You’ll Never Guess What’s In Our Purses ~ Kombucha with K&K

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott from Tone It Up share what is in their purses in a new Kombucha with K&K chat.

Hey hot stuff! Today we’re giving you a peek in our purses…and we were obviously not prepared for this video! Dirty socks, a deck of cards, expired makeup…so random! 🙈 Of course we always pack our Tone It Up water bottles and snacks like Tone It Up Protein Shakes to keep us fueled on the go. Check out the video below to see more must-haves!

What’s in your purse? Anyone else have embarrassing stuff? Tell us in the comments below!



You can also watch on YouTube & Apple TV HERE!


  1. Karena, try Garden Of Life urinary tract probiotics… I used to get UTIs all the time too but not anymore!!

  2. “This might be expired, it smells a little weird” haha! I can 100% relate to that with old makeup I stumble upon.

  3. I literally almost peed myself watching this 🤣 I miss the journal! I wish it wasn’t sold out 😔

  4. Kat, I’m due in 5 weeks (!) and I’m looking for a cute diaper bag. Do you have any recommendations?

    PS: would t have survived this pregnancy without the preggo videos in the app! You made everything feel so normal when it’s easy to feel NOT normal. Thank you so so much <3

    1. Omg congrats!! It means so much to me that you’ve been loving the pregnancy videos in the app! For a diaper bag, I’ve actually been using an old gym bag but I saw super cute backpacks and totes at Target that I want to pick up this weekend! Love you mama 💗

  5. Yes! I saw those too! My girlfriends recommended J is for Jeep and the Skip Hop ones are cute, too. I can’t wait to join you on the post-natal side. :) Lots of love to you and beautiful baby Bella!! 💗

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