Yoga Pose like Insta-Pros!

Simple. Strong. Strike that yoga pose, babe!

You’re scrolling your Instagram feed and come across the beautifully articulated #yogalove posts surrounded by breathtaking scenery tacked on with a lovely quote that brings a smile to your face… that can be YOU!!!

You saw our tips to Make Your Friends Think You’re a Food Photographer and today we’re here to talk to ya about Insta-YOGA!! We’ve put together a few of our favorite simple, stunning yoga poses that are easy to do and will spruce up your Instagram profile in no time! We even had our Yoga babe Stacey help us with our form ;) Pssst.. and more to come on that too!

First stop… Scenery!

Let’s be honest, we’re always in yoga pants nowadays so this makes it super accessible to bust a move when you come across that perfect backdrop. We love taking photos at the beach, during sunset, in front of a gorgeous art-inspired wall, you name it!

Strike a pose!

tone it up yoga triangle pose katrina

Extended Triangle ~ Utthita Trikonasana

Place your feet in heel to arch alignment. Keep both sides of your body long as you tilt your torso extending one arm toward the earth on the outside of your front foot and the other arm reaches toward the sky. Great way to show off those gorgeous locks too! ;)

tone it up handstand karena

Handstand ~ Adho Mukha Vrksasana

Place your palms on the ground shoulder width apart. Firm those beautiful biceps and triceps and kick up into that handstand! Best little trick to capture the shot is to lightly lean on a pillar or a wall. Arch you back a bit and bend one knee to show off your sexy curves!

tone it up headstand katrina

Tripod Headstand ~ Sirsasana

Place the crown of your head on the earth. Place palms shoulder-width apart bending at a 90 degree angle. Be sure to press into your palms to evenly distribute your weight. Firm your core as you lift your toes towards the sky. (Hint… start with your knees on your triceps and then lift up from there.) For a lil extra, extend legs into an upside-down split!

tone it up yoga pose karena

Camel Pose – Ustrasana

Start standing on your knees. Slowly tilt your head back extending your heart towards the sky keeping your core strong until you’re able to reach your toes. Arch your upper back to really get into this heart-opener, keep your core strong and show off that booty too!

tone it up hurdler pose katrina

Hurdler Pose ~ Eka Pada Koundinyasana 2

Start in plank. Bring your right knee to your right tricep. Shift shoulders over fingertips and bend into your elbows.  Kick your right foot forward as your weight shifts and you point your left toe up and back behind you.

Tone It Up Yoga Pose Karena

Insta-Famous Pose

We see this pose ALL OVER Instagram and we’re absolutely in love with it. The beautiful lines and structure of this pose have us in awe, fit for a gorgeous goddess like you! Cross your ankles and kick your heels out.  Bend deeply in your knees and tilt forward crossing at your forearms. Make sure your arms cross in the space between your knees.

tone it up yoga fun karena katrina

Most importantly… have FUN!!!

Check out some of our fave filtering tips here and even hashtag the sanskrit to be super-pro!! Last but certainly not least, top off your breathtaking post with a quote that speaks to you in the moment!! ;)


Share your Insta-yoga check-ins on Instagram and the Community with us using #TIUteam!! We CAN’T WAIT to see them!!!

Namasté, babes! xxo, K&K


    1. I followed flexi lexi on instagram for a while, but they completely ignored my emails asking how the working conditions are for those women in the phillipines. The pants are expensive enough that I expected them to at least provide fair wage or have safe working conditions :\ I know not everyone cares about that kind of thing. Just an FYI in case anyone cares…

  1. I wish I knew how to do a handstand! It’s one of my goals to lose the fear of being upside down and doing it without the wall!

  2. not sure i could ever get those yoga poses…but where can I get those watermelon pants from!!! soon cute

  3. Absolutely LOVE this post! Katrina you are a yoga bombshell!! Wowsie girl!
    Ill pass on the headstand and Hurdler pose, but Ill give the others a go in the morning. Keep a lookout…hahaha!
    Love ya girls! xxx

  4. Love it! Some of those poses I would definitely have to practice but super fun tips! Namaste xo

  5. Absolutely loved this. Feeling super inspired to perfect my handstand without the need of the wall. Only a few days back I did it for the first time. Feeling so energised and ready to make it HAPPEN. Yoga is a wonderful journey and I’m enjoying every single minute of it.
    Namaste babes xxx

  6. What about Karena’s leggings? Love them too! Anyone know where they’re from?

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