will also be receiving…

Bikini Series grand prize products

$100 Tone It Up Gift Card

$50 Bandier Gift Card

A pair of APL Shoes

Package from Core with 6 bottles

Mermaid Purse

Bare Minerals Invisible Glow

Coola Guava Mango Sunscreen Spray

Coola newly launched Mineral Sport SPF 50 Tinted Stick

A gift from Cali Dreaming

Tone It Up Popsockets

Exclusive TIU Bikini Series Hat

Seahorse and Watermelon Socks

Personalized card from K+K

Drumroll please…

Meet The Grand Prize Winners!



Delecta, you are strong, resilient, and gorgeous! Your story moved us so much. We are so proud of you!

“Recently, my mom (and best friend) passed away suddenly and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through in my life. We found out that she had Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer (likely caused by obesity) and 3.5 weeks later, she was gone. Before she passed away, she all but begged me to take care of myself so that I didn’t end up in the same situation. She is my inspiration.

On day one of the Bikini Series, Karena & Katrina asked us to close our eyes and imagine ourselves in eight weeks. How we wanted to feel. I wrote down that I wanted to feel, ‘good enough.’ Typing that now brings tears to my eyes because I sit here 9 weeks later and I know that I am ‘good enough.’ I was ‘good enough’ then but I just couldn’t see it. The shift in my physical appearance is so evident (down 30.1 lbs in 9 weeks) but the mental shift takes a little extra time to show up and it’s just as important if not more.”



Joy’s story exemplifies how strong TIU girls are and how this community comes together to support each other through good times and challenging ones. 

Joy began the Bikini Series two months pregnant with her third child. A few weeks into the Challenge, she sadly miscarried. This beautiful team reached out to Joy. Read her full story ~

“I was emotionally distraught, tired, discouraged and unmotivated. I was just numb. I didn’t know what to do. That is until Wednesday May 3rd, when @sarahjett_tiu the beautiful stranger who helped turn my world around, reached out to me. I didn’t know her, we had never spoken, only followed each other in this TIU IG community. She said these simple words, ‘Hey girl! Haven’t seen any posts from you in a while, so just thought I’d check in and see how everything’s going?’ I started crying and felt a surge of hope rise up in me, that I can’t explain. How can someone I don’t even know make me feel this renewed sense of purpose in the TIU challenge again? I was so grateful that someone noticed me…and that I hadn’t been posting. She thought enough to check on me. Well, by Tuesday May 9th…after adhering to the Nutrition Plan but not exercising, I was cleared to work out. I hit it hard that day and never looked back.

 I had energy to focus on this challenge and I gave it my all. I had my TIU workouts to focus on, checkins to look forward to – all the encouragement, the opportunity to encourage others as they pressed through their day to day missions of completing this series successfully. This will always be one of the most memorable of times for me, and I will look back fondly, because at the end of it all I gained strength and resilience. I pushed past the fear and pain. I’m grateful. So much love to each one of you.”



Morgan brings so much positivity and light to our community! Morgan, we love seeing your gorgeous checkins and how you encourage other TIU girls. ❤️ you! 

“Transformations from the Bikini Series are truly why I joined Tone It Up in the first place. While I wanted to see the physical change, it was the “glow” that I admired the most. It was immediately obvious that Tone It Up transformations go beyond the external level, and bring out the hidden confidence and pride. I knew that by 100% committing to a challenge, I could continue my wellness journey and truly come full circle with my transformation.”

Congratulations girls!! You inspire us all and you’re going to have the most amazing getaway!

30 Runner-Up Winners Will Receive…

bikini series runner up prize products

$100 Tone It Up Gift Card

$50 Bandier Gift Card

$30 to APL

Package from Core with 6 bottles

Mermaid Purse

Bare Minerals Invisible Glow

Coola Guava Mango Sunscreen Spray

Coola newly launched Mineral Sport SPF 50 Tinted Stick

A gift from Cali Dreaming

Tone It Up Popsockets

Exclusive TIU Bikini Series Hat

Seahorse and Watermelon Socks

Personalized card from K+K

*Prizes may vary from image in color and style but will have the same value 

Meet the Runner Up Winners!

Emily F.


“My son was diagnosed with leukemia in 2012. This year I finally felt that gut-punch certainty that I needed focus on my own health. My hormones were totally out whack and I was so exhausted all the time. I had spent 1,200 days helping my son battle leukemia and the constant stress took it’s toll on my body. My WHY for starting the Bikini Series was so much bigger than a scale measurement. It was about feeling as strong in my body as I did in my mind, it was about learning how to have fun being active, it was about finding the energy to greet the day and it was about belonging a community of women that celebrates health.”



