Most of you have seen them, tried them or have heard how amazingly delicious they are, but today we’re breaking down how good these pancakes are for your sexy body! They’re nutritious, taste like an indulgent treat and leave you feeling energized for the day. The key to whipping up a healthy pancake is to use our Tone It Up Protein instead of flour. Not only are these pancakes gluten free, fluffy and delicious, they're also filled with plant-based protein to keep you satiated all morning!




  • 1

    scoop Tone It Up Protein

  • 1/2

    banana, mashed

  • 1/4

    cup egg whites (or 1 Tbsp. ground flax mixed with 3 Tbsp. warm water for vegan version)

  • 1/2

    Tbs. almond milk

  • 1

    tsp. cinnamon


STEP 1: Mash banana with almond milk before stirring in remaining ingredients. If you're using a flax egg instead of egg whites, allow the ground flax seeds and water to sit for 1-2 minutes before you add it into the mixture.
STEP 2: Spray pan with cooking spray and heat over medium-low before pouring in batter. Flip when ready ;) The key to the perfect protein pancake is to cook them slow and low!


Start your day with the lean protein your body needs to feel amazing all day long... in the form of a delicious, indulgent seeming pancake. Order our great tasting, clean Tone It Up Protein HERE! Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 4.44.21 PM


    1. Yes! I make the batter as directed x 3, then pour into cupcake liner-lined muffin cups (4 per serving) and bake at 350 for about 30 min, checking ever 10 min or so. I freeze them in freezer-safe Tupperware, and the night before I use them I move a serving from the freezer to the fridge. I warm them in the oven while I make coffee and toppings for them!

    2. Yes! I make 5 servings of pancakes on Sunday and let them cool and wrap in foil . Then microwave each day. You can par-cook them, just cook til they are solid enough, since they’ll be heated further in the microwave each day. They really do last and taste fresh even at the end of the week! I have also tried baking them but didn’t have as much luck.

    3. Im not 100% sure if it’ll work with protein pancakes but when I’ve made regular pancakes in the past I would freeze them and if I wanted them in the morning I would just pop them in the toaster! I’d say give it a shot :)

    1. Flax seed meal and water make a vegan egg substitute. I haven’t made it with Flax so I don’t know the exacts. But I think they posted a video about making Perfect Fit Pancakes and talked about it in there :)

          1. I tried that this morning and it did NOT come out. I was also using a different vegan protein powder than theirs so that could have been the problem I guess, but all that flax with the tiny amount of liquid was insanely hard to cook. I’m going to try doing the standard single flax egg tomorrow and see if that helps.

  1. Does it have to have bananas in it?

      1. You have to be careful with whey protein because if you use it as the main portion of your batter for like pancakes, muffins…etc. they will come out super rubbery and gross. Most other plant-based proteins will work fine, but whey is sort of tricky.

        1. I am using a protein powder that’s nearly 100% pea protein–vegetarian with no soy. I just add my own vanilla extract to what I make, so the flavoring is more vanilla than pea! It works fine.

          1. Whey protein does make them a little rubbery and MUCH denser than plant-based protein, I’ve found. I still use whey because of its bioavailability and how I absorb things, it just took a little getting used to the texture.

  2. Okay so I tried to make the perfect fit pancakes this morning, but I have a different protein that I used. My batter wasn’t thick, just super runny which made it hard to cook them. My pancakes burned needless to say. Do you guys recommend getting the perfect fit protein or is there another brand that works really well too?

  3. Just made them. I’m in literal heaven ? all the protein pancake recipes I tried so far were dry and stone hard.. but these are great! Used a different brand of protein powder but it still works! Great recipe!

  4. Hi ladies, I’m excited to make these this weekend! Does anyone know what would happen if I use the whole egg? I hate throwing out the yolk and was just curious if anyone has experimented with the full egg. Any guidance would be appreciated!

  5. Made a double batch of these this morning but my bananas were pretty large, used 2. Only needed about 4 egg whites. Made 8 palm-sized pancakes! Key is really to take your time and let them cook on med/low. They turned out perfectly!!! And since batch made 8, I have plenty for the next couple days. Love the idea about putting them in the toaster. I’ll be doing that this wk. Have to say that I’m not consistently on instagram or the tiu community boards but I am in love with every part of tone it up. If I could afford it I would buy more of their products but I love the PF protein powder. I have tried to use others but it just doesn’t compare. At all!! Keep it up ladies. I love it and don’t ever want the formula to change.

  6. Hi ladies, my mixture is very running when following the recipe. Being in the UK I can’t get perfect fit so use a pea protein would this make a difference to the consistency?
    Trying this morning the muffin style version as suggested by ASHMOS84.

  7. Just made this recipe this morning they are delicious. I made a double back so that I can have some this week. I only have the coconut and vanilla latte protein so it is time to get just vanilla.

  8. Hi: I want to get this recipe to work so bad. I have tried many times with the vegan version of this recipe using the flax egg and it doesn’t cook all the way through. I’ve even cooked them like 10 minutes per side…maybe even longer and was still gooey in the middle. I’m coming to the retreat next week, and if there is any way to include this in the nutrition class that I signed up for, I’d be over the moon!!! :-) Can’t wait to get there. Enjoy the day Beach Babes! N. #toneitup #karenkatrina #tiuteam

  9. I swapped in a cooked small sweet potato instead of the banana this morning! I had to add more almond milk (maybe a 1/3-1/2 cup) because it is thicker but it came out SO good. Topped with a teeny bit of syrup. Delicious fall treat.

  10. I added about a 1/2 cup of gluten free flour to these as I didn’t have the Perfect Fit Protein powder yet (ordered but haven’t received) and they were a bit too runny – they turned out great! A little bit denser but turned out totally delicious! I never like pancakes but I love these! Thank you for this recipe!!

  11. I used this recipe because this is what came up in my Google search:
    1/4 cup egg whites.
    1 scoop Perfect Fit Protein.
    2 tbs vanilla almond milk.
    1 tsp cinnamon.
    1 tbs ground flaxseed.
    After above ingredients are mixed together add 1/2 banana (mashed)- mash first, then add!!

    I used 1 Ener-G egg instead of the egg whites, Trader Joe’s hemp protein powder (using the PFP scoop), 1 tsp vanilla extract, and 1 tsp baking soda.

    I cooked 4 min each side on LOW and used an EVOO spray. The pancake burned, stuck to the pan, and didn’t cook all the way through.

    I don’t think it’s the protein powder because K&K used to make these pancakes before they created Perfect Fit. I have tried so many vegan variations of this recipe and each time they turn out the same. I really don’t think there is a substitute for the egg and unfortunately I’m alelrgic to eggs. :(

  12. Any suggestions for a banana replacement? I made a pancake for the first time this morning using 1/4 cup of apple sauce and it looked great… until I tried to flip it. It just crumbled like crazy.

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