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Pour yourself a glass of wine, kick your fuzzy socks up and join us for a 30 minute Q+A with K+K! We answer ALL of the questions you’ve been asking us! We’re talkin’ fitness, family, weight loss, cellulite, and THAT time of the month! Ever heard of Brian’s infamous sludge? Or how Karena is a bad ass when it comes to flip cup? We’re giving you all the deets!

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  1. That was too funny! Loved it! It’s like sitting there with your girlfriends.

  2. You guys are adorable! I love all the questions and answers and the last part was too cute & funny. Always look forward to wine not Wednesdays! I agree with Andimck it is like sitting there with your girlfriends

  3. Absolutely loved this!! Wonderful that you made it so long too! You gave me the best evening, watching this! Love you both!

  4. Have been following you for months and finally joined today. Loving it already. Loving this.

  5. loved this wine session with you ladies! you are so down to earth,,,, you made me laugh on a difficult day! love that its okay to splurge!

  6. Just watched it at work and could not stop laughing! Wish there were more long QAs like this one :) Makes me think and miss my bestie every time!

  7. Love the new tank girls! Just wow! Don,t have money thought to buy it right now but if you keep it in regular it would be awesome! All those new tanks are gorgeous but it’s sad that they are out of stock so fast and never come back in your store…it would be great to have items that we can always order… just saying :) love you!

  8. Y’all probably get this question a lot but yalls hair is always so full and healthy, what kind of shampoo and contioner do you use?

  9. Oh my gosh, I LOVE that video! So fun. Now I wanna have a wine night with you guys :) I can’t believe you’ve never seen Finding Nemo!! xox

  10. Oh my word! This is a great video and love it. You two are funny and so adorable. Gonna buy the tank. I am a wine lovers person. have a good day

  11. Love this! So funny and cute. Just watched this at work and was trying not to laugh out loud. Love you girls!!

  12. Okay seriously the BEST Wine Not Wednesday I’ve seen! I love your Q&As! So hilarious! Wish I had a glass of wine watching! Next time ;)

  13. This was hilarious. Bobby’s last question the best. LOL. I hope you will still do a Q&A at the retreat in a couple weeks! Interesting that bok choi is not your favorite because one of the best tasting recipes I’ve tried in the TIU nutrition plan is the Garlicky Bok Choi & Mushrooms. Yum! Enjoyed this and as always, thanks for all your hard work. All those all-nighters …!!

  14. You guys remind me of me and my gfs, and make me laugh! Always look like you’re having so much fun :) Have you ever considered doing a TIU program for men?

  15. LOL!!! Is it bad my husband really likes that Menage Trois wine from TJ’s?!

  16. Oh man I could not stop giggling! πŸ˜‚ K&K you’re the best motivators- thanks for putting in all those all-nighters to create this amazing TIU world that we all cherish! πŸ’–

  17. Okay, seriously this was the best! Absolute cracking up. Just what I needed to get me through the afternoon slump. You guys are the best! Nothin but love!

  18. Probably not a Wine Not Wednesday question, but I’d love if you girls could do a self tanner tutorial–I always end up with streaks or it looks super orangey and fake. Any tips and tricks you could share would be awesome!

  19. You two are hilarious and so much fun! I really enjoyed this :)
    Have you ever thought of doing crock pot recipes or yummy meals that you can freeze when needing to plan ahead of time for surgeries, having a baby etc.??!!

  20. My question is…. Could you pleaseee make more yoga workout videos?! I love your bikini yoga routine and would love another longer video like that as well as a shorter routine to do after workouts to get some good stretches in. I love your yoga videos and would love to see some new ones :)

  21. I love this video. I wanted to share with you Katrina I’m 31 and I suffer from acne too. I just discovered he this new vitamin, and it seriously changed my life. I don’t sell them, I just stumbled across it and thought “hey why not”? I will maybe get one pimple a month now. You seriously have to try it. The brand is called Navian and the vitamin is True Clear. I hope it help you like it helped me!!

  22. I LOVE this!! You 2 remind me of my sister and me, we have a similar friendship, it is a gift like Karena said. Having a glass of wine while watching, a perfect way to end the day, love u girls!!

  23. Hey girls! There’s a really AWESOME AND HEALTHY organic bok choy food truck in LA called Bok Choy on Wheels – you can get Chicken, Bok Choy, & Brown Rice – clean and light option — so check that out some time and then see if bok choy is still your least fave veggie!

  24. omg i love you ladies, i was cracking up watching this! Can’t wait to see you again at the Cali retreat!!! I feel like we have very similar personalities hahaha! and omg Bobby’s question at the end!!! (insert cat laughing emoji here) !!! :D!


  25. LOVE you two!!! I definitely need to meet you and help with your French pronunciations LOL! <3 <3 :D

  26. I would love advice on getting past emotional eating. I’m 25 weeks pregnant and an emotional eater and find it a struggle to not grab the easy sweets and salty. I can logically think I want to be healthy and this is what I need to do to achieve that but then next thing I know I’m eating something I really shouldn’t. I can have a frige full of healthy snacks all prepared and still will just grab something else. I Slowly keep working at it and trying to find the balance but any other tips would be appreciated.

  27. Does anyone know where to find the post about Brian’s lean bowls that Katrina references? I searched and didn’t see it. Thanks!

  28. As if I wasn’t excited enough about the retreat… I can’t wait to have a glass and chat!!

  29. Love this video and tank! I will definitely be purchasing one. If you like Cabernets you should try the Cabernet Franc by Lazy Bones at TJs it is delish and only $6.99. Thanks for the laughs you guys crack me up.

  30. I don’t like cartoons either! Katrina, I totally get that. My husband gets time with our girls to watch cartoons, and I can escape for me-time!

  31. Just loved this video! :D wish I had that kind of friendship with someone…

  32. I was having a not so spectacular day at work and thought I’d just take a quick little look see at this and omg!!!! It made my day! I was laughing so hard and actually watched it twice. And now I finally have the answer to my burning question of whether you eat naughty things :) Chicken wings and snickers?! There is hope for me yet!!!!

  33. Have never watched a Q&A vid yet… and holy sh*t that was amazing! You girls are so hilarious, love the constant bursts of laughter. Caught myself smiling/laughing multiple times!

  34. Hey K&K, love with vid ;) I DO remember seeing Kat’s post about Brian’s turkey sludge, but can’t find it anymore!! Halp.

  35. What did you both do to get your teeth so perfect and white? πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  36. So I love this video! It’s nice to know they are human (as Kat says) they are “one of me.” Love these girls!

  37. Cute video! I would add that acne (whether hormonal or not) is usually diet related and can be fixed with a mostly plant-based diet. Could be an interesting blog post for you guys to do.

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