Your Holiday #PlateGoals


What’s cookin’ good lookin’?

It’s almost Turkey Day, and we’ve been dishin’ out healthy recipes and hosting tips all week. Today, we’re breaking down your ideal Thanksgiving plate. We want you to enjoy all of the yumminess on your table, but some things a little more than others :) Check out our handy guide before helping yourself.


Unlimited Greens

Green beans, Brussels, carrots…YUM!! Load up on all different types of veg. The leafy goodness will deliver major fiber and help you feel satisfied…even before you get to the carbs!

1/4 plate lean protein

Turkey is typically the main event, and we’re thankful for its satiating and muscle-building protein. If you’re looking to lower your fat intake, go for breast meat instead of the thigh.

1/4 plate starches

What’s Thanksgiving without some mashed potatoes and sweet potato casserole? Once you’ve filled up on protein and greens, dedicate some room to these yummy staples. And check out our healthy versions HERE!

2 Tbsp gravy

Add a touch of extra flavor to your meal. 2 Tablespoons should do the trick!

a couple glasses of wine

Dinner isn’t complete without a glass of vino! Red wine delivers antioxidants and choosing wine over beer decreases the bloat factor.

Get ready to gobble!


Healthy Thanksgiving dessert is as easy as pie :) Check out our delicious apple, pumpkin, and pecan treats HERE!



  1. Love this beautiful plate, thanks so much for the tips on how much to serve on my plate while still enjoy the favs’s…. wine included ;)

  2. Love this! I always end up eating WAY too much…gotta try ’em all right? This is a great way to moderate what I eat and still enjoy the celebration. Thanks K& K!

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