We’re All Doing These 3 Things To Prep For the Summer Tone Up!

The Summer Tone Up Challenge is coming for ya so soon! We’re kicking off the 4 week Challenge next Monday, July 17th. Woot woot!! The Bikini Series was so amazing and we want to keep the momentum goin’! The Summer Tone Up will challenge your body, up your endurance, and help you have your fittest, healthiest, and happiest summer! You’re going to feel so confident and empowered ~ and have so much fun too!

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We’re all getting SUMMER STRONG together with ~

✓ Daily workouts

✓  LIVE Instagram workouts

✓  Lean, Clean, ‘N Green recipes

✓ Weekly prizing

✓ Inspo & motivation every day

✓ Support & love from the TIU community

We’ll have even more info for you later this week right here on ToneItUp.com. Keep your  👀 peeled! ‘Til then, you can start prepping RIGHT NOW! We’re doing these 3 things this week to get ready and start this challenge so strong 💪🏻

Brush up on your Nutrition Plan

Do you remember the difference between complete and incomplete proteins? Or how about which superfood makes you feel satisfied and boosts collagen production for glowing, youthful skin? (It’s lemons!! 🍋)

There’s tons of science-backed info in your Tone It Up Nutrition Plan that will help you get the best results, so we suggest reviewing it before starting every new challenge. If you’re new to the Nutrition Plan, you’ll learn everything you need to know ~ what to eat, when, and why. And even if you’re a longtime TIU girl, it’s always great to brush up on the plan. You may just rediscover a fave superfood or get a new dose of inspo!

If you’re not a member of the Nutrition Plan yet, you can join HERE before the challenge. The plan has been key for so many gorgeous TIU girls!

Tone It Up Nutrition Plan Transformations Success Stories Results

Reflect & journal

Before starting any new challenge, we always ask you to write down your goals and intentions. This helps you get focused, centered, and in tune with your body. Go grab your pen and paper and answer these questions. No answering in your head!

* What are you most proud of from the Bikini Series that you want to carry over into this challenge?

* What is a new goal you want to tackle in this challenge?

* How do you want to look and feel this summer? Close your eyes and picture yourself after completing this challenge. Who is looking back at your in the mirror?

Connect with your accountability partner

It takes two babe! Having an accountability partner is one of the most powerful and influential parts of your journey. Commit to doing this challenge together and you’ll have each other’s backs no matter what. We love hearing stories about accountability partners in this community and how you cheer each other on in your successes, lift each other up on difficult days, and send each other thoughtful messages and care packages. So many partnerships become lifelong friendships in this community ~ and that’s what TIU is all about!

So now it’s time to grab your girl! Share this pic on Insta and tag your accountability partner with the hashtag #summertoneup!

Join us for the Summer Tone Up below and you’ll hear from us right away with everything you need to get started! Let’s do this!!


    1. That is why I am doing it too! I am turning 30 in the end of August and want to go into my 30s feeling my best!

    1. I saw a “members only” note in the starter pack that said we’ll be following the first four weeks of the bikini series meal plans, so no new plan. maybe they’ll re-release those weeks to make it easy to download and print?

      1. So if we are members do we still need to sign up for the free starter pack or is that only for non members?

        1. Hi babe! Yes, go ahead and sign up for the Free Starter Pack. It has lots more info on the Summer Tone Up for you! Can’t wait to do this challenge together!

  1. I am so excited! Ready to add to my bikini series results. Time to set new goals, reach new heights and become an even better version of myself! I love the TIU nutrition plan! It’s a life changer! If you haven’t tried a challenge or signed up for the plan..DO IT!!!! It’s the best decision ever…seriously ever!

  2. I’m so excited for a new challenge!! This will be my first challenge as a nutrition plan member!!

  3. Hey girls,

    i just checked in for the 4 Week summer challenge because I loved the Bikini Series a lot and I lost incredible 10 cm on belly circumfirence. But after one week of the series my weight increase again and the scale told me I weight 4 lb more. I eat a lot of nuts and know I’m afraid of falling in old habits.
    I’ve worked on my body every day. Do a lot of Hiit workouts and muscle trainings.

    Was anybody else on this point before me?

    I mean I was so proud and I still be but in my head always the sacle told me if I’m fat or not. :(

  4. I just signet in but the links is unvailable.
    It said that the webside isn’t available.

    Is it possible to get the recieps and the plan on TIU?

    Thanks for your help.

      1. Thank you for this quick answer.
        I just got the starterpack and I’m soooo exited to do this with you :)

  5. Hi Ladies, I am brand new to the Tone It Up community and am SUPER excited to start the Summer Tone Up challenge. I would love to send a shout out to anyone looking for an accountability partner as I do not have one myself! I live in the San Diego area for any of my fellow SoCal girls. xoxo

  6. I need some motivation so I’m going to join instagram and do this! I also need an accountability partner once I figure out insta! I’m in the Boston area and need my bikini bod back. Want to be rockin when I hit 48 in August.

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