How to Banish Bloat By The Weekend!

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As women, we can feel totally different day to day. One day, we can feel bloated and the next, toned and lean. That’s completely normal and happens to all of us, including me and Karena! It’s called being a WOMAN! But, we have some amazing tips that will rock your world! :)

Bloating can be caused by a bunch of factors like hormones, bacteria in your tummy, or your body holding onto water because of salty or sugary foods. There are a few tricks that we personally use to banish bloat fast before a photo or video shoot or even just a beach day. We also hit up our Registered Dietitian Lori Zanini for her advice too. These tips will help you de-bloat and feel toned in just a few days – whether you’re prepping for an event, getaway, or simply want to feel even more confident!!

Are you drinking water right now?

If you don’t have a water bottle by your side, we wanna see your cute booty up and heading to the water cooler stat! We know we say it all the time and we can’t say it enough: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! This is especially important when you’re looking to banish bloat quickly.

Did you know you can raise your metabolic rate just by drinking water?!  Plus, it flushes toxins out of your system and carries nutrients to your cells. Aim for at least 70 ounces of water a day. We have a water next to our computer as we write this!

Can you make your veggies even better? Oh kale yea!

We always marinate our kale and other cruciferous veggies on Sunday. This helps break the fibers down and makes them easier to digest, eliminating bloat. You can marinate your greens with olive oil and lemon juice or try mixing in an avocado and lemon juice and massaging it into the kale with your hands. We have even more schoolin’ on kale HERE!

Lori points out that some other veggies, like Brussels sprouts and broccoli, can also cause bloating. To get around this, make sure to lightly cook or steam these veggies, which makes them easier to digest.

Keep a lookout for sodium

For the best results, limit added salt before a big event. Check your food labels! More than 75% of salt comes from packaged and restaurant foods, Lori says. We don’t want you to worry too much about this, so just stick to unprocessed 7 Day Slim Down approved foods, and you’ll be all set!

*** Secret! We actually manipulate the intake of sodium in the Slim Down Plan, so much that your body gets rid of bloat! It’s what we do before our Tone It Up shoots! You’ll love it!

Make dairy swaps

Not everyone has the enzyme to digest lactose, which can cause bloating. Swap dairy for alternatives like almond milk and coconut yogurt to decrease the chance of bloat.  We have even more dairy-free swaps we love HERE!!

7DSD = tea time

Perfect Fit Awaken Tea will keep you energized and give your metabolism a boost! And you’ll need a lot of rest to keep up with your workouts, so Unwind Tea will help you relax before you hit the sheets. To celebrate the start of your 7DSD, we’re giving you FREE Perfect Fit Organic Tea with every Perfect Fit Protein Tub until Sunday 6/18!

Pass the mints

We loved this tip from Lori! Chewing gum can cause you to swallow excess air and lead to bloating. So stick to mints!

Savor every bite!

Eating too quickly can also lead to swallowing more air. Savor your meal and enjoy every delicious bite!

The biggest things for us is following our 7 Day Slim Down from the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan.  It’s what we do before our video shoots to get rid of bloat. We use the calorie add-ons to make it fit our goals too!

As a member, you get the brand new Slim Down with delicious new recipes (cookies & muffins are in the mix!) and a meal-by-meal plan. You’ll know exactly what to eat for a week to feel fabulous. If you aren’t a member yet, this is the perfect time to join.

With the 7 Day Slim Down and these tricks up your sleeve, you’re going to be feeling more light, tight, and toned than ever. You’re going to be glowing and everyone’s going to be asking you for your secret. You can tell ‘em you’re a #TIUgirl ;)

 We’re all starting Monday! Check out these gorgeous 7DSD transformations!

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  1. Hey babes!!! Do any of you have any questions about the 7 Day Slim Down? Let me know!! xxo

    1. I made the Macaroons last night and I’m obsessed! 😍 I don’t see them on the meal plan schedule for the 7DSD though. Where can I add them during the 7 days?

