What Does Meditation Mean To YOU?!

What takes you to another place? What puts your mind at ease? Hours could pass and you wouldn’t know how much time has gone by. It’s just you and your mind — no judgment or expectations, effortless presence, pure being. 🌸

For me it’s making flower arrangements, any form of arts & crafts, and painting. And those are my favorite forms of meditation. What is it for you? Sometimes it’s actually outside of the yoga studio. It could be cooking, running, swimming, hiking, playing a musical instrument, or drawing. When you are in your body and all that’s left is your breath and mindful thoughts, that is meditation. The next time you do something that you love, pay attention to where your mind goes. You’ll discover deeper states of consciousness and live more fully and with intent. When I’m meditating, I think of 3 words of intention for the rest of my day. Try it, then watch the magic unfold. 💐

What is your favorite form of mediation? Share in the comments below! 💛💛💛



  1. Baking and cooking are my two of my favourite things to do not only to reflect and focus but also to distract my mind from negative thoughts and feelings. When I’m in the kitchen I can focus on the task at hand and enjoy the process of making something wonderful for myself, family or friends. Both skills I got from my mum and I am so glad for that. 😊

  2. definitely spending time it the kitchen whether it cooking or baking! I also truly enjoy working on new ideas for my etsy store!

  3. I love to cook, play piano, and CLEAN! Cleaning and organizing relax me and help me destress more than anything else!

  4. I love reading a good book, but cooking and singing LOUD to my favorite music is probably my most loved meditative activity! (Although, bless the poor ears of anyone around! :P )

  5. I love playing the piano, cooking and writing, all of that makes me feel a lot better and relaxed, I love it

  6. Not to sound like a granny but… I love to cross stitch. Cross stitching gives me a very clear purpose and it’s a lot like putting together a puzzle. There’s not much mental engagement involved so it allows my mind and body to quiet and relax. Even better, as I settle into a quiet state, this is when I get my best ideas! I highly recommend it!

    1. I cross stitch, too! I started when I was 13, and still love it and find it very meditative. :)

      1. Me too!! Also, knitting and crocheting. Depends on the time of year and mood for whichever project I pick up. Because sometimes those dishes can wait!

  7. I love cooking, reading and yoga! And I love to think of an affirmation for the day. This affirmation depends on how I feel and my goals. Thinking of my affirmation helps my mind to calm down and it feels like I can reach everything :D I love to play around with this a lot 💕

  8. Running is my therapy! Anytime I’ve had a frustrating or long day or am just feeling out of sorts, I know I’ll feel so much better after I hop on the treadmill or go for a run outside. I also love guided meditation apps like Headspace for times when my mind is racing and I can’t seem to settle my thoughts.

  9. Can I say all of the above?? Anything that’s active or creative that gets me out of my head. I rarely play my trumpet but when I do I love it. Ultimately in the last few years swimming and cycling have become my meditative outlets (cycling, especially!) <3

  10. The Harry Potter soundtrack. Yoga, cooking, baking, and running/cycling (or a hiit class where I don’t have to count/keep track of time.) The perfect weekends are when I get a little dosage of all those things :)

  11. It used to be playing piano, but I haven’t had access to one in years. When I have the time and resources, I love leisurely meal prep :-) Usually while listening to old Delta blues. Just casually washing and chopping veg is bizarrely therapeutic for me, haha!

  12. I like playing piano and reading, but my most meditative thing is crochet, I think. I love crocheting little plushes, and soft music or an audiobook makes it a million times better.

  13. I love the pure meditation vipassana style where you just focus on being and following your breathe. But what really fill my heart an dlet me a filling of being fully present and peaceful is conscious writing. I love it so uch that since 18 months I have been giving workshop on this practice :) xx

  14. I have recently become obsessed with spinning! There are points during the ride where you just want to wash away your day or week or problems in general and sweat it out!

    1. I so feel you on the spinning as meditation too! There are times when out of nowhere I’ll have a little cry, but it’s usually the happy kind because I am so damn proud of myself in that moment and everything else is unimportant <3

  15. Gorgeous flowers Kat! My meditation, believe it or not, is while cleaning the house! I think its because daily (week days), I have a different part of the house to clean, that I lose myself in thought…of course with music always in the background. Cooking and baking definitely calms me. Its my happy place!

  16. Exercising and yard work are my two happy places. Whenever I am stressed or have a lot on my mind I typically hit the track for a workout or, in the summer, I find myself mowing the lawn to clear my head. Both are ways of getting a little “me time” while being productive!

    1. I’ve always been incredibly interested in mixing music! I’d love to hear about your experience sometime if you’re ever interested in sharing with me!

  17. I love reading with a cup of hot tea and my kitties beside me. I also love walking through a good bookstore. I just put my phone away and get lost in all of the titles and rows upon rows of books.

  18. I enjoy working out in the yard. It gives me time to myself and I just get to think!! I also love sitting at the beach and just doing, well, that. Sitting and listening to the waves crash in. So relaxing. I have been begging my hubby to move to the beach, but so far he hasn’t budged. Still working on that GOAL!! So for now I use my weekend mornings. I get up way before anyone else, so I have a chance to drink my coffee and read a good book.

  19. I love to crochet and make financial plans. I’ve crocheted since I was a kid and it’s my go-to when I want to relax. I really love sitting down every week and looking at my finances. With debt and student loans, it’s relaxing to make a plan to keep carving away at it.

    1. I feel you so hard on making financial plans. I try not to obsess, but sitting down and crunching numbers really hits the spot a couple times a month!

