You Crushed #TIU31! Here’s What’s Next!

HUGE congrats to you gorgeous! You crushed your 31 Day Challenge and we couldn’t be more proud! You have been so dedicated to your Studio Tone It Up workouts, your 31 Day Meal Plan, this community, and taking care of YOU! Every day Kat and I were so inspired seein’ your #TIU31 checkins — watching you connect, encourage each other, and cheer each other on! That’s what makes the Tone It Up community truly amazing!✨ We’re SO lucky to be your trainers!

You hit incredible milestones during this challenge to feel your best! Make sure to reflect on your achievements, the goals you met, and treat yourself to something special girl! Anddd don’t forget to submit your transformations HERE  by Sunday, November 18th at 11:59 pm PST! We can’t wait to see your amazing results and read your story! 💪🏻

With the challenge coming to a close, we have so much more for you to look forward to! Let’s keep up this amazing momentum and keep each other motivated and inspired for what’s to come!

Thank you for being a part of this incredible community! 💗

Check out some of the strong & gorgeous babes who rocked the 31 Day challenge ~

Sooooo what’s next?!

Lots of exciting news & tips to keep your momentum strong this season ~

✓ Keep joining us for class and all new workouts on your Studio Tone It Up app! We release about three new routines every week (even when we’re between challenges)! We’re working on the schedule for the next few weeks right now and you’re going to looooooove the Arms + Mega Abs workout with Stef. Plus, there are some amazing new total-body strength routines coming your way! You can also find all of your fave TIU31 workouts in your On Demand section so you can do them anytime, anywhere!

✓ Stick to your Nutrition Plan and keep it Lean, Clean, ‘N Green! We’re going to be sticking to the 31 Day Meal Plan in November because we love the fall recipes so much! 💛 You can also mix and match recipes from all your fave past editions. We love printing out the blank calendar pages in the meal plan and using them to plan our week on Sunday. That way you can customize the plan to work for you and your family.

✓ Remember to keep checking in with us every day #TIUteam to hold yourself accountable and connect with so many inspiring babes in the community!

✓ We have SO MANY exciting things coming your way for the holidays! The Holiday Hustle is coming soon with lifestyle challenges, tips, and recipes to have a happy and healthy holiday season! Plus, new apparel and lotsssa surprises!!! Keep an eye on so ya don’t miss a thing!

We are SO PROUD of you and can’t wait to see what you accomplish next! Congrats! 🤗