    2. In the new 7DSD, there’s only 1 workout per day, instead of the two a days in the previous version, correct?

    3. Hey! I was wondering, (this is about the main nutrition program) what are some #tiuapproved cereals? Thxxxxoxo

  2. Hi K&K💕On the Trim Tray Dinners, the plan says to use asparagus. Are we allowed to use up to 2 other veggies or just asparagus?

    Can’t wait 😘

  3. I would love to join the nutrition program, however, I follow a vegan lifestyle. I would hate to make that purchase and not be able to enjoy the recipes….do you guys offer alternatives for dietary restrictions in the program? Love you guys! I lost about 100 pounds after giving birth to my son from following your workouts! ❤️🙌

    1. That’s amazing!!
      Yes! We have tons of vegan friendly recipes. We also have a vegan edition of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! :)

  4. So excited for the 7 Day Slim Down!! The one question I have is with the workouts. I love that you gals added in the workout schedule with the plan… Would it be to much if we worked out more than what you recommend during the 7 days? I don’t want to over do it but have a few classes I would love to take but they are an hour or more HIIT or cycle cardio type classes. :) Thanks for all that you do! Love this community! <3

    1. Hi Aynsley! We’re so excited! If you want to incorporate a class, you can sub it in in place of a TIU workout! If you still want to stick to your cardio in the morning, then listen to your body! You’re going to do great!!!

  5. Hey Kat! First of all, I love the 7DSD! I’ve don’t it in the past and felt great! I’m curious to see what y’all think about ketogenic diet/lifestyle. I’ve had people talk about it and I’m a big research nerd and have a hard time buying into the thought process. I didn’t know if you had any experience with it or thoughts!

  6. I’m so excited I can’t wait to start! I just ordered my perfectfit protein yesterday and am excited about the tea coming with! Question about the M2. I have tried and tried and I just can’t get on board with grapefruit. Is it ok to have the Apple as the piece of fruit every day or should I sub in something else?

  7. This is my first 7DSD and I’m excited! I was wondering if there is an alternative to coconut flakes in the 7DSD cookies? Maybe peanut butter powder and coco nibs??

  8. I have a question! I’m going to do Days 3-5. I know we usually cut Meta D out after ge first few days, is that I must or can I keep it since I’m doing it for 5 days?

    Also, recommendations on a good multivitamin? I am lost without PF vitamins, my body doesn’tike anything else😕.

  9. Hi! I have been a member for about 9 weeks and am loving the results so far…also excited to kick it up a notch this week with the 7DSD! Just curious as to why we discontinue the Meta D after the first couple of days…could that cause bloating? Also, can we drink the bikini punch at any time in lieu of plain H2O?

    1. One other quick question; Can we pre-prep our ginger shots for the week or will they lose their potency?

  10. Hiiiii Kat! Is it okay to change some meals around to better fit my schedule? For example, can I eat the K&Kale Salad for lunch days 1,2, and 3 since the recipe is three servings? Or is it best for me to follow the meal plan EXACTLY. I’ll still be eating all the same foods and not adding, but did not know if it was okay to switch some stuff around. Except for the asparagus! I know to eat that when you say!

    1. Hey girl!
      You can switch the days/meals around to fit your schedule! Just make sure you’re following the guidelines to see best results! :)

  11. Hello TIUcommunity!

    I am so excited to try the 7dsd for the first time! I want my boyfriend to join with me but he is allergic to almonds and I see a lot of almond milk in the recipes. Any good substitute that isn’t nut based?

    Thanks ❤️

    1. Hi! You can swap coconut water or unsweetened coconut milk. Just make sure to use brands that haven’t been processed in facilities that also process nuts! :)

  12. I’m not a huge egg lover, and can basically only eat them if there’s a sprinkle of cheese OR hot sauce/ketchup involved. I’m sure hot sauce is a no on the 7dsd…right? What is another option to substitute for the egg scramble? Berry Slim Smoothie?

