You Crushed The Love Your Body Series! Here’s What’s Next

Tone It Up's Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott celebrate the end of the Tone It Up Love Your Body Series and preview what's next in the Tone It Up App including total body, abs, arms, and booty workouts to get the best fitness results.

Cheers to YOU!! You absolutely rocked the Love Your Body Series! You took 8 weeks for you to focus on your body, mind, and spirit. You showed up for yourself in your Tone It Up app workouts. You nourished yourself with healthy meals. You embraced and celebrated what makes you unique. You connected with this team and supported the women in your life. You showed yourself and everyone around you so much L💜VE! How incredible is that?! We hope you’re as proud of you as we are!

Keep your eyes on Insta because we want to hear your #TIULoveYourBody story and we’re sharing all the details there. With the series coming to a close, we’re looking forward to more amazing things to come for you and this community!

So what’s next?! Follow these tips to keep up your momentum ~

✓ Keep going strong with your workouts! The Tone It Up app will have a new workout every week and classes are available anytime in the On Demand section! Aim for 4-5 classes a week. If you did 4 classes during the series, up it to 5. You’re strong & ready!

✓ Stay on track with your nutrition! Continue to follow the Love Your Body Meal Plan or mix and match from your favorite recipes. Not a member of the Nutrition Plan yet? Get it here to access thousands of healthy, delicious recipes and all the info you need to fuel your body right.

✓ Keep up the positive self-talk. Tell yourself why you love your body every single day; you’re worth it!

✓ Make sure to refuel with protein! This will be key for keeping your muscles poppin’! Anddd guess what?! We have new flavors coming soon to Target!!

✓Stay tuned for our next challenge…coming this spring!! We’re working on it now and we’re SO excited to share!



  1. Love every minute of this challenge. For me it was the best yet. My favourite was always the Bikini Series 2014 but I think this one just top that challenge of the no 1 spot! Thank you Karena & Katrina for such an amazing challenge, a nourishing LYB Nutrition plan is that had me looking forward to each meal, to all the trainers for awesome workouts and a great team behind the scene always solving quería and problems. So pumped to continue for 2019.

    1. That is so amazing babe!! Thank YOU for joining us for this series. It was so special and there’s so much more to come 🤗

  2. Hi there! Is anyone else still having issues with the audio on the Studio APP? I haven’t been able to hear a workout in weeks. Any ideas?

    1. Hey Ali! Here’s the trick for the audio: make sure your phone’s mute button isn’t switched on while playing videos. (Previous versions allowed the video’s audio to play even when your phone was muted!) The new update has a few fun updates — including the ability to play your own music while crushing your Toning Moves! xxo

      1. I’m still having audio issues and my mute button is not on. I’ve emailed a couple of times but still no change, and I’ve already checked everything that was suggested. Deleting the app and reinstalling didn’t help either. :(

  3. Actually…I just figured out the mute situation. Please disregard my last comment.
    What could be the problem is a broken mute switch, so go into Settings-> General-> Accessibility-> AssistiveTouch, turn that on, and when the white circle appears, press on Device and you can unmute.

  4. I’m SO excited for the new flavors coming to Target!! Any idea when we’ll start seeing them?

  5. I can easily say this community has changed my life. Excited for the next! Until then I’ll be using the app and plan to keep progressing!

    1. That is so incredible to hear Sarah! Keep up the amazing work ~ we’re so proud of you! xxo

  6. As always a grea serires! Looking forward to the next one! How do you play music while doing the daily moves?? That would be great !!!!

    1. Hey babe! Make sure you have the latest version of the TIU app installed. Then you can just open any music app you like and play your music and then open up the TIU app. xxo

  7. When does the Bikini Series start? I loved the LYB series so much.. I’m clearly impatient! HA

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