Quick & Easy Meal Prep Tips From The TIU Team

tone it up healthy meal prep tips

Hey gorgeous girl!! We’re kicking off the Summer Series on MONDAY…are you signed up?! That means this weekend is all about prep to set yourself up for success. 🙌🏻

Remember that abs are made with your Tone It Up workouts and REVEALED with your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! That’s why your Summer Series Meal Plan will be key to getting the results you want. It’s packed with slimming recipes, meal-by-meal guides, healthy meal ideas, and grocery lists that take the guesswork out of healthy cooking. (Don’t have the meal plan yet? Grab it here!)

One of our best tips to get your nutrition on point: always be prepared! Setting aside time on Sunday to meal prep for the week makes ALL the difference…seriously we’ve heard from so many TIU girls that this was their #1 game changer. And personally, it helps keep us on track. Just like you, we’re always busy and running around so making time to cook every day can be a challenge. Karena actually had a salad for breakfast the other day because that’s all she had in her fridge 😂 So we’re counting on YOU to hold us accountable too!

We asked you to share your best meal prep advice for easy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners. Today we’re rounding up some genius prep ideas from the community. These are easy, quick, and fun!!

Have more prep tips for us? Share in the comments. Can’t wait to start this challenge with you!!



The Easiest Meal Prep Tips

“Start with a clean kitchen, pull out all of the containers you’re going to need right away, and enlist help or prep with a friend. The first thing I make is something that can go into the oven — usually mini muffins or a tray of fish to add to salads for M3. Bake in bulk and store extras in the freezer. Remember why you’re meal prepping and have fun with it! Music is a must in my kitchen! Choose recipes you’re excited about! I try to make at least one new recipe a week. Get some gadgets that make your meal prepping simpler. Clean as you go and you’ll finish with a clean kitchen.” ~ @complicatedkatie_tiu


“There are staple items that I purchase in bulk so I always have plenty in the kitchen whenever needed! Tone It Up Protein, oats, almonds, quinoa, chia seeds, frozen fruits & veggies, black beans, chickpeas, etc.” ~ @tiu_brittneynicole


“Always keep frozen fruit along with cold brew coffee! It allows for an easy start to the day with a quick smoothie + coffee to go! Also don’t be afraid of the pre-chopped salads and veggies! Makes lunch and dinner a SNAP 🙌🏻” ~ @kdbalancedfit


“Prep the sauces for any of the dinners on prep day. It helps make cooking dinner so much quicker after a long day at work. Always have veggies cut up in the fridge. I like to keep carrots, different colors of bell peppers, onions, celery and broccoli. Makes it easier to reach for a healthy snack.” ~ @roxjliu


“Put a podcast on. That way you’re also entertaining or educating yourself and meal prep can become a bit of a self-care exercise.” ~ @celena_tiu


“Meal prep Sunday to Wednesday and do a short meal prep on Wednesday evening. This way you switch up the recipes 💓” ~ @tiuhealthyklaudia

“As a mommy, I try to pick a few recipes that I know my girls will love too (hello muffins and smoothies) and definitely learning to use what I have first before making an entire new grocery haul!” ~ @leestiu713


“I love a mason jar salad: put your dressing on the bottom, then hearty veggies that won’t get too soggy, then your greens, and finally top it off with some nuts or seeds for crunch. When you’re ready to eat, just shake it up and pour it out into a plate. Presto, lunch!”  ~ @lauranell


“Always have a Tone It Up Bar on hand for hangry emergencies!!” ~ @she.can.toneitup

“Keep it simple and do what works for YOU! 🤗 I usually pick 2 different M1s, eat the same muffins all week for M2, the same salads all week for M3, pick 1-2 easy M4s, and stick to 2-3 options for M5. Because I get home late 3 nights of the week, meal prepping almost everything on Sunday is key to my personal success & helps me stick to planned meals. 🗝 Also, invest in GOOD knives, a chopper (saves so much time!), & learn to love playing around with spices! You can completely change up the flavor of tray bakes & sautés with just a few adjustments. 😄💗” ~ @dptsam_tiu


“Best tip ever….make double batches of muffins and freeze the rest. Pull them down as needed. So easy to have them ready and helps me stay on track!” ~ @tiuashley87


“My secret to actually getting this done is having my kids help me! Otherwise it just wouldn’t happen!! They love blending and chopping while I stir and measure.” ~ @mommylipka


“Overnight oats waiting for you in the fridge after your morning workout is the best! Muffins in the freezer so they last longer. Sliced 🍌 in the freezer ready for your favorite smoothie! Life savers!” ~ @allieshellen

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  1. A friend of mine just suggested I start with the Summer Series program to get back into working out and eating well after having my little girl. Any tips for a working mom on how to start meal prep and working out with an almost 4 month old? Thanks in advance!

    1. Hey Jackie! Congrats mama! I know it can be a challenge getting back into workouts and meal prep with your little one. My biggest advice would be to give yourself grace…I’m starting the Summer Series late because we’ve been sleep training Bella and getting no sleep! And that’s OK. I’m trying to fit in workouts at home in the TIU app while she’s napping and going for walks as a family. For meal prep, it helps if I can prep just 1 or 2 things on Sunday to set me up for the week. Protein muffins are a lifesaver! We’ll also get bags of lettuce and pre-chopped veggies from Costco to cut down on time. You got this mama and we’re so excited to do the challenge with you! 🤗

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