“I am the happiest I have been in a really long time. I am more confident, more motivated, and a lot less anxious. Physically I am stronger, leaner, and able to sustain workouts that I wasn’t able to get through before starting the Bikini Series.”

Chelsea P.


“Eating Lean, Clean, ‘N Green made me feel so much better and gave me the energy I needed to get those Booty Calls done! It’s amazing what clean eating can do for you, and the Nutrition Plan provided an easy way to do it all the time. Also, learning how to meal plan and prep was a HUGE contributor. Without that, the temptations of convenience over healthiness would have knocked me off course. It could not have been done without the Nutrition Plan!”



“I have a newfound confidence, my husband told me I walk around differently now. I have lost a total of 22 inches all over my body and 12 pounds! I’m seeing muscles popping up and I feel AMAZING in my clothes.”



“Physically, my body was toning in ways I didn’t deem possible! Abs were forming and my booty was lifting! My upper body strength even astounded me! Mentally, this became a stress reliever! I was able to exert any anxiety into my workouts and come out with a clear head. That is huge for me being as I set the tone of my house as a stay at home mom.”

Chelsea H.


“Being a TIU girl means that I get to be an encourager for any and all who need it. I get to make myself happier, but I also get to help other people find their happiness too. It means that I get to be apart of this amazing community of women no matter where I live or travel. My husband and I will move around every 3-5 years and because I’m a TIU girl, I’m going to have some amazing built-in girlfriends where ever we end up.”



“I’ve lost about 20 pounds following TIU workouts and the Nutrition Plan. More importantly, I can now lift weights and move faster than ever! Mentally, I feel like a new woman. I see myself differently. I am so, so proud of myself and happy to be me (imperfections and all). I’m not sure I would’ve been able to find this love in myself without the constant self-investment that TIU praises (and makes fun)!”



“When I joined TIU I knew I wanted to be healthy and confident but I had no idea how much growth I would experience. Physically I became stronger and I was able to do workouts I never thought I would accomplish. Mentally, everything changed. I decided to pursue one of my biggest goals, obtaining my Ph.D. Feeling healthy and confident isn’t just about having great abs, it also means you love your life and enjoy being present in your everyday reality.”



“The self love that I have discovered is more than I could have ever wished for. For years, I have been the girl who is off/on with trying to get in shape, be ‘skinny,’ and diet. I never succeeded because I never did it from a place of self love. Now, I not only love my body for the way it looks but I love my body enough to want to take care of it from the inside out!”



“The Nutrition Plan played a HUGE part in my success. I was so thankful for the meal-by-meal plans and the grocery lists. The yummy recipes kept things exciting so I started to look forward to a lot of my meals.”



“The guidance and recipes found in the Nutrition Plan set you up for success! Knowing exactly what to eat and a suggested time is such an easy way to keep on track! I bought the Nutrition Guide later into the program and I should have gotten it sooner! Once I did, I noticed a drastic change in my nutrition and how easy meal prepping became! My advice to anyone would be get the nutrition plan ASAP! It is so worth it.”



“The Nutrition Plan was a TOTAL GAME CHANGER!! This is the first time that I went ALL in on the workouts & the Nutrition Plan & it is totally the reason that I got the results that I did! Pairing the workouts & the nutrition made all of my hard work show. The best part is, I NEVER felt deprived on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan!! I’m pretty sure I actually ate more than what I used to eat since TIU suggests eating five meals a day. Umm, what girl doesn’t want to eat five meals a day?! The recipes were easy, delicious & my hubby loved every single one of them too, another major bonus!”



“My life is now changed forever and that is all thanks to you 2 beautiful women and this AMAZING community. I feel SO strong, SO happy, SO empowered. I now know what it feels like to love myself for who I am. I know what I am capable of but still blow myself away every single day. I know a life of balance and I can now be the best person for myself and everyone I love.”



“I have seen shifts in myself both mentally and physically that I could have only dreamt of. I am waking up with lots of energy for my Booty Calls, which leads me to have a more pleasant outlook for my days, which ultimately sums up to being able to offer more of myself and my best qualities to others due to the fact that I am feeling so whole.”



“Being a TIU girl means incorporating fitness and wellness seamlessly into my daily life. Being a TIU Girl isn’t a fad diet or workout, it truly is a lifestyle. You get your Booty Call in the morning, crucial me time to center yourself for the day. A TIU Girl supports and encourages her #TIU Sisters. And she enjoys life, realizing no one is perfect, and you have to be kind to yourself.”



