Our #1 Piece of Advice To Snack Healthy At Home

Hey beautiful! The #1 question we’ve been getting right now is how to keep your nutrition on point at home…basically, how to not eat all your quarantine snacks in one sitting 😂 I did an Instagram Live chat all about this ~ right after I ate an entire box of Wheat Thins! Brian keeps looking for snacks and I’m like, Bella ate them haha 🤷 Seriously though, I didn’t feel guilty at all ~ and I don’t want you to either!

Our #1 piece of advice right now is SELF-FORGIVENESS. We’re all dealing with an unprecedented and challenging time. We’re pressing pause, connecting to our new situation, and adjusting to the new normal. We’ve never experienced anything like this, so how can we expect to live (and eat!) exactly like we did before?! 

So if your nutrition is “off” (if you’re eating more ice cream or entire bags of chocolate like me!), don’t beat yourself up or dwell on it. When you associate food with negative emotions, you’re more likely to skip all your workouts or not eat healthy at the next meal because you feel bad about yourself, and then it becomes a cycle. Instead, acknowledge it, forgive yourself, and let it go! 

You will always have another opportunity at the next meal, or tomorrow, or the day after that. And we have SO much time after all this to focus on our nutrition. For now, just focus on what feels good in your body and what makes you happy. 

Know that you’re doing the best you can…and it’s more than enough 💛

Here are some other things I’ve found helpful during this time…

Stock up on frozen foods

Without as much access to fresh produce, frozen fruits and veggies have been lifesavers in our house. I’m making a lot of smoothies with frozen fruit and using frozen veggies for Tray Bakes and sautés. Brian also bought frozen salmon filets and they’ve been a go-to. Oh and of course ice cream 🍦😜

Move your body when you can

Don’t work out to burn calories or “burn off” something you ate. Instead, work out to show your body love during this crazy time. And listen to your body! If you’re feeling energized one day, come join us in an Instagram Live workout or in the Tone It Up app (it’s free right now!). If you’re not feeling it today, that’s OK too!

Practice mindful eating

Try not to eat mindlessly while you’re sitting at your computer or scrolling Instagram. I did this the other day and completely forgot I ate all of Bella’s toast! Instead, enjoy and savor every delicious bite! For more healthy and delicious snack ideas, check out Tone It Up’s nutrition plan!

Find easy recipes in the TIU app 

If you’re looking for super quick and simple recipes to make at home, you can find them in the Tone It Up app. You can always substitute ingredients if there’s something you can’t find. 

And remember…be easy on yourself!!!

Give yourself lots of grace & love 💖 

Check in with us & let us know how you’re doing @ToneItUp, @KatrinaScott, @KarenaDawn. We’re all in this together!



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