  20. For me sewing is meditation, I just love the feeling of creating something

  21. Every night when I’m in bed I love to reflect on my day. All the little things that I’ve accomplished, that made me happy or proud. Just try and value even the smallest moment such as choosing to work out even if Netflix was so much more tempting or texting a friend that you haven’t spoken to in a while. This way I managed to become a more positive and happy person. Just give it a try <3

  22. L8 says:

    Greetings from Stockholm Sweden
    My favorite meditation is a formal breathing meditation and also some under water……
    Meditation ritual 1 for me
    I start my day by sitting down on a soft blanket or cushion. As I travel in business every week that cushion ,blanket or space will be different during the week. After settling I do a formal breath meditation for 5-20 minutes. It’s my ritual that remind me that whatever happens during the busy day I always have my breath as my friend to return too. And I also remind me about the great things in life. That’s my meditation.

    Meditation ritual 2
    A part from my daily sitting meditation I find that nature is amazing as a meditation partner.
    Snorkeling is my favorite.
    I entered a new world of wonder
    , colors and feelings. And I feel truly humble
    I wish you Alla great day

  23. Cleaning & organizing are my meditations! They allow me to totally zone out and think/reflect on my life. And once I’m done, my life just feels much better…less messy! :)

  24. I love to sit out by my canal and watch the fish, especially after a long day or a tough workout. The blend of warm sunshine, birds singing, and fish swimming is magical to me!

  25. Either a really good hot yoga class or a spa night at home. I light candles, burn incense, take a bubble bath, open a bottle of champy, play relaxing music, face mask, hair mask, etc. it’s the best! Haha

    1. This is something I have never done before… next time I know I’ll be alone at home, this is what I’ll be planning to do!!

  26. My favorite form of meditation is music – whether it’s writing a song, playing a cover or singing I get lost in a state of flow and feel amazing afterwards! :)

  27. I never thought of my crafting/journal-ing/meal prep as MY form of meditation… I love this! I feel that much more eager to carve out me-time to work on more things I love :)

  28. I love to go through my recipe books, sit down with a hot coffee, and pick out what healthy meals I’m going to eat for the week and what groceries I need to get. I sometimes head out to try out new coffee shops (I’m an addict) with my recipe books and head to the grocery store after. Meal prepping is also therapeutic for me, and gives me a sense of achievement because I know its going to put me on a good healthy start for the week. This is my me-time every sunday – plus doing exercise classes are my more upbeat forms of meditation!

  29. Through a Christian lens, meditation for me is reading from or pondering God’s word. It’s about filling my mind with love and kindness rather than trying to fully empty it of any thoughts.
    I love waking up before the sun to plan out my day, read a good book. I’m thinking of writing in a gratitude journal in the mornings and doing a “brain dump” at night to release tension and focus on what matters! I love how arranging flowers is yours, Katrina! My boss buys flowers for our office every week and I find trimming them down and arranging them SO relaxing!

  30. When I come home from a long day of work, I always look forward to cooking dinner. I find it so relaxing and sometimes having a glass of wine makes it even better! ;)

  31. Something my grandma taught me when i was younger and thats crocheting lol i find it so peaceful and calming to sit with my favorite blanket and just crochet away youre always counting stitches and i get so carried away in my own little world my family knows not to bug mom when shes crocheting 😒😝😀

  32. So, I meditate as it is meant in the Bible. The original language had a meaning of deep, concentrated thinking in which a person seriously reflects on past experiences, ponders and muses over current matters, or thoughtfully contemplates possible future events. My meditations of my heart focuses on beneficial things, on Jehovah’s (God’s name as shown in the Bible) splendor and activities and on things pleasing to Him.

    On the other hand to relax and de-stress I love cross stitch. Right now I’m working on a complex picture of a Japanese Maiden. I also love a nice long walk with my dog. :-)

  33. Riding my bike long distances to anywhere where I can stop and view the world as I make peace within. Yard work is pretty good too. Oh and dog walks!

  34. This is so beautiful – I totally do the same thing! When I need some peace I head straight to my local florist for some blooms or I drive out to the polo field to take my favourite horse out for a ride. You can’t think about anything negative when you’re surrounded by flowers or riding such a lovely animal 🐴💙

  35. Oh i love this and i am really trying to do this more. Hiking, writing, drawing, nature walks, exploring or going up north and being in nature is the best form of meditation for me. Really experiencing and shutting off lets me ease out of reality into my own and as scary as it sometimes is listening and hearing ME and my true feeling and wants. I am trying to do yoga, meditate and do more of what i love, to ease anxiety and come out of my comfort zone. Also trying to do more things that scare me, it may sound silly with someone suffering from anxiety but who knows it may even help or better yet open more doors to a life I’ve only dreamed of.

  36. Cleaning & organizing, walking my pup…as it’s nice to take a break from running, and lastly… listening to oldies via my record player with candles lit. Its a very peaceful setting which always helps!

  37. Baking cookies is my thing I did all the time with my mom. I don’t need a recipe I just make cookies and people eat them and I am happy. My mind wanders every time I workout. I think of my brother and the amazing guy he was. My place is Carpinteria St Beach. The second I get out of the car my family knows I become a different person. The smells trigger old memories that are the best. I feel like I am in a bubble there and nothing can go wrong. Nothing ever does. The people, the food, the stores, the breweries, the familiar everything is why we love it so much. When we get home the happy sticks around for a good long time.

    Sunday prep day is sort of taking over the baking since my family is getting healthier with me. My husband puts the music on and the kids run in and out always asking when the food will be ready. They all help a little and love a lot.

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