“The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan played a MAJOR role in my success. The recipes were easy to follow, the meals were so delicious and the mix and match daily meal plans were perfect for me. I loved having a Nutrition Plan that was not only vegetarian, but gluten-free as well. My husband is gluten-free and to be able to enjoy meals that we both can eat together has made our evenings so much better. We used to eat separate meals in front of the television and now we dine together at the kitchen table, while listening to music, talking about our day and where we are going to travel to next.”



“Being a TIU girl means living a happy, healthy life. It means friendship and journey sharing. Women growing into themselves left and right. It’s lifting yourself higher and others even higher. It’s the tears, the sweat,the laughs and the warmth. It’s overcoming fears. Becoming fearless. It’s glowing from the inside out. It’s always in my heart, I carry it where ever I go.”



“Tone it Up has taught me to enjoy the journey to physical and mental health. I was able to tighten and tone my body, and create stronger leaner muscles over the 9 weeks of the Bikini Series. I am now able to literally pull up my “super tight skinny” jeans without having to jump up and down in them to get them on. I am starting to wear some jeans I haven’t worn comfortably in over a year and half. This journey has not just been about getting “lean and fit” again, but more so a renewed sense of self, increased energy and clarity, new commitments, and lifestyle changes.”



“The TIU Nutrition Plan is SO good- TIU husband loves the meals and my baby girl does too (I made her protein pancakes for breakfast on her birthday!), and getting the grocery lists and schedules makes it easy to follow. I love having one less thing to think about, plus I know I’m fueling my body, and it tastes good!”



  • “Checking in daily on Instagram motivates me the most, just seeing everyone’s posts about waking up early, getting those workouts in, and all the mouth-watering food pics gets me going! I’ve discovered when I don’t check in I’m much less likely to stick to the plan. Plus the TIU community is now my little oasis of positivity when life gets crazy and stressful!”



“Being a TIU girl means I care about my body and I take time to cherish it every day. It also means making lifelong friendships with other strong women and maybe inspiring other women to join this lifestyle. It also means getting out of my comfort zone and trying new things.”



  • “I truly believe that investing in a healthier lifestyle is the key to a happier life! I think if anyone needs motivation, they should envision the person they want to be and the life they want for themselves and know that if they are physically healthier, they will be emotionally, and mentally ready to take the steps towards those goals. Being stronger in body and mind makes all the difference when achieving your dreams so get after it!”



  • “I am so much more outgoing! I am talking to women I’ve never met before, but I feel like we are great friends! I have finally found my inner strength and voice! I’m not afraid to stand up for myself because I know my worth! I am happier, stronger, and healthier! And most of all I love myself and love that I’m finally living the life I desired!”



  • “I noticed that I am walking taller and with more confidence. I don’t walk into a room and then immediately want to hide away in a corner. I have also noticed that I am the strongest I have ever been. I could not do more than 2 push ups 3 months ago and now I can do 100.”



“Hello Abs!!! Physically I love the way my body is transforming, My body has not felt this strong in such a long time and I have so much energy!!!”



“The Nutrition Plan has completely changed my outlook on fitness and health. I thought the only right way was to eat rice or pasta, chicken and broccoli or asparagus when you wanted to lose weight, but I found out that you can still have burgers, muffins, pancakes and even wine (what?) by following this amazing and well balanced Nutrition Plan. I was blown away, and it has changed my life forever.”

Emily S.


“I LOVE that I created an Instagram account just for the Bikini Series and for the Tone It Up community in general. By forming personal connections with a number of TIU girls, we’ve helped ensure that neither of us will fall by the wayside. I know that they’re counting on me to show up for myself every day, just as I count on them to show up for themselves every day. It’s these women who I turn to when I need a boost or more support to keep going.”



  • “The Nutrition Plan makes all the difference in the world! I loved having my meals planned out for me! I enjoyed going shopping for all these new ingredients that had previously never seen the light of day in my pantry. Goji berries? Chickpea pasta? Now my body doesn’t want anything else! The Nutrition Plan has completely changed the way I look at food, and I love it.”



“Any time I feel like I am slipping off track all I have to do is look at my IG account for inspiration and motivation. I start my day and end my day reading through so many inspiring posts by this community. I can’t help but want to spring out of bed and get my share of all the feel goods too! I would not be where I am on my journey without this community.”



“This particular Bikini Series has been the best challenge I have done! My WHY was ME! I am beautiful, I am worth it, I am me. Focusing on my health, not only physically, but mentally as well, has been the most rewarding experience. Choosing to make myself a priority has made other aspects of my life better in the process. My daughter now sees a happier, healthier mom, who loves who she is and has confidence that radiates.”

We’re so proud of you girls!!!! Congrats to all of you for an incredible 2017 BIKINI SERIES!

Join these beautiful babes and millions more TIU girls on the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! It will be one of the best decisions you ever make ~ you’re worth it!