Chocolate Almond Bites with Tone It Up Protein!


It's time for a Friday sweet treat, #TIUTeam!

We're sharing an easy to make snack that completely satisfies chocolate cravings! These gems totally hit the spot! Get ready for a delish dessert that boast tons of health benefits thanks to antioxidant filled cacao, plant-based Tone It Up Protein and a bit of healthy fats to balance the sweetness from the dates. Each bite is bikini friendly and of course, Tone It Up Approved!


12 bites


  • 1/3

    cup raisins

  • 1/2

    cup whole dates, pitted

  • 3/4

    cup almonds, unsalted

  • 2

    scoops chocolate Tone It Up Protein

  • 3

    Tbsp almond butter

  • 1

    Tbsp honey

  • 1

    pinch sea salt


STEP 1: Chop dates and place them into a food processor along with raisins. Process until you have a paste-like consistency.
STEP 2: Add fruit mixture to a bowl and process nuts separately (don't add the nut butter quite yet!) You want almonds to be finely chopped.
STEP 3: Add the just pulsed almonds to the bowl with fruit paste along with remaining ingredients. Knead mixture together with clean hands and roll into ½-1" inch snack balls. Roll in crushed almonds, perfect fit, coconut flakes or cacao for added texture. Refrigerate for 30 minutes to set.


Did we mention these gems are no-bake!? Make a batch right now for sweet nibbles any time chocolate cravings hit! These are so satisfying, you'll want to enjoy just 1-2 per serving ;) healthy-protein-dessert-tone-it-up-perfect-fit


  1. Of course these come out right after I make the apricot ones (which are also very good!). Will need to try these very soon =).

  2. Are these good for anytime of the day, or are they best for meals 1-2? They look delicious!

  3. Yum, you had me at chocolate….!!! Can’t wait to make a batch of these babies.

  4. These are really, really good! Made a batch and I put them in the freezer, so I take 1 out for the evening and they’re perfect little something, something after dinner! :)) thanks K & K xoxo

  5. OOOOOOOOh these look delish! Loving the Walnut Cranberry Date balls so these will definitely be a success! Thanks TIU :)

    1. Hey Sonja, where can I find the recipe for those walnut cranberry date balls you mentioned in your post? Are they in the nutrion plan?

  6. OMG they are so good!! I just made them tonight and they are delicious!! And one is really all you need. It totally satisfied my sweet tooth. Thank you!

  7. I love these protein pack treats; no guilt treats. Easy and convenient too! Thx for another great addition to my “no bake tasties” ?

  8. I made these and they are HEAVEN!! Thank you K&K for cresting such yummy treats that are also healthy!!!! My new fave dessert!!!

  9. they were jis heaven…damm they will get married… chuffed for them a

  10. Living in las Vegas this is perfect! Baking right now is not an option….its 118degrees outside. Can’t wait to make these

  11. These are delicious, made them tonight with peanut butter and maple syrup instead of the original suggestions, using what I had on hands. Fantastic! Thank you K and K.

  12. I am excited to try these….not sure about the dates—ive never had them before! everyones comments are making me definitely want to try these!!

  13. FYI: These are freakin’ DELICIOUS! Had all the ingredients at home and I whipped these together in like 10 minutes, max. Definitely my new go-to. Thanks K+K!!!

  14. Incredible!!! I made mine with Sunwarrior Mocha protein powder…the bomb! I’m sure you could use Perfect Fit Vanilla Latte, or add a bit of espresso powder to the chocolate protein. Try adding 1/2 tsp alcohol-free vanilla extract, too!! <3

  15. I was craving something sweet today and this really hit the spot!! So good. Even the hubby was excited to try a sweet that fits his nutrition plan too!!

  16. These are amazing! I need to make them again. A perfect treat to satisfy that sweet tooth! And they are very satisfying and filling. Hallelujah!

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