What are you meal preppin’ this weekend?!

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Hi babe!! How’s your weekend going? Who is else is meal preppin’ today?! We’re prepping our Rainbow Rolls and Pick Me Up Chia Seed Pudding from the Bikini Series Edition of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan for week 8! Every Sunday while we prep, we scroll through your checkins on @ToneItUp¬†and your pics have been ūüôĆūüŹĽ!! All your¬†gorg treats and delish meals are so inspiring while we do our own prep. Talk about a Sunday Funday!!

We wanna¬†know what you’re prepping today!! Tell us in the comments!

Looking for some prep inspo? We have tons of meal advice¬†HERE and¬†HERE¬†(this one’s all about healthy treats)! And check out the video below for more tips¬†;)


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  1. I’m prepping bikini wraps!! I tried them out a few weeks ago before the video came out, so they weren’t as flavorful as I would’ve liked and fell apart. This week I planned for great recipe combos and going to wrap them in seran wrap and foil to keep them wrapped up. Can’t wait to keep it lean clean and green for this last week. 8 weeks flew by!!! Are we doing round 2?? :)

  2. Prepped some lean angus steak, brown rice, and green beans (left overs from dinner last night which gave me two more meals after dinner), prepping some snickerdoodle muffins, veggie salads with chicken for lunches this week with raspberry vinagrette, bean hummus with carrots for snacks, got my TIU bars and Luna bars also for the week. I also bought some chopped watermelon and I got some Purely Elizabeth Ancient Grain original granola to munch on –I recently got this stuff last week for the first time and LOVE IT! I did buy some green juices as well. So I am set and have a variety of food for the week on hand
    I am also prepping some PF pancakes for breakfast…I could eat those EVERY morning and be okay with that ;)

    1. I don’t prep dinners I have my rice cooker/steamer basket that I just throw frozen shrimp or fish into and I am set after 20 mins with dinner or I make a mexican plate salad and save the rest overs for other nights ;)

  3. I’m chopping brussel sprouts, sweet potato and cauliflower for tray dinner this week! I’m also prepping pick me up chia seed pudding and individual almonds, coconut & goji berries zip lock bags. I’m chopping and freezing 1/2 bananas for coffee smoothies this week. I’m also assembling my purple rain rolls for Monday & Tuesday lunch with the tahini dip that goes with them! I’m also cookin’ up some chicken to go in these rainbow rolls. SOOOO excited to get going with Week 8!

  4. I made some protein pancakes, healthy mac and cheese (yes it’s possible!), and some chicken/chicken salad! Ready for the week!

  5. I use my glass containers and prep all ingredients into those them cook everything all at once in the oven. Time saver, less dishes and its so much easier. just grab and no and wash when done using!

  6. Blueberry chia muffins, vegan edition, and overnight oats with almond butter, perfect fit, and bananas…yum!!!

  7. I’m prepping the pick me up chia seed pudding and the blueberry lemon zest breakfast cake. My apartment smells SO GOOD right now!

    1. If I get sick of the kelp noodles I usually reach for either zoodles (zucchini noodles – have to make from scratch) or quinoa noodles, I can find them in the pasta aisle.

  8. I prepped the mini muffins and k & Kale salad. Is anyone finding that their muffins or baked goods still seem uncooked in the middle? Is that the correct consistency?

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