These Genius Kitchen Hacks Will Make Your Life So Much Easier!

What’s cooking, girl?

Tone It Up girls have major skills! You meal prep like a boss with the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan, whip up the perfect pancake, make kickass kale, and blend the dreamiest smoothie bowls ever. Today, we’re sharing even more kitchen hacks that will simplify your life, save you time, and help bring out your inner cooking goddess. 🙌

Follow along with these quick videos and meet your new kitchen lifesavers! Whether you’re new to this community (welcome, babe!) or a longtime #TIUteam gal, you’ll find some must-try tips below! 

How to cut fresh mango

Pro tip: The middle of a mango contains a long, skinny seed. When you cut into it, don’t cut directly on the middle, but slightly to the side to avoid the seed. Watch the video below for our easy mango slicing tutorial!

How to slice fresh pineapple

Pro tip: Cut the top and bottom of the pineapple off first so you have a flat base for the rest of your slicing! Watch the video below for our easy pineapple dicing tutorial!

How to make homemade sweet potato chips

Pro tip: A mandolin is an absolute game changer for making homemade sweet potato chips! It makes extremely thin slices that transform your root veggies into crispy chips. Watch the video below for our simple tutorial!

How to make zoodles (that taste like pasta!)

Pro tip: Lightly sautéing zucchini noodles breaks down the fibers just enough to make you feel like you’re having a bowl of the real deal. Check out our video below for our zoodle tutorial!

These tips are going to make your meal prep a breeze! And The Tone It Up Nutrition Plan has even MORE simple tricks for healthy cooking, plus thousands of delicious recipes.


  1. This is awesome! So excited to watch these later. Love practical tips for every day life!

  2. OMG THANK YOU FOR THE MANGO VIDEO!!! I have been buying frozen mango because I literally had NO idea how to cut them the right way. I’d always get frustrated and get like 1/3 of the mango to eat! You ladies never let me down!

    1. I agree ! A lot of foods are healthy but intimidating to buy because I’ve never done it before. Thanks ! I’m going to start preparing these things one by one 😘

  3. OMGOSH THANK YOU! I can’t wait to try these out and make some homemade potato chips :D

    You girls are the best

  4. I love this post! And the style of the videos :)
    Great tips – I never wanted to slice a pineapple, but now I can try it :)

  5. I love this!! I’m not much of a Betty Crocker, so how-to videos like these really help!

  6. Thank you for this! Now can you show us how to make the pancakes with mashed bananas??? I would greatly appreciate it. My pancakes never look like the pictures…like ever. lol

    1. For the perfect fluffy pancake, make sure you mash the banana really well or use a blender. And our motto is low & slow! Cook it slowly over low heat. You can find the full recipe HERE! Enjoy, babe!

  7. Thanks for the tips. I especially like the sweet potato chips. You ladies always give us great tips!!!

  8. This is great.
    I have found that using a claw hold to stabilize my food while cutting has saved me from slicing my fingers on more than one occasion. Safety First!

  9. I’m a really visual learner, so how-to vids like this are perfect – and bonus points for making them short & concise, because I also have a short attention span, haha!

  10. Cada vez que quería congelar mango, cortarlo era un problema 😒 Pero ahora que veo que lo puedo hacer igual que con una palta, es genial! 😘

  11. Loving all the content lately! This is incredibly useful! I love eating mangoes and pineapples during the summer but had no idea how to properly dice them. So excited to try now!

  12. I have been doing the mango thing all wrong!!! LOL I can’t wait to go grocery shopping now just so I can get some mango and cut it properly. haha

  13. Love the mango video as I struggle with cutting them. 🙃 This is perfect.

  14. love. love. love this! I am horrible in the kitchen so this is soo helpful!

  15. Excited to try the mango cutting technique. My family is from the Caribbean, so typically I just hold the mango in my hands and eat it. This way is waaay less messy. Thanks, TIU HQ!

  16. Helpful! Another one that’s a doozy to cut is Spaghetti Squash..I love it, but damn that is hardddd to cut.

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