    1. I’m not a huge egg lover either… I use tofu .. not sure it’s 7DSD approved though?!

  13. I have a big question! Are post-workout smoothies part of our 5 Meals or are they a different one?? Thank you so much for everything you do for us it is changing my life in so many ways! Lately I have joined a TIU Group in my country and I honestly couldn’t be happier! I am so in love with this amazing community!!

  14. Hi!!! I never knew that about gum!!! I chew almost a pack a day to avoid snacking while at my desk 🙈 Is there a brand of mints you recommend?? I feel like you would have to watch out for mints with to much sugar.

  15. Hi Katrina! I am not a fan of mushrooms…. Can I swap the Portobello mushroom for grilled bell pepper for the slim burgers??

  16. This 7DSD only has one workout per day. Are we supposed to do the daily workout as well as the cardio listed in the plan?

    1. Hey girl!
      Just follow the Daily Workout each day! You can break the workouts up into morning and evening or do them all at once!

  17. Hi Ladies! I haven’t been able to get into the Chia Seed Pudding. Anything else I can swap out for during the 7DSD?

    1. Hi! You can swap the chia pudding out for Tone It Up Protein Bars (you can get them from Target!), Slim Down Smoothie, Coconut Macaroon recipe, or Slim Down muffin! :)

  18. Hey Katrina! So excited to try out this new 7dsd! I was wondering if kombucha is approved? Or does it cause bloating so it should be avoided for the week? Can’t wait!! Making my grocery list right now!

  19. I am in love with the manhattan smoothie!! Is this 7dsd approved? If so, for what meals?? Thanks and I am so excited to try this out!

  20. Is it 7dsd approved to use stevia in my tea? (i have a hard time drinking it without) Also, what kind of hot sauce is a good option?

    1. Hi Ashton!
      You can add stevia to your tea. For hot sauce – look for brands that are lower in sodium and most importantly, taste great! :)

  21. If I get the nutrition program for $150…..does that mean I don’t need to pay for the nutrition plan in the other series?

  22. I’m just wondering if we are able to mix and match the recipes? For example, could I have the egg muffins instead of a slim down scramble or a tray dinner instead of a burger if I wanted to? :)

  23. For the grapefruit serving for M2…. is that 1/2 a grapefruit or one whole grapefruit? Thanks!

  24. I CANNOT digest Kale. It makes me bloat like CRAZY (…and legumes too…) ! I know swapping it with spinach is approved. What else can we swap it for? Does baby kale have the same benefits? I find it much easier to digest. Also, I have a really hard time getting the baked goods cook all the way through or they crumble and I have to eat them with a spoon… I follow the recipe.. Any suggestion? THANKS :D

    1. Hi Julie!
      Baby kale is definitely approved! You can also try marinating your kale in dressing (lemon and olive oil is great) which helps break down the fibers and makes it easier to digest. As for the baked goods – which one crumbles for you? And if you aren’t a fan of grapefruit, you can swap for another fruit! We love apple with cinnamon ;)

  25. I also have another question…! I have such a hard time eating pink grapefruits without honey or any sort of approved sugar. Plus, it’s not practical at all to eat on the go. What are your tips for that? :)

  26. Hey beautifuls <3! I am about two weeks behind on the 8 week program (week 6), but I kind of want to do this 7DSD with everyone else AND also do it next week too, before the holiday weekend. Is that too much? What's the longest you recommend doing this diet? (:

    1. Hi babe!! We wouldn’t recommend doing the Slim Down two weeks in a row. If you’re doing it this week with the team, just keep it Lean, Clean, ‘N Green on the Nutrition Plan next week and you’ll set yourself up for a healthy and amazing holiday weekend! Xxo

  27. If you marinade your kale on Sunday for meal prep will it stay good until the following Friday?

    1. Hi Amanda! We usually do a “mini meal prep” again on Wednesday and marinade more kale for the end of the week ;)

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