Find Lifelong Girlfriends With The TIU Team

Hey gorgeous! Karena and I have been getting a lot of questions lately about friendships and how to connect with new girlfriends. Our female friendships are some of the most treasured relationships in our lives, and that’s why we created the Tone It Up community ~ so more women can connect and find their best friends through fitness just like we did!

Every time we scroll through Instagram, we see incredible TIU meetups, accountability partners working out together in person and in Studio Tone It Up, and you girls cheering each other on. We can’t tell you how much this means to us…it’s everything we dreamed of and more! 💗

Today we’re featuring some special moments from the TIU team. If you’re looking to connect with more friends, we encourage you to search for girls in your area with the hashtag #TIU and then your city or state. Don’t be afraid to reach out! This community is SO welcoming and girls are just waiting to meet YOU!

Love you tons!



TIU Cape Cod Retreat

TIU Denver Meetup

We stopped by and surprised the girls!!!

TIU Virginia

Jasmine & Meredith

TIU Orange County

TIU Hawaii

Ashley and her fam

TIU Texas

TIU Michigan

TIU Indiana

Monique & Joanna

TIU Sacramento

TIU PNW Meetup

Carleen & her mama

TIU Atlanta

TIU Albany

Keep sharing your beautiful checkins with us! #TIUteam



  1. Good morning boss babes !!! I’ve been a ToneItUp girl for a few years, but a few months ago my Dad passed away and I fell into a deep depression, and stopped working out, meditating, and fell into alcohol use. I finally found my way back to ToneItUp and self love. It literally has saved my life! I work out and meditate every day, eat healthy, and for now am a Kombucha girl ! Thank you ToneItUp, you are saving lives! Any other boss babes out there have any words of inspiration? 💗💗💗

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