Matcha Glazed Donuts ~ Bikini Meal Plan Fave

Hi gorgeous! Who else is in L🍩VE with donuts?! 🙋🏼 You know they’re my favorite dessert in the world. I wanted to create a truly special recipe for you, and these matcha donuts might just be my favorite ever. They seriously save me and all my donut cravings 🙌🏻

They’re made with our plant-based, non-GMO Tone It Up Protein Powder so they’re perfect to refuel after a workout. Plus, matcha is everythinggg for your gorgeous body. It boosts your metabolism, busts stress, and boosts your heart health.

These donuts are featured from your Bikini Meal Plan, the newest edition of the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan! Did you know when you become a member of the Nutrition Program, you immediately get access to EVERY edition of the plan? That’s thousands of recipes…cookies, decadent smoothies, muffins, tacos, simple dinners, energizing snacks — everything you need to look and feel your best. Oh and did I mention donuts?! haha

Love you so matcha 😉




Matcha Glazed Donut

Makes 4 donuts (1 donut per serving)


1/2 cup vanilla Tone It Up Protein 

1/2 cup gluten-free oat flour

1 tsp.  baking powder

1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon 

Pinch of salt

1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk

1/4 cup maple syrup

1 egg

1 tsp. vanilla extract

1 Tbsp. coconut oil, melted

Coconut oil spray


1 cup unsweetened almond or coconut yogurt

1 tsp. matcha


1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

2. Combine all dry ingredients in a bowl and whisk to combine

3. In a separate bowl, combine all wet ingredients. 

4. Add the wet ingredients to the dry and stir to combine

.5. Spray a donut pan with coconut oil spray and add batter. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean. 

6. For the glaze, whisk ingredients together in a small bowl. Dip donuts in glaze. 

Nutrition Facts: 

Per serving (1 donut)

15.3 g protein // 1.9 g fiber // 12 g fat // 26.7 g carbs // 277 calories

This is just one of the AMAZING recipes from your new 8-week Bikini Series Meal Plan! We can’t wait for you to try the rest! Join the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan to immediately gain access to EVERY edition of the plan ~ including your new edition!


  1. Where do you buy your matcha? I have seen matcha tea at Trader Joe’s. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

  2. With the coconut oil – do you melt it first or just throw it in like as a semi hard spoonful?

  3. Now any tips on not eating them all in one sitting ;) These sound amazing! Can’t wait to try them this weekend!
    Also, just a suggestion: I would love a recipe for TIU bagels! : p

    1. I bring them to work and have one a day as my m2! If they are out of the house they are safe! My boyfriend’s family keeps eating them too! Haha. I’ve make this recipe every week and switch out different protein flavours. Sometimes I add strawberries to the batter or put a strawberry rhubarb chia jam on top! And drink a small matcha latte with oat milk instead :) it’s the best version of coffee and donuts!! Thank you tone it up!!

  4. Any tips on how to store them or how long will they last? Planning to try them this weekend…thank u!

    1. I let them cool completely and then store in Tupperware in the fridge. They last about a week. You could leave them in a container on counter I suppose but I think the fridge keeps them a bit fresher. If I use berries I cook them for 22 minutes and my pan makes 5.

      Another tip I’ve learned is don’t add a lot of extra milk. I’ve done it by accident a few times (1/3 cup) and they turn out more gooey than dense/cake like. :)

      They are sooooo delicious!!

  5. What brand of almond or coconut yogurt do you like best/recommend? And at what store can you find them?

  6. What flour can I use instead of almond flour? I have currently wheat, coconut, and almond flour. And can I sub honey for the maple syrup? Thanks :)

      1. I meant oat flour in my original post, but you caught that ;-) Thanks for the reply!!

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